Balance Training Equipment

From wobble boards to Bosu Balls, there’s a whole new and unusual world methods to train your balance at home. Working on co-ordination between your muslces, brain and inner ear, along with your core and muscle strength can have huge benefits whatever your training goals are. From improving your posture, to faster recovery from injury, there are many benefits to working on your balance. There’s also some fantastic (and relatively cheap) fitness equipment you can get to aid with this area of training. Here are some guides to get you started.

Balance training guides

Indo Board Guide

Indo Board Guide – A Perfect Balance?

Welcome to our guide to one of the most popular and best balance boards out there in 2022: the Indo Board. In this guide, we’ll cover what it is, what it does and whether or

Do Vibration Plates Actually Work

Do Vibration Plates Actually Work?

How do vibration plates help lose weight? Vibration plates are machines that are designed to vigorously move fractional amounts while the user stands, sits or lies on them. They are often found in high-end gyms

Bluefin 4D Vibration Plate Review

Bluefin 4D Vibration Plate Review

Review Summary Bluefin 4D Solid and well-made Wide variety of programs Handy watch-style remote Comes with resistance bands On the bulky side “Bluefin’s plate does everything you’d want from a vibration plate. It’s extremely powerful,