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MaXimus Pro Rebounder Review: Is this folding fitness trampoline worth a buy?


MaXimus Pro Trampoline Best price & full guide

Rebound exercise, on home trampolines like the MaXimus Pro has become hugely popular in recent years. And is a form of exercise that’s grossly underrated, in our humble opinion. You can train safely after an injury, workout everything from your core, bum, legs and chest and burn more calories than you can in the same time running.

There’s many documented benefits associated with using a mini trampoline, such as draining your lymphatic system. In this guide, we’re looking at a popular folding rebounder called the Maximus Pro.

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Maximus Pro
Maximus Pro – a super-sturdy home trampoline

The Maximus Pro at a glance

  • Indoor fitness trampoline
  • Folds into a compact size
  • Not a toy – built for adults
  • Includes stabilization bar
  • No assembly required
  • Online and DVD workouts available
  • Included DVD has 7 workouts
  • Free storage bag
  • 140kg max user weight
  • 6 support legs
  • Carry bag included

What is the Maximus Pro Mini Trampoline?

This is high quality home fitness trampoline, which is built exactly like a full size trampoline. It’s designed for home use and can be folded down into quarters, making it small enough to fit into a carry-bag, and can fit neatly into a car.

It’s made from 32 highly calibrated springs and is suitable for adults of all sizes. It has an impressive max user weight of 140kg.

Voted the #1 indoor mini trampoline

The Maximus trampoline is made by Rebound Fitness and is the most popular rebounder in 2024. There are many health and training benefits to using a trampoline like the Maximus pro.

What’s a fitness trampoline?

If you’re new to this form of exercise and are wondering if this is just some insane gimmick, there’s actually a lot of proven benefits to using a trampoline like the MaXimus Pro.

Because of the nature of trampolining, there’s no impact on your joints and it’s a lot harder than it sounds – in a good way. You can burn off a serious amount of calories in a shorter workout.

If it’s good enough for NASA…

While using a mini trampoline for home fitness is as much fun as it looks, there’s also some serious benefits to training on a rebounder. NASA conducted research and found that more calories could be burned off on a rebounder than in the same time running.

, I hadn’t found anything that I really enjoyed until now!!! I love rebounding, it’s fun and I am already seeing better results than I did with any other exercise.

C.L Shepherd – Amazon Buyer

Benefits to training with a fitness trampoline like the Maximus Pro

  • Burn calories efficiently
  • Quiet
  • Low impact workout
  • Kind on the knees!
  • Open up the lymphatic system and help body flush toxins
  • Lost weight
  • Ideal for elderly
  • Lots of fun to use
  • Use as part of recovery programs for a host of injuries

Watch the video below for an overview on what comes int he box and how to go about assembling your Maximus pro.

What are the reviews like for this rebounder?

The Maximus Rebounder has received good critical reception from users on sites such as Amazon and Trust Pilot. It’s currently sitting at 4.9 stars out of five on the latter, spread over 67 reviews.

One user said:

“It’s been really enjoyable, quick and easy to use and I already feel trimmer around the waist after only two weeks. My dad, in his late 70s has also been using it!”

Why is this mini trampoline a higher price than a budget mini trampoline?

If you’re digging into the wonderful world of re-bounders and deciding which one you should buy, you’ll have seen there’s trampolines out there that are a good bit cheaper than this Rebound Fitness ones. Are they the same? Why are they cheaper?

The Rebound products, like the Maximus, are overall a much higher quality than the cheaper trampettes you’ll see for sale. You can expect:

  • Professional quality trampoline
  • Will last a lot longer
  • Have a lot more springs (32 to be exact)
  • Offer a quieter bounce
  • Are suitable for heavier participants

The Rebound products are also used by health professionals and personal trainers because they’re built to last. While you pay less for a cheaper trampoline, these lower priced products might not last as long.

Where can you get the best price for the Maximus Pro re-bounder?

You can normally order this product on Amazon UK. Click here to check the latest Maximus Pro Rebounder price.

How to assemble your Maximus Pro trampette

  1. Open the packaging – take care not to damage the DVD, which is found between the polystyrene.
  2. Lay the trampoline on it’s back, so that the legs will point upwards when it opens.
  3. Open it into the half-fold position
  4. Put your weight on the edge of the rebounder
  5. Gently open up the rebounder until it clicks into place
  6. Remove the cardboard cover from the legs
  7. Slide the elastic covers off
  8. Pull each leg outwards, until it locks into place
  9. Remove plastic covers from end of legs
  10. Check that all legs are locked into place
  11. Turn the rebounder over and it’s JUMP TIME!

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