Ab Training Guides

Whether you’re going for a full-on bulging six-pack or you’d just like a flatter stomach, there’s a lot more to sorting out your mid-section than just plain old sit-ups these days. And there are also more than a few ab-training gadgets and pieces of equipment you can get for your home gym, large and small. In this section, you can find out more about how to build your abdominal muscles, along with the latest gym gear to help you build your abs.

Tips & Gear For That Six-Pack

Ab Work Is Causing Me Pain - featured image

Help, Ab Work Is Causing Me Pain!

If you have started an ab training programme and suddenly find yourself full of aches and pains, then congratulations! You have experienced a rite of passage in ab training. While ab work is susceptible to

Are Abs Machine Effective - featured image

Are Ab Machines Effective?

There are a variety of ab machines that promise to deliver an effective ab workout leading to a washboard stomach, but do they live up to these claims? In this post, we are going to

Rowing for Abs - featured img

Row Your Way To Rock Hard Abs

Rowers possess some of the most athletic and lean physiques in the sporting world, including rock hard abs. The question is, can you get their envious abs without hitting the river at 6 am? In

Fitness Box (Ab Wheel Roller) Kit Review

One of the casualties of moving house and setting up my new home gym was that my much loved (or should that be loathed) ab-wheel was lost along the way. The evil wheel has proved