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These Are The UK’s Best Walking Pads For 2024


Best Walk Pad Treadmills

Walking pad treadmills have revolutionized the way we approach fitness and wellness in our daily lives. In an era where sedentary lifestyles are increasingly common, these compact and convenient machines offer a practical solution to stay active, no matter how small your available space is! This guide delves into the world of these mini treadmills. We went deep on over 147 of the current best sellers in 2024 and this guide should save you a bit of time if you’re thinking about getting a new machine.

Regular walking can improve cardiovascular health, aid in weight management, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can do that with one of these machines, no matter what the British weather chucks at you.

Unlike traditional treadmills, walking pads are designed specifically for walking, offering a low maximum speed and a compact running deck without the bulk of guide rails or extensive controls. This design not only makes them ideal for use in limited spaces, such as under a desk or in a small apartment but also ensures they operate quietly, causing minimal disturbance. Moreover, their affordability and ease of storage make them an excellent choice for a wide range of users, from busy professionals to older individuals seeking a safe and effective way to exercise.

As we navigate through the guide, we will explore various models of walking pad treadmills, each with unique features catering to different needs and preferences. From models offering high-tech features like app connectivity to those emphasizing portability and simplicity, this guide aims to provide you with comprehensive information to help you choose the walking pad treadmill that best fits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Best Overall
"Easy to set up, has a good speed selection, and operates quietly, making it suitable for compact spaces and regular workouts."
  1. Maximum speed: 6 km/h
  2. Running Track Size: 40x14cm
  3. Max user weight: 100 kg
  4. Treadmill weight: 17.01 kg
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Runner Up
"This walking pad treadmill is compact and portable, operates quietly, and is cost-effective, making it suitable for small spaces and home use."
  1. Maximum speed: 6 km/h
  2. Running Track Size: 96D x 56W cm
  3. Max user weight: 120 kg
  4. Treadmill weight: 17.1 kg
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"Praised for its quiet and smooth operation, space-saving design, and multiple speed settings."
  1. Maximum speed: 16 km/h
  2. Running Track Size in cm: 120 x 45 cm
  3. Max user weight in kg: 120 kg
  4. Treadmill weight: 33 kg
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"This walking pad treadmill is compact and portable, operates quietly, and offers a user-friendly interface for a comfortable workout experience."
  1. Maximum speed: 16 km/h
  2. Running Track Size in cm: 120 x 42
  3. Max user weight in kg: 110
  4. Treadmill weight: 35 kg
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"Compact, quiet, and offers seamless app connectivity for personalized workouts."
  1. Maximum speed: 9 km/h
  2. Running Track Size: 116D x 7W cm
  3. Max user weight: 100 kg
  4. Treadmill weight: 22 kg
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"This ROLTIN treadmill is perfect for home use, offering a space-saving design and quiet operation."
  1. Maximum speed: 10km/h
  2. Running Track Size: 1200x480mm
  3. Max user weight: 120kg
  4. Treadmill weight: 25kg
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"This walking pad treadmill offers a compact and versatile design, convenient features like Bluetooth speaker integration and remote control, and a quiet, sturdy build."
  1. Maximum speed: 10 km/h
  2. Running Track Size: 102 x 39 cm
  3. Max user weight: 120 kg
  4. Treadmill weight: 18.9 kg
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"Durable, space-saving, and operates quietly, providing a reliable and convenient workout experience."
  1. Maximum speed: 12 km/h
  2. Running Track Size in cm: 140L x 71W
  3. Max user weight in kg: 100 kg
  4. Treadmill weight(kg): 500 kg
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"Compact and space-saving, operates quietly, and boasts a sturdy build. It also offers easy assembly and Bluetooth connectivity for an enhanced workout experience."
  1. Maximum speed: 10 km/h
  2. Running Track Size: 39 x 97 cm
  3. Max user weight: 120 kg
  4. Treadmill weight: 21.6 kg
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"Praised for its compact and portable design, quiet motor, and fast delivery, enhancing its convenience and usability for home exercise."
  1. Maximum speed: 4 mph
  2. Running Track Size: 15.7"W x 47.2"L
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When most people think of treadmills, they think of the massive, bulky machines that you see in most commercial gyms, with a big set of guide handles, and a huge, whirring running deck.

But over the last few years, there’s been a quiet revolution in treadmill use. As we become more aware of the host of benefits that come from regular walking, and the amount of damage sitting around all day actually does to us, more people are taking walks than ever.

But for most of us, staying active and on the move is simply not possible.

Whether it’s the realities of having to work an office job, being older or having long-term injuries, or simply theeffects of the pandemic, outside walking might be outside the remit of a lot of us.

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix that anyone can use. A walking pad treadmill.

How we test and rank products. We like to think our methodology for evaluating and ranking products is one of the best in the industry and is spearheaded by our team of fitness experts who boast extensive experience in using and reviewing gym equipment. Our approach to identifying the top products in a specific category, such as 'Walking Pad Treadmills', begins with establishing key performance indicators like Size and Portability, Motor Power, and Noise level. We then meticulously compile our product roundup, focusing on how each item aligns with the user's needs. To ensure absolute impartiality, our final rankings are determined by an advanced AI algorithm that objectively analyzes the data collected during our testing phase. We trust that you will find this roundup insightful and valuable.
Top Pick
Decorcn Walking Pad Treadmill

Decorcn Walking Pad Treadmill

Compact and Efficient Under Desk Treadmill

This Decorcn Walking Pad Treadmill is designed for sedentary individuals, offering a safe speed range, smooth motor, and shock absorption. It's ideal for home and office use, providing an effective and space-saving exercise solution.

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Maximum speed: 6 km/h
Running Track Size: 40x14cm
Max user weight: 100 kg
Treadmill weight: 17.01 kg
Why this made our roundup: This treadmill is designed for sedentary individuals, offering a safe speed range, smooth motor, and shock absorption.

Boasting a swift delivery and secure packaging, the assembly of this treadmill is a breeze, even for the most technologically challenged individuals. Its compact design allows it to fit comfortably under most furniture, making it ideal for compact living spaces. Its quiet motor allows for disruption-free operation, and with features like an intuitive remote control, Bluetooth speakers, and easily movable wheels, it's a joy to use.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks. For homes with high-legged furniture, its fit might not be as snug. The absence of an incline feature may disappoint those seeking uphill training, and its weight might make relocation a bit challenging. Additionally, the included lubricant can be quite slippery on certain surfaces.

In comparison to other treadmills on the market, it holds its own with competitive features and a quiet operation. Its compact and space-saving design, coupled with its whisper-quiet motor, make it a worthwhile consideration for a home workout solution.

Overall, for those looking to incorporate exercise into their routine without leaving home, it's an excellent choice. Itís quiet, packed with features, and its compact design makes it a worthy investment for those who appreciate uncluttered living spaces.

  • Fast delivery and well packaged: Customers appreciate the prompt delivery and secure packaging.
  • Easy to set up: Users find the treadmill easy to assemble and set up for immediate use.
  • Easy to hide away under couch/bed: The compact design allows for convenient storage under furniture.
  • Good speed selection: Customers like the range of speed options available for varied workouts.
  • Quiet: Users praise the treadmill for its quiet operation, minimizing disturbance to others.
  • Bulky counter bit sticks out under sofa: The bulky counter part of the treadmill may not fit entirely under certain sofas with taller legs.
  • No incline function: Some users miss the incline function for varied workout intensities.
Runner up
Homefitnesscode Walking Pad Treadmill

Homefitnesscode Walking Pad Treadmill

Compact and Quiet Home Treadmill

This compact and quiet treadmill is perfect for home and office use, offering a space-saving design, easy storage, and comfortable, quiet workouts.

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Maximum speed: 6 km/h
Running Track Size: 96D x 56W cm
Max user weight: 120 kg
Treadmill weight: 17.1 kg
Why this made our roundup: This treadmill offers a compact and quiet solution for indoor walking and light jogging.

Compact, quiet, and economical, this space-saving treadmill is an excellent solution for individuals in small apartments or those living with clutter-averse roommates. The subtle operation ensures your late-night fitness sessions won't disrupt anyone's Netflix binge-watch. It's gentle on your pocket and surprisingly robust, built to withstand daily use. The straightforward assembly process is a breeze, avoiding any flatpack furniture frustration.

On the flipside, the belt can be somewhat temperamental, demanding occasional adjustments. Also, the workout options may lack variety for those craving more challenging routines. It's not ideally suited for those seeking a rigorous, Olympian-level training regime.

Compared to its competitors, this model excels in portability and noise-free operation. However, the belt's occasional need for attention and the somewhat limited workout features might encourage potential buyers to consider other options.

To summarise, if you value compactness and simplicity over high-intensity workouts, this is a great choice. Despite the occasional belt issue and its simplistic nature, it's a reliable, quiet treadmill that offers an easy path to fitness without requiring a roomy space. It's a definite 'yes' for those prioritising uncomplicated fitness solutions.

  • Compact and Portable: Users appreciate its small footprint and ease of movement, making it suitable for small spaces.
  • Quiet Operation: Users find it operates quietly, allowing for use without disturbing others nearby.
  • Affordable Price: Users are satisfied with its cost-effectiveness compared to other treadmills.
  • Easy Assembly: Users commend the treadmill for its straightforward and hassle-free setup process.
  • Durable Build: Users praise its sturdy construction and long-lasting performance.
  • Belt Alignment Issues: Some users have experienced difficulties in keeping the belt centered during use, requiring frequent adjustments.
  • Limited Training Functions: Users note the lack of advanced training options, which may not meet the needs of more experienced fitness enthusiasts.
Zjz Walking Pad Treadmill WAPPY0081

Zjz Walking Pad Treadmill WAPPY0081

Space-Saving and Quiet Treadmill

This ZJZ Walking Pad Treadmill is ideal for home and office use, praised for its quiet operation and space-saving design. It's perfect for individuals looking for a compact yet efficient treadmill.

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Maximum speed: 16 km/h
Running Track Size in cm: 120 x 45 cm
Max user weight in kg: 120 kg
Treadmill weight: 33 kg
Why this made our roundup: The treadmill is commended for its quiet and smooth operation, making it an excellent choice for home use without causing disturbances.

Picture a silent and smooth journey to fitness, the convenience of a compact design, and the versatility of diverse speed settings. This whisper-quiet treadmill offers all that. It fits seamlessly in small spaces and folds away tidily. Its shock absorption system ensures comfort and safety, while the intuitive user interface and swift Bluetooth connectivity provide excellent data tracking. An emergency stop ensures safety.

However, the gentle slope may disappoint those seeking rigorous hill training, and its substantial weight might hinder easy relocation. The preset workout options may feel limited, and the arm support could be improved. At high speeds, it might be a touch noisy. Nevertheless, it offers a sound, low-impact workout experience.

Compared to its competitors, this treadmill stands out for its quiet operation and space-efficient design. It's built for steady, comfortable workouts rather than high-intensity training. It's a reliable, robust machine that delivers what it promises.

In conclusion, it is a worthy investment for those seeking a quiet, compact, and adaptable exercise tool. However, fitness enthusiasts desiring challenging hill training and diverse workout options might want to consider other options. It's a reliable, robust machine that delivers what it promises.

  • Quiet and Smooth Operation: Users praise the treadmill for its noiseless and seamless performance, allowing for distraction-free workouts.
  • Space-Saving Design: Its compact and foldable structure is highly commended for saving space in homes and offices.
  • Multiple Speed Settings: The variety of speed options provides users with flexibility to customize their workouts according to their fitness levels.
  • Shock Absorption: The effective shock absorption system reduces impact on joints, ensuring a comfortable and low-impact exercise experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive and easy-to-use console makes it convenient for users to navigate and control the treadmill functions.
  • Limited Incline Options: Some users find the limited incline settings to be a drawback, desiring more challenging incline levels for enhanced workouts.
  • Heavy Weight: The treadmill's weight makes it difficult to move around, posing a challenge for users who need to frequently relocate the equipment.
Roltin Walking Pad Treadmill Model X

Roltin Walking Pad Treadmill Model X

Compact and Portable Walking Pad Treadmill

This ROLTIN Walking Pad Treadmill is perfect for those seeking a compact and portable exercise solution. With its quiet operation, it's an ideal choice for home workouts.

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Maximum speed: 16 km/h
Running Track Size in cm: 120 x 42
Max user weight in kg: 110
Treadmill weight: 35 kg
Why this made our roundup: The treadmill's shock absorption system reduces impact on joints, enhancing comfort during workouts.

Struggling to fit a bulky treadmill into a small apartment? The solution is here, featuring a slim, space-efficient design that's as silent as a whisper during your workouts. Its intuitive controls are user-friendly, while the auto-stop function ensures safety during your fitness regimen. The exceptional shock absorption feels like running on air. This foldable, lightweight machine boasts robustness, providing an array of speed settings and workout options at a wallet-friendly price.

However, this isn't a perfect fit for everyone. Those with a taller stature or a preference for steep inclines might find its compact design and level surface limiting. Unfortunately, there are no built-in entertainment features to distract you from the workout. The initial setup can be a bit challenging, and it might not support heavier users. It's essential to consider these factors before purchasing.

The noiseless operation and minimalist design set it apart from competitors. However, if you crave for inclines or enjoy watching Netflix during your workout, you might need to look elsewhere. Weigh these aspects against your personal preferences while comparing.

So, is it the right choice for you? If you're short on space and need a quiet, easy-to-fold machine, then definitely. Although it might not cater to incline enthusiasts or those who want a screen, its sturdy construction and variety of programs offer great value. It's ideal for people wanting to stay fit without leaving the comfort of their home.

  • Compact and Portable Design: Users admire the treadmill's space-saving design and easy portability.
  • Quiet Operation: Customers appreciate the treadmill's quiet motor, allowing for undisturbed workouts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: People find the treadmill's interface intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Safety Features: The inclusion of safety features such as auto-stop functionality is highly valued by users.
  • Shock Absorption: The treadmill's effective shock absorption system reduces impact on joints, enhancing comfort.
  • Limited Incline Options: Some users desire more incline settings for a more challenging workout experience.
  • Small Running Surface: The compact size of the walking pad limits the available running area for some users.
Reka Fitness Walking Treadmill

Reka Fitness Walking Treadmill

Compact and Convenient Treadmill

This compact treadmill is ideal for small living spaces, offering quiet operation, app connectivity, and safety features. It's suitable for adults looking for a space-saving, foldable design with a 9 km/h maximum speed.

Save £24.99 TodayRRP £164.98
£139.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 29th May, 00:42:19

Maximum speed: 9 km/h
Running Track Size: 116D x 7W cm
Max user weight: 100 kg
Treadmill weight: 22 kg
Why this made our roundup: Compact and foldable design for easy storage and app connectivity for personalized workouts.

The compact and high-tech marvel that is the Reka Fitness Walking Treadmill offers an ideal solution for those fed up with gym commutes or navigating crowded paths on morning runs. Its quiet motor doesn't disturb the peace, making it perfectly suited for early morning or late-night workouts. Its small size makes it an excellent fit for any living space, large or small. Plus, its digital compatibility allows you to sync up your favourite app for a personalised, intimidation-free workout.

Though it boasts a fast setup and safety features like a key and auto-stop function, it also takes into account comfort with its shock-absorbing system to protect your knees and joints. Yet, it's not without its drawbacks. The handlebars might be too short for taller individuals, and the incline could be more generous. Also, the noise level can increase with the speed.

Despite these minor issues, when compared to similar products, its tech features and safety measures make it stand out. While it may not offer a wide range of workout programs or inclines, it's a robust option for its size. For people seeking a simple and efficient home workout solution, this treadmill is a strong contender. Despite a few quirks, its combination of safety, connectivity, and compact size make it an appealing choice in the home fitness market.

  • Quiet Operation: Users praise the treadmill's quiet motor, enabling peaceful workouts at any time.
  • Compact Design: Its space-saving design is appreciated for fitting well in small living spaces.
  • Easy Assembly: Users find the straightforward assembly process convenient and time-saving.
  • Foldable: The treadmill's foldable feature is highly valued for efficient storage when not in use.
  • Safety Features: Its safety key and automatic stop function offer peace of mind during workouts.
  • Limited Incline Range: Some users feel that the treadmill's incline options could be more diverse to cater to advanced training needs.
  • Short Handlebars: The shorter handlebars may not provide sufficient support for taller users during intense workouts.
Roltin Folding Treadmill

Roltin Folding Treadmill

Compact and Quiet Treadmill for Home Use

This ROLTIN treadmill is perfect for home use, offering a space-saving design and quiet operation. It's best for individuals seeking a reliable and convenient way to stay active at home.

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Maximum speed: 10km/h
Running Track Size: 1200x480mm
Max user weight: 120kg
Treadmill weight: 25kg
Why this made our roundup: The treadmill features a suspended track with magnetic suspension damping, offering a comfortable and safe running experience.

Imagine a robust, space-saving treadmill that folds up for easy storage - no more bulky equipment cramping your living space. Constructed with durability in mind, it's designed to withstand the test of time, eliminating frequent replacement worries. Noise won't be an issue either. Its whisper-quiet operation ensures workouts won't disturb others in the household, even during late-night sessions. Its user-friendly interface is as intuitive as your go-to gadget, whilst the shock absorption system offers joint-friendly workouts. Easily transportable and accommodating a range of fitness levels with various speed settings, safety is also prioritised with an emergency stop button and safety key. Its only shortcoming? Maintenance as simple as caring for a cactus.

However, perfection is a tall order. Experienced runners may crave tougher challenges due to limited incline options. The handlebar height might be a stretch for taller users, and tech enthusiasts may miss the inclusion of speakers or a tablet stand. Although generally silent, rare instances of a louder than expected motor have been reported.

In comparison to similar products, this treadmill excels in terms of space-efficiency. While it may lack in certain luxury features like advanced incline options or integrated entertainment systems, it makes up for it with its user-centric design and easy portability, making it ideal for those constantly on the move.

Overall, this folding treadmill is akin to a Swiss Army knife in the fitness world - compact, quiet, and user-friendly. It serves as a reliable addition to your home gym, offering essential features without taking up too much space or breaking the bank. It's not without its minor flaws, but for most, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, making it a worthy fitness investment.

  • Robust and Durable Design: Users appreciate the treadmill's sturdy and long-lasting construction.
  • Space-Saving: The compact design makes it ideal for small living spaces.
  • Quiet Operation: Users value the treadmill's quiet operation, allowing for undisturbed workouts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive controls and display are highly praised for ease of use.
  • Effective Shock Absorption: The treadmill's cushioning system provides excellent impact reduction.
  • Limited Incline Options: Some users desire more incline settings for varied workout intensity.
  • Basic Workout Programs: The pre-set programs are deemed somewhat limited for advanced users.
  • Short Handlebars: Taller individuals find the handlebars to be somewhat restrictive in length.
Dskeuzeew Under Desk Treadmill

Dskeuzeew Under Desk Treadmill

A compact and versatile walking pad treadmill with convenient features.

This walking pad treadmill is ideal for those seeking a space-saving fitness solution with a range of speeds, Bluetooth speaker integration, and easy storage capabilities. It's worth buying for its convenience and efficient design.

Save £27.09 TodayRRP £167.08
£139.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 29th May, 00:42:19

Maximum speed: 10 km/h
Running Track Size: 102 x 39 cm
Max user weight: 120 kg
Treadmill weight: 18.9 kg
Why this made our roundup: This walking pad treadmill offers a compact and versatile design, convenient features like Bluetooth speaker integration, and a quiet, sturdy build.

Imagine having a compact, home-based exercise solution that effortlessly fits into your lifeómeet a unique fitness innovation. This versatile treadmill is designed for those who prefer convenience; it slides under your bed post-workout with smooth-rolling wheels, eliminating the need for a dedicated gym space.

It offers not only a range of speed options, from a leisurely 1km/h to a vigorous 10km/h, but also a built-in Bluetooth speaker to keep your motivation levels high. Additionally, a remote control allows you to adjust your workout without breaking stride.

However, it's not all perfect. Adjusting the belt can prove to be a bit of a puzzle, and its lack of handrails at high speeds may pose a challenge for those less steady on their feet.

Compared to similar products, this treadmill excels with its user-friendly features, despite the belt adjustment learning curve and the potential balance concerns.

To conclude, if you're seeking a space-saving, easy-to-set-up fitness solution that offers a decent workout, this could be your ideal choice. Just be prepared to master the art of belt adjustment and the thrill of working out without handrails. Your fitness journey awaits, and it promises to be as seamless as this treadmill's operation.

  • Compact and versatile design: Easily stored away, with wheels for mobility and a range of speeds for various workouts.
  • Convenient features: Bluetooth speaker integration, remote control, and no installation required for immediate use.
  • Quiet and sturdy build: Low noise level, sturdy build, and easy to use for daily workouts.
  • Adjustment issues: Some users experienced difficulties with the belt slipping and needing frequent readjustment.
  • Lack of handrails: The treadmill lacks handrails, posing a risk of losing balance and potential injury, especially at higher speeds.
Fenghome Walking Pad Treadmill

Fenghome Walking Pad Treadmill

Compact and Quiet Treadmill for Home Use

This Fenghome Walking Pad Treadmill is perfect for home use, offering a durable, space-saving design with quiet operation. It's ideal for individuals looking for a reliable and convenient workout solution.

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Maximum speed: 12 km/h
Running Track Size in cm: 140L x 71W
Max user weight in kg: 100 kg
Treadmill weight(kg): 500 kg
Why this made our roundup: This treadmill features efficient shock absorption for reduced impact on joints, providing a comfortable workout experience.

Introducing an exercise solution that harmoniously blends into your everyday life - the whisper-quiet, robustly built, and space-efficient treadmill that's gentle on your joints. With a soft hum that won't disturb a sleeping baby, it's the epitome of a silent calorie killer. Plus, its foldable design and cloud-like shock absorption system make it an ideal choice for small spaces and sensitive knees.

However, it's not without drawbacks. The pace may seem a tad sluggish for speed enthusiasts, and the incline isn't particularly challenging for adrenaline seekers. The basic console and low handrails may also be points of contention for tech-lovers and tall runners respectively. And while compact, moving it might feel like a wrestling match with a mule.

When compared to rivals, it shines in its serenity and compactness, though it might fall short for those seeking high-tech consoles or challenging inclines. So, is it the right fit for you? If you're seeking a durable, quiet, and knee-friendly fitness companion for a small space, it's a match made in cardio heaven. But if you're chasing speed thrills or steep virtual climbs, you might want to explore other options.

  • Durable and Reliable: Users praise the treadmill's robust construction and dependable performance.
  • Space-Saving Design: Customers appreciate the compact and foldable nature for easy storage.
  • Quiet Operation: Positive feedback on the treadmill's quiet and smooth functioning for undisturbed workouts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive controls and clear display make it easy to use for all fitness levels.
  • Efficient Shock Absorption: Users value the treadmill's effective cushioning for reduced impact on joints.
  • Limited Speed Range: Some users find the speed options restrictive for advanced training needs.
  • Minimal Incline Settings: The limited incline range may not meet the requirements of serious incline training.
  • Basic Console Features: Users desire more advanced tracking and entertainment options on the console.
Homefitnesscode Folding Treadmill

Homefitnesscode Folding Treadmill

An Ideal Compact and Quiet Treadmill for Home Use

This 2-in-1 foldable treadmill is perfect for small homes, offering quiet operation, sturdy construction, and Bluetooth connectivity. Suitable for users looking for a space-saving and home-friendly workout solution.

Save £80.99 TodayRRP £220.98
£139.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 29th May, 00:42:19

Maximum speed: 10 km/h
Running Track Size: 39 x 97 cm
Max user weight: 120 kg
Treadmill weight: 21.6 kg
Why this made our roundup: Easy assembly and Bluetooth connectivity provide added convenience for users, enhancing the overall workout experience.

For those seeking a quiet, compact, and durable solution for indoor fitness, this treadmill ticks all the right boxes. It's an exercise wizard, designed to smoothly fold away - an ideal fit for cramped spaces. The silent operation is a boon, offering a tranquil workout experience. Robustly built, it's a resilient partner for your long-term fitness goals. The setup is straightforward, with the added bonus of a Bluetooth feature to keep your workout tunes flowing.

However, it's not without minor flaws. Some users have reported issues with the belt leaning to the left, disrupting the workout flow. The assembly instructions could benefit from added clarity. The metallic Bluetooth voice may not be to everyone's liking. The feature set is relatively basic, which might not satisfy those looking for a feature-packed machine.

When compared with its rivals, this treadmill stands out with its space-efficient design and silent operation. The Bluetooth feature is a neat addition, though the simplicity may not appeal to all. Despite minor issues with belt alignment, the overall user experience remains positively solid.

In conclusion, if you're in search of a straightforward, reliable, and space-saving treadmill that can effortlessly disappear post-workout, this is a worthwhile investment. Despite a few quirks, it shines with its simplicity and commitment to your home fitness routine.

  • Compact and Space-saving Design: Fits in limited spaces, including under the sofa, making it ideal for small homes.
  • Quiet Operation: Minimal noise, suitable for home use without disturbing others.
  • Sturdy and Well-built: Durable and solid construction, ensuring long-term use.
  • Easy Assembly: Straightforward and hassle-free assembly process, saving time and effort.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Ability to connect music via Bluetooth, enhancing the workout experience.
  • Off-center Belt Alignment: Some users experienced a slight off-center belt alignment, affecting performance.
  • Limited Instructions: Assembly instructions lacked detailed guidance on usage.
  • Annoying Voice Prompt: Disruptive and irritating voice prompt during startup.
  • Limited Workout Features: Some users desired additional workout features and functionalities.
Panana Under Desk Treadmill

Panana Under Desk Treadmill

An Efficient and Portable Under Desk Treadmill

This compact and portable under desk treadmill with a quiet motor and easy setup is perfect for home or office use. It offers convenience, space-saving design, and a peaceful workout experience.

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Maximum speed: 4 mph
Running Track Size: 15.7"W x 47.2"L
Why this made our roundup: This under desk treadmill is an ideal space-saving solution for home or office use, featuring a quiet motor and easy setup.

The Panana Under Desk Treadmill is the quintessential fitness ally for small spaces, offering a nearly silent operation that enables you to exercise while enjoying your favourite TV show, sans the side-eye from your co-living companions.

However, the experience isn't always as smooth as a stroll in the park. The speedometer can sometimes show more whimsy than precision, and the maximum speed isn't designed for aspiring sprinters. Moreover, when it does have a hiccup, the noise can be quite disruptive, akin to a reversing truck in your lounge.

Compared to its rivals, this compact treadmill holds its own in terms of cost-effectiveness and aesthetics. It blends seamlessly into a home office setting, operating quieter than a tiptoeing rodent. Yet, remember to factor in its speed-related quirks and its not-so-rapid pace.

In conclusion, this treadmill is an affordable and unintrusive option for those needing a walk-and-work solution. It's a boon for those mindful of space and noise but bear in mind the speed limitations and its laid-back top pace. Perfect for those who simply want to stay active, but speed enthusiasts may want to look elsewhere.

  • Compact and Portable Design: Users appreciate the treadmill's easy storage, portability, and compact design, making it ideal for home use.
  • Quiet Motor: Customers praise the treadmill for its quiet motor, allowing for a peaceful workout experience without disturbing others.
  • Fast Delivery: Many users are impressed with the fast delivery of the treadmill, ensuring quick access to the product.
  • Easy Setup: Customers find the treadmill easy to set up, simply requiring plugging in, enhancing user convenience.
  • Affordable Price: The treadmill is widely regarded as a great value for the price, offering an affordable option for home exercise.
  • Inaccurate Speed: Some users express disappointment with the treadmill's speed not meeting the promised specifications, leading to a need for return.
  • Error Mode Beeping: Several users encounter issues with the treadmill going into error mode and persistent beeping, causing frustration and inconvenience.
  • Limited Top Speed: Some users find the top speed of the treadmill insufficient for their workout needs, leading to dissatisfaction with the product.


Walking pad buyer's guide

Walking pad buyer’s guide

Like the sound of mini treadmills? Here’s our full guide to help you pick the right one.

What is a walking pad?

What is a walking pad treadmill

The answer is simple. A walking pad treadmill is a treadmill that has been specifically designed for walking.

This means it has a low maximum speed and a smaller total area on the running deck. But what makes it specifically a walking pad treadmill is the fact that there is no guide rail or additional support.

Top 5 Benefits of walking pads

  1. Anyone can use them – Because of the low maximum speed and ease of use, anyone who can walk can easily use a walking pad treadmill to keep themselves mobile and their health and fitness up.
  2. Storage: Walkpads fit almost anywhere –¬†Walking pad treadmills have a small footprint and profile, meaning that they can be stored almost anywhere in the home when not in use, as well as being able to be used whether you live in cramped student digs or a palatial mansion.
  3. You can use them at work – Work-life balance is hard, and sitting down all day is not good for your body. A walking pad treadmill is an easy answer, switching any desk into a walking desk almost instantly. These machines don’t have sides and can slip under a standing desk to keep mobile at work and lose some extra calories.
  4. They’re incredibly quiet and unobtrusive – Most walking treadmills will have a working speed of around 30 to 40dB, which is around the level of a fan or air conditioner on low, so it won’t interfere with TV watching, conversation, or conference calls.
  5. Cheaper than full-scale treadmills РSmaller motors, fewer parts and less stress on the machine mean that you can pick up a good walking pad for very little money, making them an accessible fitness tool for almost everyone.

OK, so what are the negatives to walk pads?

These machines have their uses but they’re not suitable for everyone. What are the cons to picking up a walk pad?

  • Don’t expect to get much of a run – Don’t let the product pictures fool you.¬† The smaller form factor and the reduced power motor mean they’re not suitable for anyone in really good shape looking to jog or run.
  • Lower user weight capacity – The average weight capacity for a walkpad is around the 110kg mark, depending on the product. While a lot of people will fall under that capacity, these machines are generally less robust and take far less weight than larger gym machines.
  • Weaker motors – A decent running machine will have at least a 3HP motor but the walking pads have far less power, usually sub 1000w.
  • Less padding on the belts – While they’ll have some form of padding, walk pads generally have less shock absorption than the full-size ones. That’s fine in most cases as there’s less impact as you won’t be running.
  • Smaller walking surface
  • No inline setting – None of the pad-style machines I’ve seen has any kind of incline setting which is shame as when used on a regular machine, it makes for a much more realistic feel and can work off a lot more calories in less time.

Should I get a walk pad or a full-size treadmill?

Walking on a treadmill is nothing groundbreaking – go to any gym and you’ll see people of all ages and abilities using a ¬£3000 treadmill to do some simple walking. What are the pros and cons of getting a full-size running machine vs one of these newer walking pads?

Walking pad FAQs

Still unsure if this kind of running machine is for you? Here are some quick-fire reader’s questions and answers. If you have anything that’s not answered on this page, email me (Tom) and I’ll get back to you. Or ask in the comments below. Thanks!

How fast can I go on a walking pad?

The upper-speed limit varies slightly between different brands but you can expect to go at a walking speed of up to 0.5km/h up to 6 – 7 km/h. The upper speed is likely going to be a brisk walk for most people. The average walking speed for people is around 5km/h and most walk pads will go a fair bit above that.

Can you put a walking treadmill on the carpet?

You can definitely put the walk pad on a carpet but the belt is quite close to ground level. It’s possible it could pick up some fluff from the carpet and build up over time. It might be better to find a hard floor in your home to do your running on. Another option is to get a treadmill mat to go under it though as this will make for a more padded surface and also protect your floor.

How do you use a walking pad?

Here are the steps to using one of these compact treadmills:

  1. Setup the pad where you’re planning to use it.
  2. Grab the hand remote and step onto the machine.
  3. Stand around midway in the centre of the track.
  4. Start the machine at the lowest speed and begin walking.
  5. Gradually increase speed to a comfortable walking pace.
  6. To stop using the machine, slow down gradually and then make sure it has fully stopped.
  7. Step off the machine to the side or back.

Can you run on a walk pad?

No. While the specs differ a great deal between these machines, with some offering a faster speed than others, if you’re buying one to use as a running machine, you’ll likely find it is not powerful enough to do this. These machines should be used for a good walking pace but nothing more than a light jog. anything more, pick up a decent treadmill.

How do you move them around?

There are wheels at the front of the treadmill which, when tipped upwards at an angle you can just wheel it around. They work on carpets and anyone should be able to move this machine around without too much trouble. You will have to bend to pick up one end of the treadmill to do this.

Can you go barefoot or wear your socks?

Yes, you can use this kind of machine without trainers on and they feel OK. The belts aren’t especially thick or padded so it feels more like walking on a floor with a thin carpet or mat. You’ll likely have a much comfier walk with some nice Skechers though.

Will I be able to keep my balance?

I think a lot of people see these treadmills without the sides and are understandably worried about whether they’re harder to use than the bigger gym style machines. There are three things I’d say if you like the look of these but are worried about your balance:

  1. Firstly, there are some in-between style machines that have raised sides that you can keep hold of while you get used to the treadmill’s motion. You can always lower these supports to the ground once you get used to the motion.
  2. They’re not as weird or difficult to walk on as you might think. Walk pads come with a hand-held remote control and the minimum speed they go at is such a slow pace that it’s easy to build up your walking pace gradually as you get used to it.
  3. You can move these machines around your home easily so putting them within reach of any kind of rail, wall, or table can give you something to keep hold of when practising walking, which helps get your balance.

Are walk pads safe for older users?

This kind of machine is a good choice for seniors who are not looking to run but need a reliable way to walk, regardless of the weather or conditions outdoors.

Final thoughts

Adding extra walking to your day has such a huge range of benefits that, if you can do it, you probably should.

A walking pad treadmill like this gives you the option to fit in an hour or two, as and when you need, at your absolute convenience. If you work from home, or even if you don’t, if you want to burn some extra calories and keep your heart healthy, there is no better way.