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Can you really build yourself up to where you want to be from home? Of course! Home gyms are no more or less effective than sweaty, packed commercial ones, except maybe it’s a bit less distracting. In this section we’re covering all the tips, tricks and everything you need to accomplish your training goals with less wasted time and effort. We have the latest info on how to get the most muscle development from your resistance training, tips on avoiding injury and some guides on the kind of equipment you might want to splash out on. 

Strength Training Home Gym Guides

Should you wear a weightlifting belt

Should you wear a weightlifting belt?

Weightlifting belts are somewhat controversial in the weightlifting world. Some people swear by them, whereas others say that they are ineffectual and potentially even harmful. In this post, we are going to tell you the

Why are my biceps taking so long to grow?

Why are my biceps taking so long to grow?

The biceps is often one of the most challenging areas to develop, so of course, the upper arms are one of the focal points for most people. We all know that muscles do not develop

work out when you're tired

Should you work out when you’re tired?

We all have those days when our bodies feel sluggish and the prospect of exercising seems like a herculean task. How should you handle times like these if you are committed to an exercise programme?

how often should i increase my weights

How Often Should I Increase My Weights

LEVELLING UP: WHEN TO PUSH AND WHEN TO PACE YOURSELF Weightlifting is a matter of science. Simply put, you need to strain your muscles to produce the conditions for muscle growth. Most people find this

Does Lifting Weights Make You Shorter

Your Questions: Does Lifting Weights Make You Shorter?

Welcome to Home Gym Expert’s ‘Your Questions’ section, where we attempt to answer your weight training or fitness questions using science and studies, rather than opinion and rumour. Remember: there’s no dumb questions here. Today’s

How To Build Biceps At Home Fast

How To Build Biceps At Home Fast

In this guide, we’re diving into some simple, practical tips on how to build biceps at home as fast and easily as possible. Do you find yourself scrolling Instagram and wishing you had the ripped

How much weight should a beginner lift?

How Much Weight Should a Beginner Lift?

If you’re new to the gym, or exercise in general, the idea of stacking a bunch of plates on a bar and hoisting it above your head can be surprisingly intimidating, even in your own

How many rest days for muscle growth

How Many Rest Days for Muscle Growth Do You Need?

Your muscles are the most adaptable tissues in the human body. When you do an exercise like weightlifting, your muscles undergo trauma, and satellite cells on the outside of your muscles become activated. They then