Rebounders (Mini trampolines)

If you thought these mini-trampolines were a bit of a gimmick, or one for the kids, you’re not alone!

They don’t look like a serious bit of gym gear at first glance. But there’s a good amount of data and research about the benefits of mini-trampolines, and when you try them you’ll find out why. They’re no push-over, that’s for sure. Taking a small amount of space and offering a reliable, tough workout at a decent price? Yes please. This section has some handy hints and buyer guides for all things to do with rebounders.

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Mini Trampolines Good For Weight Loss

Are Mini Trampolines Good For Weight Loss?

The eighties saw the rise of the home workout. During this decade, VHS tapes provided easy-to-follow aerobic exercises and home fitness equipment became popular and widely available. The mini trampoline came out of this era

Are Rebounders Good For Seniors - featured img

Are Rebounders Good For Seniors?

Getting older is a natural process. It comes with its perks – retirement, wisdom, grandchildren – but it also comes with some downsides. Namely, that the body slows down. This can lead to health conditions,

UK's Best Rebounders

UK’s Best Rebounders For Your Home Gym in 2022

When the brains at Nasa released a study that showed Rebounding could be more beneficial than running, people started taking these mini trampolines seriously! In this guide we’re jumping on this new trend (apologies for

Fit Bounce Pro 2 Review

Fit Bounce Pro 2 Review

Pssst. If you haven’t heard, using a rebounder has some pretty major health benefits, as well as being great for your cardio, fitness and strength. In this guide, we’re doing a review of one of