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Training has changed a lot in recent years, especially with the onset of smart technology and mobile phones entering the home gym. Below you’ll find guides related to the latest fitness tech, from massage guns to fitness apps. Whatever area of training you’re into, whether it’s bodybuilding, running or HIIT training, there’s likely an app or two that can help get the most out of your training time. We’re always on the look out for new fitness trackers or smarter ways to train. If you thought your mobile phone was just in your gym to play music when you’re training, prepare to have your mind blown.

Fitness Tech Buyers Guides

Recovapro Massage Gun SE Review

Recovapro Massage Gun SE Review

Welcome to our Recovapro massage gun review – a home use gun that’s designed to help with those aches and pains we all get from training, as well as some more serious strains and injuries.

Wahoo Sensors versus Garmin Cadence Sensors

Wahoo VS Garmin Cadence Sensors

What is better Wahoo or Garmin? If you’re at all serious about your cycling, you need a cadence sensor. Cadence sensors give you the option to monitor your cycling in a way that no other

Massage Gun Guide

Are Massage Guns Any Good & Are They Worth It?

While it looks more like kids stocking filler or something that should have stayed on a late-night shopping channel, there’s a lot of interesting research out surrounding this form of home treatment, not to mention

Lumen Metabolism Tracker Guide

Lumen Metabolism Tracker Guide

Can the Lumen really help you hack your metabolism and lose weight? Health and fitness is 75% what you’re putting in your mouth, so anything you can do to help you balance your diet and

Large Digital Wall Clock for Gyms

Today we’re taking a look at GIANT gym wall timers – big wall-mounted digital timers, that normally come in bright red, green or blue (or a mix of those colours). They’re used in cross-fit, as

Fitness Tech Reviews

Are Fitbit Scales Worth It

Are Fitbit Scales Worth It?

If you haven’t heard, just weighing yourself in 2022 isn’t the best way to improve your physique and get in shape. I’ve no idea where these smart scales all came from but they’re all over

Echelon Reflect Review

Echelon Reflect Review – Next Gen Fitness Mirror

The fitness world is shifting hard into home streaming services, delivering fitness classes and exercise plans straight to you, wherever and whenever you need them. Echelon is leading the charge, with the Echelon Connect fitness

Tanita Body Composition Scales

Tanita Body Composition Scales Review

If you’re researching body scales, this is one of the products you’ve likely seen. In this guide we’re pulling apart the Tanita BMI scales and seeing what they do, and how well they work. More

Gym Gadget Guides

Can A Massage Are massage guns good for you - featured image

Can A Massage Gun Speed Muscle Recovery?

A massage gun is a handheld device that is designed to stimulate blood flow and loosen muscular tension. It does this by vibrating at a high frequency, while also maintaining a low amplitude of movement

Smart Mirror Advantages & Disadvantages - featured image

Smart Mirrors: Worth Looking Into?

Almost everything in your house can be upgraded to a ‘smart’ version of its analogue self. From smart fridges that detect when you are running low on milk, to smart washing machines that adjust water

Electro Magnetic Stimulation - Is It Safe - featured image

Electromagnetic Stimulation – Is It Safe?

Electrical devices that use electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) belong to a developing category of FitTech that aims to change the way we workout. The science behind EMS devices is that they stimulate the tiny muscle fibers

Tracking Your Exercise Bike On Fitbit

Exercise Bikes And Activity Trackers

No matter what your fitness goal is, the only way you will achieve it is if you commit to regular training and give every session your all. This is the number one secret to success.

Home Body Composition Scale Guide

Home Body Composition Scale Guide

Getting smart about body fat monitoring Whether you are on a weight loss journey or embarking on a strength training programme, knowing and understanding your weight is an important part of measuring progress. Traditional scales

Kinomap Guide

What Exactly is Kinomap and How Does It Work?

If you pay any attention to the fitness world, you’ve probably heard the names of some fitness apps thrown around, and one of the biggest, that’s drawing a lot of attention, is Kinomap. But what

What is iFit and How Does It Work

What is iFit and How Does It Work?

What is iFit, and does it really make your workouts better? We’ll save you some time. The short answer is yes. But the long answer is a lot more complicated. Read on to find out