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If you’re looking to get in shape, but aren’t sure which bit of gear you should go for, a rowing machine might be your new best friend. As well as getting a sweat on and burning some calories, you’ll find regular rowing tones your upper and lower body and is a great workout for both young and old. It’s kind on your joints and you can zone out and enjoy catching up on a podcast or watching some Netflix while doing this exercise. A home rower shouldn’t take up much space either and once you’ve mastered some basic ‘good form’ there’s nothing difficult about this fitness equipment. Here are some rowing guides, tips and advice about getting into rowing at home.

Which Rower?

Best Rowing Machines for Tall People

The Best Rowing Machines for Tall People

In this guide, we’re taking a look at some of the best rowing machines for taller people. If you’re over 6 foot tall, some of the rowers might feel a little cramped for you. Fear

Rowing Machine Reviews

ProForm Sport RL Review

ProForm Sport RL Review

Review Summary Sport RL Solid and well made Plenty of resistance iFit makes rowing fun Smooth, luxury feel Changing resistance takes a while “Proform’s RL offers good value for money in terms of build quality,

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Review Summary Dripex Rowing Machine Super-cheap Built to last Quiet & smooth Fine for taller users Basic LCD display “For a cheaper home rower, there’s a lot to like about Dripex’s machine. It’s sturdy, quiet

Echelon Row Review

Echelon Row Review – Smarter Rowing

Review Summary Echelon Row Great build quality Silent magnetic resistance Echelon app packed with content Smooth and comfy More pricey than the Concept 2 “Echelon’s smart rowing machine has a lot to offer home users.

NordicTrack RW600 Review

NordicTrack RW600 Rowing Machine Review

Welcome to this review of NordicTrack’s RW-600 rowing machine. In this guide, we’ll cover all there is to know about this machine including exactly what it does, who it’s likely going to appeal to and,

V-Fit Tornado Review

V-Fit Tornado Review – Good Budget Air Rower?

Review Summary V-Fit Tornado Lower-priced C2 alternative Budget price Sturdy and reliable Comfortable to use No online options On the noisy side “A good all-round air-based rower that doesn’t cost the earth. There’s no online

Sportstech WRX700 Review

Sportstech WRX700 Review

In this review, we’re taking a look at another alternative to the WaterRowers, the Sportstech WRX700. (Available on Amazon UK). This German-designed fluid rower is about the same price as Waterrower’s cheapest model so it’s

Bluefin Fitness Blade 2.0 Review

Bluefin Fitness Blade 2.0 Review

Review Summary Blade 2.0 Good quality Smooth Quiet Easy to move around Too easy for experienced rowers “The Blade 2 is an ultra-lightweight rower that’s greatest strength is its portability and its low budget price

Topiom Rowing Machine Review

Topiom Rowing Machine Review

Welcome to this Topiom Rowing Machine review. If you’re wondering how this rower compares to the similar (and more expensive) WaterRower, or are just wanting to know if this is a decent bit of kit,

Sportstech RSX400 Review

SportsTech RSX400 Rowing Machine Review

What if you don’t want to fork out aa thousand pounds for a rower? In this review, I’ll be covering a more wallet-friendly machine: The Sportstech RSX400 (Available on Amazon). Costing way less than a

SportsTech RSX500 Review

SportsTech RSX500 Rowing Machine Review

Welcome to our SportsTech RSX500 Review (Available on Amazon). In this guide we’ll cover absolutely everything you need to know about this rowing machine, including what it gets right, and where it falls flat. What

JTX Club-Max Review

JTX Club-Max Review

Welcome to our review of the absolute beast of a running machine – the JTX Club Max. In this guide we’re going over everything you need to know about this machine, and giving out opinion

Octane Ro Review

Octane Ro Review

What is the Octane Ro Designed as part of Octane Fitness’s trifecta of workout systems, the Octane Ro is a sleek, modern and powerful gym quality rowing machine with a huge amount of reasons to

NordicTrack RW-850 Review

NordicTrack RW-850 Rowing Machine Review

Welcome to this review of the NordicTrack RW-850 rowing machine. Having reviewed a lot of the NordicTrack range, this is the first of their rowing machines I’ve had the chance to see. In this review

FluidRower Apollo Pro XL

Welcome! In this guide, we’re diving back into the wonderful world of water resistance rowers. More specifically, First Degree Fitness’s Apollo Pro XL (Available on Amazon). It’s a premium wooden rowing machine that differs from

Apollo Hybrid HR Review

Apollo Hybrid AR Fluid Rower Review

In this guide we’re checking out a rowing machine called the FluidRower Apollo Hybrid AR. This luxury rowing machine is from makers First Degree Fitness and uses water for it’s resistance. We’ll be digging deep

Viavito Setry Review & Best Price Guide

Welcome to our Viavito Setry Review In this review we’re going into some depth on a popular 2-in-one elliptical bike. This is a review of the Viavito Setry, Available on Amazon – a mid-priced machine

Home Rowing Machine Guides

NordicTrack RX800 Review - Featured image

Is The NordicTrack RX800 The Best Budget Rower?

What is the NordicTrack RX800 It’s hard to go wrong with rowing, and it’s hard to make a bad rower, especially when you’re a brand like NordicTrack. Aimed closer to the entry-level, the RX800 is

Are Rowing Machines Bad For Your Back

Are Rowing Machines Bad For Your Back?

In this guide you’ll learn all the reasons your back might be hurting while you row and what you can do about it. Rowing on an indoor rowing machine provides an excellent full-body workout that

Proform Rowing Machines Compared

Proform Rowing Machines Compared

Are the Proform rowing machines worth your time and money? In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into what this brands’ machines have to offer and how they compare to the other heavyweights in

Are Rowing Machines Good For Weight Loss

Are Rowing Machines Good For Weight Loss?

One of the most striking things about professional rowing teams is the incredible shape that they are always in – there is never a single ounce of excess fat on anyone! Why is this? Is

Is it OK to use a rowing machine every day?

Is it OK to use a rowing machine every day?

How much rowing is too much? In a previous post How Effective Are Rowing Machines, we discussed the benefits of rowing for weight loss, toning up and sculpting great abs. We still stand by the

How to row

Pro Tips To Get More From Rowing At Home

 Just how do you row properly? In this quick start guide you’ll learn all the essential tips needed to row safely and without injury at home. We’re huge rowing fans here at Home Gym Experts.

Wooden Water Rower

Wooden Water Rowing Machines: A Work Of Art

A luxury rowing machine If you’ve watched House of Cards on Netflix, you might have already seen one of these rowing machines. While you’re not likely to find them in most commercial gyms, the wooden