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Train your balance whatever age you are with these expert tips and things anyone can use in their home gym.


They’re cheap, they last for ever and they’re great for building your strength at home.


Master this tricky (but rewarding!) exercise and your body will thank you. Dip bars, pull-up stations and more.

Pull up

Elliptical machines are ideal for anyone looking to get in shape without any impact on their joints.


There are some amazingly good exercise bikes around today. From budget bikes to luxury rides.


Anything funny going on in your gym? Here’s a few things we found that might give you a smile while training.


Don’t skip this time and tested way to super-charge your strength training and develop your core.


Let off some steam and get in shape fast using some of these tools of the trade. Home gym punch bags and more.


This simple ball has a crazy amount of uses. They’re easy to store and great for training at home.

Medicine Balls

Bring the gym home with some of these rock solid benches and multi-gyms.


Whether you’ve discovered this awesome form of exercise yet or not, check out some of these guides to get you bouncing at home.


These lie-down (ish) bikes are a fantastic way for anyone, of any age, to get a really good workout at home.


If you’re looking to do squats or bench press at home safely alone, this is the section you need to see first.


What you should and shouldn’t be adding to your diet for training at home. Tips and product reviews around supplements.


Use the latest news and science to get a head start on your next fitness goals. Build that perfect body with less effort.


Just because you’re training at home, doesn’t mean you should skimp on what you wear. Some guides and help choosing your gym kit.


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