Dips & Pull-up Gear

Dips and pull ups are an essential part of any strength-training program that will use your own body weight to build shoulder muscles, back, and all arm muscles. There are several handy bits of equipment you can get to do this exercise at home including dip stations, pull=up towers and a number of wall-mounted bars. They’re not the easiest exercise to get into, especially if you’re new to it so here are some guides on getting started and the kind of gear you should go for.

How to dip & what you'll need

Best Wall Mounted Pull-up Bars

Best Wall Mounted Pull-up Bars in 2022

One of the essential upper body exercises, the simple pull up is a complex compound exercise, and an absolute animal if you want to work hard on your back, shoulders, and arms. There are a

How to fit a pull up bar at home

How to fit a pull up bar at home

In this guide we’re taking an in-depth look at how to fit different kinds of pull-up bars at home. We’ll cover each kind of bar, and all the inside info you need to install it