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Spinning has become synonymous with high energy HIIT workouts that burn off a lot calories and get you in shape fast. There’s been a huge explosion in the UK of people taking up spinning at home either using apps, Youtube, or subscribing to something like iFit. In this section you’ll find UK-centred buyer-guides, spin bike reviews and tips on getting the most out of spinning from your living room. If you’re looking to smash some fitness goals and you’re not afraid of a bit of sweat, owning a spin bike might just be the exercise you’re looking for.

Which Spin Bike?

Best Budget Spin Bikes To Buy in 2022

Welcome to our guide on the best recumbent bikes in the UK in 2022! An often-overlooked form of exercise, recumbent (or ‘sit down’) bikes provide a superb way to get in shape and lose calories

NordicTrack S15i vs S22i Studio Cycles

In this guide, we’re comparing two of NordicTrack’s monster home exercise bikes – the NordicTrack S15i vs S22i. In this comparison, we’ll look at everything these machines are capable of and try to nit-pick the

UK Spin Bike Reviews

Dripex Indoor Cycle

Dripex 932 Indoor Cycle Review

Review Summary Dripex 932 Really cheap Thick frame Sturdy Good resistance Basic LCD and no online integration “A surprisingly decent all-round spin bike for the price. The frame beats many of the more expensive uprights

Bluefin Fitness Tour SP Review

Bluefin Fitness Tour SP Review

Review Summary Tour SP Solid, chunky frame Good value for money Works with Kinomap Good quality backlit LCD display Lowish user weight limit (100kg) “Offering a superior quality to budget spin bikes, the Tour SP

JLL IC400 Elite Review

JLL IC400 Elite Review

Welcome to the JLL IC400 Elite Review, covering one of JLL’s large family of indoor spin bikes. If you’re hunting through the overwhelming number of these kinds of bikes in 2022, we’ll help you decide

JLL IC350 Pro Review

JLL IC350 Pro Review

With an ever-growing army of entry-level spin bikes flooding online retailers, anyone looking to find a reliable one might feel a tad overwhelmed. In this JLL IC350 review, we’re going deep on one of the

Proform Tour de France CLC Review

Proform Tour de France CLC Review

Review Summary TDF CLC Excellent design & aesthetic Sturdy and wobble-free iFit is a lot of fun Comfy, even on longer rides Not enough resistance for hardcore cyclists “There’s no doubt about it; Proform’s indoor

Nordictrack Commercial S22i Review

Nordictrack Commercial S22i Review

Welcome to our NordicTrack S22i review. In this guide we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this home exercise bike and finding out what it gets right, and where it falls short. What is the

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Review

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Review

Welcome to our NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro review. We’ll be looking at what this upright cycle does, where it excels and the things it doesn’t do so well. 2022 has been a good year for

ProForm Smart Power 10 Review

ProForm Smart Power 10 Review

Welcome to this complete guide and review of the ProForm Smart Power 10. Another entry into the high-end exercise bike market, with heavy focus on the popular iFit service. We’ll cover exactly what this machine

NordicTrack S10i Review

Nordictrack Commercial S10i Studio Cycle Review

Welcome to our review of one of the more futuristic exercise bikes doing the rounds today – the NordicTrack Commercial S10i. This high-end upright home cycle has an HD colour screen and integration with online

Nero Sports Bluetooth Bike Review

Nero Sports Bluetooth Exercise Bike Review

Review Summary Nero Sports Bike Sturdy & well-made Easy to assemble Connects to the Zwift app Smooth & quiet(ish) ride Not suitable if you’re taller than 6 feet “An excellent overall budget bike from Nero

NordicTrack S15i Studio Cycle Review

NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle Review

Welcome to this review of NordicTrack’s S15i indoor cycle – a mid-price commercial quality exercise bike with heavy integration of online classes. This machine has some seriously interesting tech and features and it’s nice getting

XS Sports SB500 Review

XS Sports SB500 Review

Welcome to our review of the XS Sports SB500 – a budget priced indoor bike that’s aimed squarely at the home spinning market. Join us as we filling our water bottle and take this bad

RevXtreme S1000 Review

WeRSports RevXTreme S1000 Review

Review Summary S1000 Great-looking spin bike Easy to adjust for different users A good, solid frame Good value Chain drive definitely noisier than belt “For the price, this is a cracking spin bike that’s versatile

Spinning Tips & Guides

Benefits of Online Spin Classes

Top 10 Benefits of Online Spin Classes

If you have never taken an online spin class before then the prospect might seem a bit daunting. However, there is nothing to worry about. In this post, we are going to explain the setup

How to choose a spin bike

How to Choose a Spin Bike You’ll Love in 2022

Spin until your heart’s content Spin bikes are a fantastic way to burn calories at home (up to 500 per hour) and research has shown this high-intensity exercise is ideal for losing weight, building muscle