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What’s the Best Dip Station You Can Buy Today?


Today we’re looking at the Best Dip Station UK out there for under the £200 mark. (With some bargain finds coming in at substantially less than that).

This (UK) guide will look at things such as build quality, feature set and a ton of other important criteria and find the best dip gear your money can buy.

If you’ve got any questions or recommendations, as always, please let us know in the comments!

Best Overall
"Robust, adjustable, and multifunctional for comprehensive workouts."
  1. Type of bars: Adjustable, T-shaped with triangle welded reinforcement
  2. Guarantee: 30-day full refund policy
  3. Comfort: Thick and soft foam grips
  4. Extras: Non-slip rubber feet ends for enhanced stability
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Runner Up
"Robust construction, ergonomic handles, stable base, easy storage."
  1. Type of bars: Fixed, 3.8cm diameter, Alloy Steel
  2. Guarantee: 10-year performance guarantee
  3. Comfort: Ergonomic handle size for comfort
  4. Extras: Unslippery rubber end caps, no additional tools for assembly
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"Robust, versatile, and user-friendly for fitness enthusiasts."
  1. Type of bars: Fixed alloy steel bars
  2. Guarantee: 30-day return policy
  3. Comfort: Large foam grips for secure hold
  4. Extras: Compatible with push-up rings or straps (not included)
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"Robust, stable, easy assembly, space-efficient design."
  1. Type of bars: Fixed Alloy Steel Bars
  2. Guarantee: 10-year performance guarantee
  3. Comfort: Comfortable 4cm diameter bar
  4. Extras: Comes with new type unslippery rubber end caps
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"Robust construction, ergonomic design, high user weight capacity."
  1. Type of bars: Stainless Steel, 74 x 94 x 50 cm
  2. Guarantee: 30-day return policy
  3. Comfort: Ergonomic with high-density padding
  4. Extras: 8 non-slip handles, bolt fixings included
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"Robust, versatile, and easily adjustable dip station."
  1. Type of bars: Fixed, heavy-duty steel
  2. Guarantee: 30-day return policy
  3. Comfort: Padded handles with density foam
  4. Extras: 500kg/1100lbs weight capacity, adjustable height and width
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"Robust build, adaptable design, affordable excellence."
  1. Type of bars: Fixed, heavy-duty alloy steel
  2. Guarantee: 30-day right of return policy
  3. Comfort: Ergonomic handle design for grip
  4. Extras: Adjustable height and width for customised workout
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"Robust construction, versatile, and comfortable padding."
  1. Type of bars: Alloy Steel
  2. Guarantee: 30-day return policy
  3. Comfort: High-density, tear-resistant cushioning
  4. Extras: Supports TRX and punching bag attachments
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"Robust stability, lightweight, versatile, and trainer-recommended."
  1. Type of bars: Solid stainless steel
  2. Guarantee: 30-day return policy
  3. Comfort: Durable foam handles
  4. Extras: Lebert Hip Resistance Band, exercise guide, online coaching access
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"Robust, adaptable, and space-efficient; optimal for home gyms."
  1. Type of bars: Alloy Steel
  2. Guarantee: 2 years
  3. Comfort: PU leather cushions with high rebound EVA
  4. Extras: 5 IN 1 core training, Roman Chair function, 8 suspension anchors
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What’s the best overall dip station: If you want a proper, no-nonsense dip station then Power Guidance’s adjustable bars should tick the box. They’re sturdy, suitable for any size or weight and easy to assemble and store. Perfect.

What we look for when reviewing dip stations

While dip stations are a lot less complicated to compare and weigh up than say a rowing machine, there’s still a few important things to look out for.

Things we check carefully when reviewing dip stations:

  1. Build quality – Probably top of the list is how sturdy the dip station is. Everything looks good in the pictures but is this equipment completely bomb-proof? Dip stations are one thing you need good quality steel tubing, with nice thick welds.
  2. User weight – Something else we like to check out when it comes to buying dip machines is how much weight they can take. As well as user weight, a lot of people like to add additional weight, in the form of weighted jackets, or plates on their legs. So a good dip station should be able to take a decent weight. Ideally 150kg or more.
  3. The hair-loss factor – AKA how easy is this dip station to assemble? Thankfully dip stations generally rank among the easiest bits of gym gear to cobble together. But we’ll let you know if anything is unduly a pain in the butt to put build. Not everyone is good at building stuff.
  4. Range of exercises – A quick glance on YouTube and you’ll see people using their humble dip station for a lot more than just dips. And why not? This bit of gym gear can take up a lot of space, so why not train every muscle you can with it? Some dip stations are better suited to things like callisthenic exercises, so we’ll let you know during this review.
  5. Who would it be suited to? There are a few different kinds of dip stations (more on that below) and depending on your space, what exercises you want to do (apart from the obvious) will impact which station you should fork out for.
How we test and rank products. We like to think our methodology for evaluating and ranking products is one of the best in the industry and is spearheaded by our team of fitness experts who boast extensive experience in using and reviewing gym equipment. Our approach to identifying the top products in a specific category, such as 'Best Dip Station', begins with establishing key performance indicators like stability, max user weight, and user score. We then meticulously compile our product roundup, focusing on how each item aligns with the user's needs. To ensure absolute impartiality, our final rankings are determined by an advanced AI algorithm that objectively analyzes the data collected during our testing phase. We trust that you will find this roundup insightful and valuable.
Top Pick
Seleware Solid Dip Bar

Seleware Solid Dip Bar

An exemplary choice for versatile strength training.

Sturdy, adjustable, and with soft foam grips, perfect for fitness enthusiasts seeking a multifunctional home gym addition. Its robust construction supports rigorous upper-body workouts.

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Type of bars: Adjustable, T-shaped with triangle welded reinforcement
Guarantee: 30-day full refund policy
Comfort: Thick and soft foam grips
Extras: Non-slip rubber feet ends for enhanced stability
Why this made our roundup: Capable of supporting up to 800lbs, this dip station accommodates high-intensity, heavyweight workouts with ease.

At the heart of many home gyms is a robust, flexible training tool that mirrors the resilience and adaptability of the muscles it helps to sculpt. This equipment, akin to a fitness multi-tool, is dynamic, durable, and adds a thrilling edge to workout sessions.

With its superior construction, it employs a high-grade steel body, finished with an elegant dual black powder coating. Stability is guaranteed with a T-shaped base and triangle-welded reinforcement, providing more support than your lifelong training partner. Accommodating nine width adjustments and seven heights, it exhibits more flexibility than a gymnast. The luxurious foam grips add a soft touch to a tough workout, supporting weights of up to 800lbs.

However, it isn't without its flaws. Exert too much force, and you might notice a slight wobble, reminiscent of your post-leg day fatigue. Assembly requires you to provide your own tools, making it slightly less convenient to set up.

When compared to its rivals, it stands as the undisputed champion, offering more than just dips. It also facilitates push and pull-ups, leg raises, making it a one-stop workout solution.

Is this a wise investment for your fitness journey? Undoubtedly. This is more than just a dip station; it's akin to an in-house personal trainer. Built with the ever-changing fitness needs of individuals in mind, it's an ideal choice for those serious about their home workouts. So, prepare yourself, start dipping, and watch as this station becomes the foundation of your fitness regimen.

  • Sturdy and adjustable: Offers versatility with adjustable height and width for various exercises.
  • Easy assembly: Hassle-free setup with a solid build for reliable performance.
  • Wide exercise range: Suitable for multiple workouts beyond dips.
  • Foamed grips: Comfortable workout experience with soft grip handles.
  • High weight capacity: Supports up to 800lbs for intense workout sessions.
  • Lateral movement: May require extra stabilization during dips due to the inward force applied by hands.
  • No assembly tools: Users need to provide their own tools, which could be inconvenient.
Runner up
Ramass Fitness Dip Bars

Ramass Fitness Dip Bars

Unmatched stability for home strength training.

Sturdy, reliable, and perfect for a range of home exercises, RAMASS Fitness Dip Bars are ideal for enthusiasts seeking a solid workout station.

Save £15.00 TodayRRP £119.99
£104.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 15th April, 00:43:44

Type of bars: Fixed, 3.8cm diameter, Alloy Steel
Guarantee: 10-year performance guarantee
Comfort: Ergonomic handle size for comfort
Extras: Unslippery rubber end caps, no additional tools for assembly
Why this made our roundup: Includes 50cm long base feet for exceptional stability.

Searching for a dip station that refuses to wobble or collapse under pressure? Look no further than this product. Robust and dependable, it's the epitome of strength and stability in the world of dip stations. The assembly is straightforward and hassle-free, taking mere minutes to complete. The handles are ergonomically designed for comfort, ensuring your palms don't suffer in the middle of an intense workout. For those who are particularly heavy lifters, this product stands up to the challenge without batting an eyelid.

However, it does have its shortcomings. For taller individuals, the height may present a bit of a challenge. And it's not exactly designed with larger body types in mind. Assembly, while easy for some, has been a source of frustration for others. Additionally, the cost might be a bit steep for some budgets.

When compared with its competitors, this product asserts its dominance with its durable build and unwavering stability. However, when it comes to accommodating a wider range of body types and heights, it falls slightly short. It's akin to preferring a reliable but less adventurous travel partner.

So, is this product the ideal addition to your home gym? If you prioritise stability and straightforwardness in your strength training equipment, then the answer is a resounding 'yes'. However, if you're seeking more flexibility or variety in your workout routine, you might want to consider other options. Either way, you're on the right track to achieving your fitness goals.

  • Sturdy material: Uses heavy alloy steel for a robust and stable workout base.
  • Easy setup: Quick assembly with no extra tools needed.
  • Comfortable grip: Ergonomic 3.8cm diameter bars for prolonged workouts.
  • Home-friendly: Compact design suitable for home environments.
  • Long-lasting: High-quality construction ensures durability.
  • Height limitation: May not be suitable for taller individuals.
  • Assembly quality: Potential issues with screws and bolts.
  • Exercise versatility: Narrow bars may restrict some movements.
  • Price: Considered slightly overpriced by some users.
Amazon Basics Dip Fitness Bar

Amazon Basics Dip Fitness Bar

Essential home workout addition at great value.

Sturdy, reliable, and accommodating for taller users, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive home workouts. Worth the investment for its durability and versatility.

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Type of bars: Fixed alloy steel bars
Guarantee: 30-day return policy
Comfort: Large foam grips for secure hold
Extras: Compatible with push-up rings or straps (not included)
Why this made our roundup: Perfect for a full range of dip station exercises, supporting up to 300 kg.

When it comes to value-for-money fitness equipment, this dip station is a reliable choice. Its robust, tall structure ensures stability even under heavy load, offering a dependable support for your strength training sessions. The assembly process is straightforward, saving you time and confusion. Moreover, the foam-wrapped handles provide a secure grip, enhancing your workout efficiency.

However, the product has its drawbacks. The fixed arm spacing might not suit everyone's preference, and its size can take up significant space. Over time, the foam handles may compress, and the sharp plastic corners could potentially cause minor injuries. Despite these imperfections, the station maintains its utility.

Compared to its competitors, this dip station holds its own. It may not have adjustable parts, but it offers solidity and versatility. It supports various exercises without breaking the bank, proving its worth in the fitness equipment market.

In conclusion, this dip station is a testament to simplicity and durability. Despite minor drawbacks, the benefits are clear. It's an excellent investment for anyone seeking a reliable strength training tool that offers good value for money.

  • Value for money: Excellent investment for home workouts at an affordable price.
  • Sturdiness: Supports heavy weights without instability, enhancing user safety.
  • Tall design: Suitable for taller users, providing comfortable space for leg raises.
  • Simple assembly: Easy setup with the provided tools, making it user-friendly.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various exercises, increasing its utility.
  • Fixed arm spacing: May not be ideal for every body type due to non-adjustability.
  • Size considerations: Could be too large for some living spaces.
Ramass Fitness Parallettes

Ramass Fitness Parallettes

Exceptional stability for all skill levels.

Sturdy, reliable, and offering a comfortable grip, RAMASS Fitness Parallettes cater to gymnastics, calisthenics, and bodyweight training enthusiasts looking for long-lasting equipment.

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Type of bars: Fixed Alloy Steel Bars
Guarantee: 10-year performance guarantee
Comfort: Comfortable 4cm diameter bar
Extras: Comes with new type unslippery rubber end caps
Why this made our roundup: Designed for maximum stability, RAMASS Fitness Parallettes ensure safer training on any surface.

When it comes to dip stations that exude stability, this product stands as the alloy steel Hercules in the market. It marries quality with affordability while boasting a grip so firm, it could rival Spider-Man's. It's a reliable workout partner that won't shirk under pressure.

This product is easy to assemble. It provides a top-tier grip4cm diameter, to be exacteffectively eliminating any workout-related palm discomfort. Its rubber end caps ensure it stays firmly in place on any surface. Flexibility is its hallmark; whether you're perfecting a handstand or a planche, it provides unwavering support. Remember, research indicates a stable grip improves workout efficiency, so it's a win-win.

Admittedly, it's not without flaws. Some users might struggle to attach the rubber caps, but consider it a warm-up. The lack of padding may not appeal to those with tender palms, but as they say, no pain, no gain!

Compared to its competitors, it holds its own, flexing its muscles with confidence. Assembly might feel like a mini workout, but once it's up, it's a fortress of fitness, primed to assist you in conquering your exercise regime.

To sum it up, it's a wise choice for people serious about fitness. It's a worthwhile investment for home gym enthusiasts and professional gym owners. Be prepared for a minor setup challenge, and consider gloves if your hands are sensitive. In conclusion, you're investing in a champion.

  • Superb Quality: Strong, sturdy, and simple to assemble, with a space-saving design.
  • Great Grip: Optimal diameter for a solid grip; includes screws and attachments.
  • Versatile: Ideal for various bodyweight exercises, requiring minimal chalk.
  • Durable: Sturdy construction ensures no tipping, reflecting high-quality manufacturing.
  • Reasonable Price: Well-priced, supports heavy weights, suitable for both home and commercial gyms.
  • Difficult Assembly: Challenging to attach non-slip rubber end caps, which may cause frustration.
  • Hand Discomfort: Bars may cause palm discomfort due to lack of padding.
Ajx Double function Pull up bar stand wall mounted pullup and dip station bars outdoor mount traction door multi gyms

Ajx Double function Pull up bar stand wall mounted pullup and dip station bars outdoor mount traction door multi gyms

Essential for upper body and strength training.

Sturdy, reliable, and ergonomically designed to enhance upper body strength, the AJX Dip Station is perfect for serious fitness enthusiasts.

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Type of bars: Stainless Steel, 74 x 94 x 50 cm
Guarantee: 30-day return policy
Comfort: Ergonomic with high-density padding
Extras: 8 non-slip handles, bolt fixings included
Why this made our roundup: Can support users up to 120kg and endure heavy use, even outdoors.

Ever desired to incorporate gym-grade equipment into your home workout routine? This robust and versatile dip station could be the answer. Its secure installation process ensures a sturdy setup, allowing you to unleash your full training potential without safety concerns. It truly is a fitness enthusiast's dream, enabling a variety of upper body exercises with ease.

However, a note of caution; this robust apparatus needs an equally sturdy wall for installation. Its drill bits may be challenging to sort, and the exercise range isn't limitless. It's not for the faint-hearted; you'll need to be prepared to engage with some serious weightlifting.

Against its competitors, this dip station emerges victorious, boasting unmatched robustness and a user-friendly approach, despite its limited exercise variety. It's an excellent choice if you're in search of a no-nonsense, reliable workout partner.

So, is this the missing piece of your home gym? If you're seeking a durable, high-quality exercise tool and have the necessary space and DIY skills, then its a definitive 'yes'. Get ready to transform your strength training routine at home!

  • Sturdy construction: Ensures durability and user safety.
  • Multiple exercises: Provides versatility in workout routines.
  • Easy installation: Solid bolts ensure secure mounting.
  • Comfortable: Ergonomic design with high-density padding.
  • Outdoor use: Durable enough for exterior environments.
  • Requires sturdy wall: Not suitable for all types of walls.
  • Installation specifics: Requires a 12mm drill bit, limiting portability.
Yoleo Adjustable Dip Bar- 500KG/1100lbs Parallettes Bar Gymnastics Bar Functional Dip Station

Yoleo Adjustable Dip Bar- 500KG/1100lbs Parallettes Bar Gymnastics Bar Functional Dip Station

Optimised for strength and stability.

Sturdy, reliable, and catering to serious calisthenics enthusiasts, the YOLEO dip station is a worthwhile investment for enhancing bodyweight workouts at home.

Save £14.01 TodayRRP £119
£104.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 15th April, 00:43:44

Type of bars: Fixed, heavy-duty steel
Guarantee: 30-day return policy
Comfort: Padded handles with density foam
Extras: 500kg/1100lbs weight capacity, adjustable height and width
Why this made our roundup: Double safety connector for slip prevention and added stability.

With a quest for ultimate stability in home gym equipment, this Dip Station is a firm contender. It boasts an impressive weight limit, laughing in the face of gravity, all thanks to its double safety connector and safety stabilisers. These features are not for show, rather they ensure safety and stability during your workout, keeping any slips at bay.

The robust nature of the station, with its 1.5mm thick tube, equates to the durability of a knight's armour. The handles, padded for comfort, provide a grip akin to holding a cloud, if that cloud was made of deluxe density foam. Furthermore, the sleek design will certainly add a touch of sophistication to your home gym.

The Dip Station's adjustability is a key feature, allowing for a variety of exercises, from dips to push-ups. Its akin to having a Swiss Army knife in your gym's arsenal. Notably, the ease of assembly and storage make it a perfect fit for those with limited space. Additionally, the quality guarantee provides peace of mind, with a free replacement service included.

Despite its many strengths, there have been some minor stability and adjustment issues reported by users. This suggests some room for improvement in future iterations. However, in comparison to rival dip stations, this model holds its own, with superior stability, weight capacity, and adjustability making it a top contender.

In conclusion, this Dip Station is a worthwhile investment for those looking to enhance their home gym. It offers stability, durability, and versatility, supporting you through every rep. If you're in search of a workout partner that won't let you down, this is the ideal choice.

  • Easy assembly: Effortless to put together, providing a quick setup for workouts.
  • Stability: Incorporates stabilizing bars for consistent and secure exercise sessions.
  • Strength: Robust construction allows for a wide range of exercises and weights up to 200kg.
  • Adjustability: Height and width can be tailored to various workouts for optimal performance.
  • Durability: Constructed from heavy-duty steel, ensuring longevity and sustained use.
  • Incorrect advertising: Some users report the product not matching the advertised specifications.
  • Safety concerns: Experiences of wobbliness and difficulty in adjustment could pose a risk during use.
Dripex 1100lbs Adjustable Dip Bar Heavy Duty Steel Dip Station

Dripex 1100lbs Adjustable Dip Bar Heavy Duty Steel Dip Station

Unmatched strength training at an unbeatable price.

Sturdy, reliable and cost-efficient, perfect for those seeking a heavy-duty dip station to enhance their home workouts without breaking the bank.

Save £10.00 TodayRRP £114.99
£104.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 15th April, 00:43:44

Type of bars: Fixed, heavy-duty alloy steel
Guarantee: 30-day right of return policy
Comfort: Ergonomic handle design for grip
Extras: Adjustable height and width for customised workout
Why this made our roundup: With a 500lbs weight capacity and safety connectors, this dip station promises secure and intensive training sessions.

Envision yourself navigating the fitness sea, in pursuit of muscle gains. You've found your treasure in the form of a formidable strength training tool, sturdy enough to challenge even the strongest of us. Assembling this tool is as simple as a post-workout cool down, effortless and satisfying.

This station is not just about dips, it's about flying high with versatility. No matter your body weight, it accommodates with ease. It offers excellent value for money, merging quality and function without straining your budget. Its customer service is your reliable workout companion, always ready to assist.

Concerned about your size and height? Worry not! Its adjustable feature is an invitation to all, defiantly surpassing expectations rather than just meeting them.

However, it's not all smooth sailing. The width adjustment can be as unyielding as a stubborn dumbbell. The grips might not be as wide as some prefer, potentially taxing your shoulders. Also, if space is an issue and you need to stow it away, it could be as tricky as trying to coerce an octopus into a gym bag.

When stacked against the competition, this station is akin to a protein shake amidst glasses of water both quench your thirst, but only one fuels muscle growth. Despite minor quirks, it excels in affordability, sturdiness, and supportive customer service.

Is this station worthy of your fitness family? Absolutely! If you're seeking a blend of robustness, adjustability, and a budget-friendly price, this is your ideal workout partner. It's well-suited for both fitness novices and veterans, poised to transform your workout aspirations into sweat-soaked reality. So, is it worth the purchase? In the realm of strength training, its a robust "absolutely!".

  • Robust construction: Made with heavy-duty alloy steel, supporting up to 500lbs.
  • Adjustability: Height and width can be tailored to individual needs, enhancing versatility.
  • Value for money: Offers excellent quality at an affordable price point.
  • Customer service: Praised for prompt and efficient support.
  • Portability: Designed for easy assembly and convenient storage.
  • Limited width adjustment: Some exercises may be restricted due to fixed bar width.
  • Risk of shoulder strain: Narrow grip design could lead to potential joint injuries.
Onetwofit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar/Chin Up bar

Onetwofit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar/Chin Up bar

A superior choice for home gym enthusiasts.

Sturdy, reliable, and multifunctional, perfect for home gym aficionados seeking a comprehensive workout experience. Offers exceptional stability and comfort.

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Type of bars: Alloy Steel
Guarantee: 30-day return policy
Comfort: High-density, tear-resistant cushioning
Extras: Supports TRX and punching bag attachments
Why this made our roundup: Supports a maximum user weight of 200 kg for diverse and intensive strength training.

From the get-go, assembling this wall-mounted fitness tool is straightforward, requiring only a 10mm concrete drill bit for quick installation. Its sturdy frame provides a sense of safety and reliability, while the versatility is second to none - capable of supporting TRX bands and punching bags, transforming your home into a personal fitness centre. This equipment guarantees to save you the cost of gym fees.

Back issues? Fear not. This pull-up bar is designed to offer workouts that are gentle on the spine, making it a great option for people with back concerns.

However, it's not all smooth sailing. The anchor bolts could be a potential letdown and if you're exceptionally tall, you might find the bar a bit low for comfort. Also, the supplied bolts might require replacement for better quality. As for levelling, patience and a spirit level are essential.

When compared to rivals, it stands firm with a solid build and extraordinary versatility. However, taller individuals may need to stoop slightly, and a bolt upgrade could be necessary to avoid any unwanted accidents during exercise.

In conclusion, this pull-up bar is a reliable partner in your fitness journey - robust, versatile and back-friendly. Despite minor setbacks for taller individuals and potential bolt replacements, it's an exceptional piece of home gym equipment, particularly for those eager to safeguard their back while achieving fitness goals.

  • Easy assembly: Simple installation process, comes with 4 strong suspension anchors.
  • Robust frame: Made of heavy-duty steel, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Multi-use design: Suitable for various exercises, including chin-ups and leg raises.
  • Quality material: High-grade alloy steel construction for a secure workout.
  • Back-friendly: Offers exercise options that minimize back strain.
  • Substandard bolts: The included anchor bolts may require replacement for better reliability.
  • Height limitations: May not be ideal for users over 6ft 3" for specific exercises.
Lebert Fitness Equalizer Blue

Lebert Fitness Equalizer Blue

Essential tool for effective bodyweight training.

Sturdy, reliable, and space-efficient, the Lebert Fitness Equalizer is the go-to for enthusiasts seeking a multifunctional exercise solution. Offers great value and functionality.

Check Latest Price
Type of bars: Solid stainless steel
Guarantee: 30-day return policy
Comfort: Durable foam handles
Extras: Lebert Hip Resistance Band, exercise guide, online coaching access
Why this made our roundup: Over 100 exercises possible for users of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.

The magic of muscle-building comes alive with this robust yet feather-light fitness marvel. It's the perfect companion for your intensive workout sessions, able to transform your shoebox-sized apartment into a personal gym. Its outstanding reputation within the fitness community is well-earned and not given lightly.

However, every coin has two sides. If your workout space resembles a hangar more than a hallway, this compact gem might feel a bit restrictive. It's akin to bringing a compact car to a monster truck rally. Additionally, those who thrive on varied exercises might find the options offered by this dip station somewhat limited.

In the competitive world of dip stations, this blue wonder holds its ground. It strikes the perfect balance between stability and portabilitya dream come true for those struggling with limited space. But, if you have a spacious workout area and seek a bit more excitement in your routine, other dip stations might be a better fit.

So, is it a go or a no? This champion is a perfect fit for space-conscious individuals with towering fitness goalsit's getting rave reviews for a reason. Yet, if you're seeking more variety or have ample space, you might want to explore other options. In the realm of compact dip stations, it's certainly a strong contender.

  • Sturdy design: Ensures stability for a variety of bodyweight exercises.
  • Lightweight: Facilitates easy relocation and storage in compact living spaces.
  • Trainer-recommended: Approved by fitness professionals for its quality and versatility.
  • Freestanding bars: Provide superior stability and versatility for effective parallet bar exercises.
  • Online fitness group access: Includes coaching and support for continuous improvement.
  • Limited space compatibility: Not ideal for larger workout areas.
  • Limited exercise range: May not cater to all workout routines.
Hakeno Multifunctional Pull Up Bar Chin-Up Wall Mounted Home Gym Fitness Bar Dip Station

Hakeno Multifunctional Pull Up Bar Chin-Up Wall Mounted Home Gym Fitness Bar Dip Station

Optimised for versatility and space efficiency.

Sturdy, reliable, and multifunctional, the HAKENO dip station is ideal for fitness enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive home workout solution.

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Type of bars: Alloy Steel
Guarantee: 2 years
Comfort: PU leather cushions with high rebound EVA
Extras: 5 IN 1 core training, Roman Chair function, 8 suspension anchors
Why this made our roundup: Eight suspension anchors for adding variety to strength exercises.

With robust construction akin to its promised results, the specified product provides a comprehensive workout solution. Its no-fuss setup, adjustable height and capacity for fitness bands make it a versatile addition to any home gym. It's designed to accommodate a variety of exercises, from pull-ups to dips. Its compact storage is a notable advantage, and the excellent after-sales service adds to its appeal.

However, it's not without its flaws. Misaligned holes and unstable welds may cause some concern. It lacks outdoor durability, requiring user-led weatherproofing. Moreover, the assembly instructions could be clearer, to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

Compared to similar equipment, it stands out for its durability and adaptability, but falls short in terms of ease of assembly and outdoor suitability.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable, multifunctional workout tool, despite some minor drawbacks, its a sound investment. Its overall performance and versatility make it an excellent choice for people serious about their home workouts.

  • Construction: High-grade alloy steel for durability.
  • Installation: Simple setup process, easy for anyone.
  • Versatility: Height adjustable, supports various workouts.
  • Stability: Capable of holding up to 800 pounds.
  • Comfort: Cushioned grips for extended workout sessions.
  • Build Quality: Issues with misaligned holes and welding.
  • Weather Protection: Requires rust-proofing for outdoor use.
  • Assembly Instructions: Directions are unclear and incomplete.

What kind of dip station should you get?

There’s a few different bits of gym kit you can get to work on your dips. While each does a similar job, each has a slightly different use. Let’s go over each bit of kit and cover who it’s best suited for!

1) Fixed dip station

This classic, weighty dip station is the real meat and potatoes of the dip world. It doesn’t do anything except training your dips and it does it very well. It’s the most sturdy of dip stations and the kind you’ll find in commercial gyms. There’s also practically nothing to assemble with this iron beast.

Main Advantage: Super sturdy and always ready for you to jump onto.

Main drawback: Very heavy and clunky to move around.

2) Wall mounted bars

If you’ve got the wall for it, and you don’t mind diving into a bit of DIY, wall mounted dip bars can be a brilliant space-saving way to incorporate this compound exercise into your workout.

Main Advantage: super sturdy dip station you can hop on any time

Main drawback: If you suck at DIY (like me!) you’re not going to want to go there.

3) Combined dip and tower stations

If you read Home Gym Experts regularly, you’ll know we got nuts for any bit of gym kit that will save space and do multiple exercises in the space it takes up. One of the best things you can get to train your dips is a combined ‘tower’ that also has a chin-up bar. Pull-ups are an absolutely fantastic bodyweight exercise and an ideal complement to dips.

Main Advantage: More training done in the space it takes up

Main drawback: Not portable. At all. And kinda bulky too – make sure you have room.

4) Separate parallel bars

This dip station is a really good way to get into dips. You get two twin bars that you can position as far apart as you like. There’s a wide range of exercises you can do – and even get into things like lifting your legs onto one side and doing dips that way. Because they don’t have a connecting bar, they can be easily moved around and stashed out of the way when not in use.

Main Advantage: Portable and fully adjustable.

Main drawback: Takes a bit of getting used to and not as stable as a fixed station.

5) Supported dip / chin-up stations

These are normally found in commercial gyms but there’s nothing stopping you from getting one for your home gym too – if you have the space. And the cash! These things are expensive! They are brilliant at what they do though: you kneel on a platform which has a counterweight on it that all, part or a little of the work of lifting and raising you up and down. They build your upper body strength up to doing full dips and chin-ups, or just as a way to benefit from the exercise.

Main Advantage: Very easy to use and a great way to start doing dips and pull-ups.

Main drawback: Requires a permanent and large space in your home gym, and they aren’t cheap.

What are the best dip stations up for grabs in the UK today?

So what are some really good dip stations you can buy today? This next bit will help you find the perfect bit of kit to train dips on at home. We’ll cover a range of different types of dip stands. There’ll also be stations to suit every budget. Nice.


#1 – Power Guidance Adjustable Dip Bars

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Power Guidance Adjustable Dip Bars
Power Guidance Adjustable Dip Bars can be set to any width and a decent range of heights

What’s so good about ’em?

One of the best things about Power Guidance’s dip bars is that you can adjust them a lot more than you can with other dip stations. For starters, the bars are not fixed together. So you’re free to nudge them around to get the perfect width for your body. If you’re used to fixed dip stations, you’ll appreciate the subtle difference a few cm can make to your dips.

Good if you’re short on space

Another sneaky benefit to having separate bars like this is they’re a doddle to stash out of the way, or at the side of your home gym. Fixed stations are a serious space-hog. So if you’re looking for a good set of dippers without committing half your available space to them, you’ll likely have a soft spot for this station.

The heights should fit… pretty much anyone

You’ve also got a good amount to play with setting up the height of the bars too. They’re designed to be adjusted on the fly and popping in the spring-loaded pin (and slackening the clamp) lets you pick from one of 4 heights.

Most people will fix it at the highest setting but there are exercises where a lower height or two different heights are needed. This height adjustment means they’ll fit you no matter how tall you are.

Good lord – they’re brightly-coloured

On the ‘downside’ – and it won’t be a downside for all, they come in what can only be described as Caribbean-bright colours. So, if you’re trying to keep everything all Batman-black in your home gym, you might be disappointed.

Verdict: There’s plenty to like about Power Guideance’s dip bars. They’re well made, fully adjustable and easy to store. As long as you’re fine with green and yellow, this is a cracking set of dip bars for a home gym.

  • Big. Chunky and sturdy
  • Comfy grips
  • Set to any width
  • And a bunch of heights…
  • Easy to stash out the way
  • Two colours and they’re BRIGHT!
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#2 – Yaheetech Dip Station (Amazon)

Yaheetech Dip Station
The Yaheetech Dip Station is super-simple and ridiculously strong

Simple, non-nonsense dip station

This is one of the best kinds of dip stations you can get. The reason being it doesn’t do anything but dips and as such is incredibly strong and sturdy. Made from super solid gym quality steel tubes, with thick welding, this is a machine you can buy once and never worry about.

Robust and sturdy

This dip station can handle over 200kg of weight and is really sturdy. The thick bolts don’t work loose and the station feels great to jump up on and use. The thick heavy grade steel tubing won’t win any awards for design but this machine should never need replacing either. It’s solid, heavy and very supportive.

Comfortable V-shaped, ‘tapered’ grips

One of the best things about this dip station is that the handles are pointed slightly outwards that make them very comfy to grab hold of and feel natural when you’re performing your dip.

Another plus with this kind of bars is that you can adjust where you grip depending on your and height. This easy self-adjustment means you’ll be comfortable and in the right position when you’re doing your dips.

Good customer support

One quick note on this – we’ve had good feedback from people who have bought this dip station and needed help from the manufacturers. While it’s nice to buy from known brands, this company have a good customer support team who seem friendly and helpful!

Any downsides?

One thing I’d like to have seen, that we’ve seen on similar dip stations is a rubber grip on the lower crossbar. This is handy for hopping up onto the machine, or if you want to take a rest on this bar.

Another thing to be aware of is that this style of dip station is a bit on the clunky side. If you’re planning to move it around before training, be prepared for some chunks taken out of door frames and a few whacked ankles. Ideally, have somewhere you can set up and keep this one ready.

Verdict: This simple design should last a lifetime. It’s robust, sturdy and there’s really nothing to maintain or worry about, except your next set. The V-shaped bars are comfortable and the price is decent. A gym quality dip station.

  • Very strong and sturdy
  • Good price vs. quality
  • Wide base doesn’t rock about
  • Thick rubber feet protect floors
  • Easy to assemble
  • No grip on the step-up bar
  • Clunky to move around
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#3 – Multi function Pull up Bar Dip Station – Amazon

Indoor & Outdoor Pull Up Dip Bar

A dip bar with loads of possibilities

Worthy of a spot on any Dragons Den, this dip bar invention is ingenious. You can attach it quickly to a tree outdoors (or any solid post shape) and get some sun while you train.

Alternatively, the frame attaches to any wall. It’s one of the more popular wall-mounted dip bars and you can see good reviews of it on places like Amazon.

Training with TREES! Indoor and outdoor uses

One of the coolest things with this dip equipment is you get a fixed bracket for indoor use which has an army of bolts to keep it secure and make sure it stays on the wall. The dip bars are detachable and you get a second frame you can use for outdoors too.

It’s actually also portable and the chin up bars can fit in a backpack! Another clever thing they’ve worked in is the way the bars can rotate 180° so let you do slightly different exercises.

Over 30 exercises?

The marketing for this dip stand says you can do over 30 exercises but really you’re getting a good quality set of dip bars and a good quality chin up bar to boot. The bars are easy to adjust between exercises, however. It’s also worth noting the quoted other exercises require you to fit it lower down to a tree or post outdoors.

Really sturdy

If you’re jumping to do some dips, you want a seriously sturdy it of kit. The Indoor / outdoor bars come with a template that helps you attach to the wall. It’s actually not as difficult as you think. The bars themselves, and both mounting methods are extremely strong and sturdy.

Verdict: This is a premium wall-mounted dip bar. It’s not the cheapest dip station on the market but the quality for the price is fair. It’s sturdy as hell once mounted on a wall and the way you can take part of it outdoors is a brilliant innovation that more bars should offer.

  • Top-quality
  • Train dips, chin-ups
  • Easy to setup
  • Simple to use and adjust
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Could use some rubber grips
  • More costly than other bars
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#4 Mirafit Parallel Dip Bars (Amazon UK)

Mirafit Parallel Dip Bars
Mirafit’s Parallel Dip Bars have their usual design flair and quality

Mirafit’s parallel bars: dips, callisthenics and more

This dip station is a kind of hybrid between the separate split dip bars and a fixed dip station. Rather than just positioning the parallel bars, you can slide them along a locking bar. This gives you that extra bit of safety and a lot more stability. Ideal if you’re doing a wider setup, or extending your legs to one side.

You can of course take the connecting piece away and use the parallel bars in whatever way you like. The wide bases and huge rubber feet make for a sturdy workout either way.

Good looking bars that are well made

We’ve featured a fair bit of Mirafit’s hear on Home Gym Experts – they make really good standard gym gear that has an eye for visual flair too. The bright orange dip bars are both well made and look good too. The quality of the welding and the steel gauge is also above average.

Separate bars you can adjust

These bars are great because they combine the flexibility of separate stands with the strength and stability you get with a fixed dip station. The bars can be slid as close as you want together, or wide enough to bridge them with your legs. It’s all adjusted with handy pull out and twist pins on either side.

Verdict: Mirafit’s parallel dip bars are easy to set up and use and offer a good, stable way to work dips. If you’re looking for something that does more than plain old dips, this could be something you’ll get a lot out of. The adjustable system is a great idea and offers the best of both worlds.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Great looking bit of gym gear
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Sturdy and good quality
  • Bright orange won’t be to everyone’s taste!
  • You will have to bend your knees on this station when doing dips!
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#5 Marbo Sport Dip-Station Dip Bar Dip Stand (Amazon UK)

Best budget-priced dip station



This dip station is split into two separate bars which you can setup and position how you want to.

Great if you don’t have space for a fixed dip station

One of the best things about these dip bars is that they’re way easier to move around in between training sessions so you don’t need to take up a permanent space in your home gym, or apartment. They can easily be stored after use.

Provides a wide range of exercises

You’ve got the choice here to angle the bars how you want them, and because there are no cross bars, you can easily do more than just dips. Lie back and do pull up exercises. Move them further apart and put your feet up on one side for a different kind of dip – there’s a lot of possibilities with these bars… or just dip!

What are the drawbacks of these bars?

The freedom of movement and different exercises comes at a cost to stability. These bars don’t measure up to the fixed station mentioned on this page. If you have the space to spare, and are looking for a serious dip-only station, you might prefer one of those.

Verdict: …

  • Easy to store
  • Sturdy steel design
  • Budget price
  • Wide range of exercises
  • Slightly narrower feet supports than some other dip stations
  • Smaller weight load of 140kg
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#6 – Komodo Parallel Dip Station Bars (Amazon UK)

Komodo Dip Bars

Strong, cheap parallel dip bars

If you’re leaning more towards the separate parallel style bars and want a good way to do dips without spending an arm or a leg, Komodo Sports’ bars might be right up your alley. Made from a good grade of 45cm tubular steel bars, they give a good solid feel.

Good upper user weight

The robust design means that these bars are strong enough to support up to 150kg. That’s total so if you’re doing weighted dips, take that into consideration too.

Adjustable to different heights

You get two height adjustments here and while you might never want to use it, it means you can at least set it to the height that suits your size better.

Bit stingy on the grip

One thing that’s a bit of a disappointment with this set of bars is the grip rubber. While it feels great – there’s just not enough of it. You’ve got to position your hands carefully on each set. Arguably you should be doing that anyway, but a few cm more grip would have been ideal.

Verdict: This budget dip stand is a quick and easy way to add some dips into your gym, and a number of other possible exercises too. They don’t look especially cool, but they’re easy to store and get the job done. The price is pretty nifty too.

  • Strong, sturdy tube steel
  • Can stored and moved easily
  • Range of possible exercises
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great quality
  • Not as fancy-looking as the Mirafit bars
  • The grip could have been longer
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Extra tips for your home dip station

Wall mounting dip bars – is it that scary?

One option you’ve got with dip bars is whether or not to wall-mount them. This has the benefit of doing away with the bulky stand and giving you a fixed, sturdy place to do dips any time you want. And they look seriously awesome.

The downside? You’ll have to do some DIY to get the bars in place.

The first thing you’ll need is the right wall. Yep, those dip bars aren’t going to play nice with a plaster wall! You’ll need a solid, sturdy brick or concrete wall. Any good wall-dip bars will come with a handy template that will show you where you’ll need to drill the holes.

There will be drilling too. And don’t forget to vacuum out the dust from the holes – it makes life a bit easier when it comes to adding the bolts in. Here’s an example of how to mount a dip bar on a wall:

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