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Do protein bars make you fat

Do protein bars make you fat?

They’re in everything from gyms to supermarkets to Amazon. So they must be healthy, right? In this guide, we’ll cover whether these tasty workout snacks are hiding a dark secret and if they could actually

Sci MX Protein Bars Review

Sci-MX Protein Bars / Flapjack Review

Today I got the chance to check out some tasty protein-packed goodness with some wallet friendly snacks. In this Sci-MX protein bar review, I’ll go over what I think of them as well as look

Are Protein Powders Bad For Your Liver

Are Protein Powders Bad For Your Liver?

Are Protein Powders Bad For You? Protein powders were once seen as a specialist product that only hardcore bodybuilders would use when they were bulking up. Nowadays, they have entered the mainstream and are taken