Home Gym Tips

Whether you’re starting a home garage gym or just looking for some simple gear you can set out in the living room, this section has information on the kinds of equipment you can get to build your fitness at home. There are tips for anyone who thinks they haven’t got space for training gear, as well as some of the most popular home machines such as vertical climbers.

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Best Vertical Climber Machines in the UK

Save money and time with our guide to the best vertical climbing machines on the market at the moment. If you’ve not heard, these home gym machines are a serious new way to get in

Benefits Of Exercising With Battle Ropes

Benefits Of Exercising With Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are thick heavy ropes that are anchored to a fixture at the end. They are relatively new, having been brought onto the fitness scene by Strongman world record holder John Brookfield. Battle ropes’

Body Power Strikeman Pro Review

Body Power Strikeman Pro Review

I’ve been dying to get my hands (or should I say fists) on the Strikeman Pro for some time. After owning a BOB century dummy for some time I wanted to see what Body Power’s

Inversion Tables under £200

Best Inversion Table Under £200

Today we’re looking at the best inversion tables out there for under the £200 mark. (With some bargain finds coming in at substantially less than that). This (UK) guide will look at things such as

Inversion Tables under £500

Best Inversion Table Under £500?

Whether you’re looking to de-compress your spine, sort out that long-running back problem or even use it for strength and fitness, buying your own proper inversion table might be a good investment. In this guide

Funny stuff people do at the gym

If you’ve ever spent any time in a gym, you’ll have seen (and heard) all kinds of ‘interesting’ things going on. I was once in a gym and there was some guy running up and