Mini Trampolines Good For Weight Loss

Are Mini Trampolines Good For Weight Loss?

The eighties saw the rise of the home workout. During this decade, VHS tapes provided easy-to-follow aerobic exercises and home fitness equipment became popular and widely available. The mini trampoline … Read more

Are Rebounders Good For Seniors - featured img

Are Rebounders Good For Seniors?

Getting older is a natural process. It comes with its perks – retirement, wisdom, grandchildren – but it also comes with some downsides. Namely, that the body slows down. This … Read more

Fit Bounce Pro 2 Review

Fit Bounce Pro 2 Review

Pssst. If you haven’t heard, using a rebounder has some pretty major health benefits, as well as being great for your cardio, fitness and strength. In this guide, we’re doing … Read more