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What Are The Best Water Rowing Machines in 2024?


Buying a home rowing machine sounds like it should be easy until you actually step back and start looking at the options. There’s a dizzying array of machines out there, all with different specs and uses. In this guide, we’re taking a look at the best current water-resistance rowers up for grabs in 2024.

Best Overall
"Enhanced resistance, sturdy build, Bluetooth app integration."
  1. Weight capacity: 150 kg
  2. App connectivity: Yes
  3. Dimensions: 176.5D x 56W x 75H cm
  4. Display: Scan,Time, Count, Distance
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Runner Up
"Affordable, robust, and aesthetically pleasing water rowing experience."
  1. Weight capacity: 180 kg
  2. Folding: Space-saving vertical storage
  3. Dimensions: 209 x 57 x 51 cm
  4. Display: S4 Performance Monitor
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"Seamless, natural rowing simulation; dynamic and quiet."
  1. Dimensions: 204(l) x 57(w) x 97(h) cm
  2. Folding: Vertical storage with wheels
  3. Display Capabilities: KeyMetrix console; time, distance, strokes, etc.
  4. Max User Weight: 135 kg
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JTX Fitness
"Exceptional resistance adjustability and silent operation."
  1. Dimensions: 162L x 53W x 87H cm
  2. Folding: Upright storage capability
  3. Display Capabilities: Multifunctional LCD monitor
  4. Max User Weight: 120 kg
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"Robust, space-efficient, and immersive rowing experience."
  1. Dimensions: 180D x 43W x 75H cm
  2. Folding: Upright storage capability
  3. Display Capabilities: LCD display with multiple metrics
  4. Max User Weight: 160 kg
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"Sturdy, elegant design with immersive rowing experience."
  1. Dimensions: 180D x 44.5W x 34H centimetres
  2. Folding: Yes, 180° foldable design
  3. Display Capabilities: Bluetooth Monitor with tablet holder
  4. Max User Weight: 149.69 Kilograms
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"Efficient, realistic rowing, sturdy and foldable design."
  1. Dimensions: 184.5D x 44W x 85H cm
  2. Folding: 185.4D x 59.7W x 44.5H cm
  3. Display Capabilities: Large LCD Monitor
  4. Max User Weight: 150 kg
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"Affordable, robust, with a natural rowing feel."
  1. Weight capacity: 150 kg
  2. Folding: Vertical stow with rollers.
  3. Display: LCD
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"Sturdy build, natural rowing feel, app connectivity, adjustable resistance."
  1. Dimensions: 182L x 45W x 87H cm
  2. Display Capabilities: LCD showing calories, distance, heart rate, speed, time
  3. Max User Weight: 150 kg
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"Quiet, serene rowing with realistic feel and solid build."
  1. Dimensions: 98D x 43W x 45H cm
  2. Display Capabilities: LCD console for real-time data
  3. Max User Weight: 150 kg
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What we look for when picking a ‘good’ water-based rower…

Some things to look out for when picking your machine

Best Rowing Machines for Tall People

  1. Weight and height limits – While this won’t apply to everyone if you have a tall frame, or a heavier body you’ll want to check the height limit (a frustratingly difficult spec to find on most websites) and also the max-user weight. Thankfully with water-based machines, they are generally high in both categories. Wooden rowers normally having the best weight limit.
  2. What’s the mechanism like? – Pretty much any of the rowing machines on places like Amazon look amazing in the images. Bit the real issue is how well they perform. Do they creak like an old door, or are they buttery-smooth?
  3. Display and console – Water rowing machines generally do a better job when it comes to the display console than a lot of other rowers we’ve seen. The higher budget allowing for more luxurious displays. But there’s still a lot of variance between machines. We’ll go into detail on each one.
  4. Sustainability – In the case of wooden rowers, it’s good to know where the wood comes from. Thankfully, the majority of machines are from sustainable sources but it’s something we check on.
  5. Display & online features – You’ll be looking at your rowing machine’s display for a long time overall, so it’s important it’s easy-on-the-eye and packed with the essential info you’ll need to make some progress. We also look at online connectivity and whether or not you can use third-party apps. This is an area that water resistance machines have lagged behind in but are catching up!
  6. Is it easy to put together? – Every rower we’ve seen requires at least some assembly. Thankfully, the products in this category aren’t too hard to knock together. You can normally expect to spend around 30 minutes to an hour putting your new rowing machine together.
  7. What’s the warranty? – It’s not a perfect world and water rowing machines have a lot of moving parts! What if something arrived broken, or goes wrong somewhere down the line? Call us pessimists but we like to know what the warranty and customer service is like when the boat starts to sink.

The best current rowing water resistance rower in 2024

Before the buyer’s guide, let’s go over the current top rowing machines in 2024. Here are the ones we found were actually worth the money, starting with the top pick first.

How we test and rank products. We like to think our methodology for evaluating and ranking products is one of the best in the industry and is spearheaded by our team of fitness experts who boast extensive experience in using and reviewing gym equipment. Our approach to identifying the top products in a specific category, such as 'Best Water Rowing Machines', begins with establishing key performance indicators like durability, max user weight, and number of user reviews. We then meticulously compile our product roundup, focusing on how each item aligns with the user's needs. To ensure absolute impartiality, our final rankings are determined by an advanced AI algorithm that objectively analyzes the data collected during our testing phase. We trust that you will find this roundup insightful and valuable.
Top Pick
Joroto Water Rowing Machine

Joroto Water Rowing Machine

Top-notch rowing experience for a modest price.

Sturdy, quiet, and equipped with an inclined tank for increased resistance, JOROTO's rowing machine caters to fitness enthusiasts seeking a high-quality workout without splurging.

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Weight capacity: 150 kg
App connectivity: Yes
Dimensions: 176.5D x 56W x 75H cm
Display: Scan,Time, Count, Distance
Why this made our roundup: 30% more resistance with the 50° inclined tank design.

Why the JOROTO Water Rowing Machine for Home Gym Floats Our Boat

Imagine gliding smoothly across an imaginary river in your living room. That's the silent, serene workout voyage the Joroto Water Rowing Machine for Home Gym promises – and delivers. It's a treasure chest of value, providing a premium sweat session without pillaging your purse or peace. Assembly is so straightforward, you'll think the manual was written by a helpful ghost.

Ever wanted to be the captain of your fitness ship? The connection to the Kinomap App is like having a virtual first mate, keeping an eye on your performance data. And with adjustable resistance, you're in charge, whether you're a fitness newbie or a seasoned rower. Its solid build endures even the stormiest of workouts, and its space-saving design is a godsend for cosy living quarters.

Plus, it churns out some seriously splash-worthy cardio. Got a question? Their customer service is like a lifebuoy, ready to save the day.

A Few Drops in the Ocean

No machine is without its barnacles, and this rower's monitor could use a pinch more sophistication – it's a bit like trying to read a map in the dark. Meanwhile, the foot grips could be comfier than a pirate's peg leg. It's not the Aladdin's cave of resistance that the luxury models are, but it still offers a decent challenge.

While the app is your friend on paper, in practice, it can sometimes feel like a fickle pen pal. And let's not forget the assembly. It's not quite as speedy as a mermaid's flip, but patience is a virtue, right?

How it Makes Waves in the Water Rower Sea

Set this vessel beside its kin, and watch it sail away with the prize for enhanced resistance – its inclined tank design is like a brisk wind giving you 30% more oomph than the flat-water counterparts. It's as sturdy as a ship's hull and even offers a display that's like a captain's log, noting every detail of your journey.

Verdict: Should You Row This Boat Ashore?

Is the JOROTO machine a catch? Absolutely. It's a robust, hush-hush cardio mate that won't rock the boat, whether you're just dipping an oar in or you're practically part-fish. There are a few squalls to weather with some features, but overall, it's a vessel worthy of your treasure, especially for those keen on a dependable rower in the comfort of their own cabin.

  • Enhanced Resistance: 50° inclined tank design offers 30% more resistance for challenging workouts.
  • Sturdy Construction: High-quality materials provide exceptional durability and stability, even during intense rowing.
  • Comprehensive Display: Tracks vital workout data, keeping rowers motivated and informed.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamlessly connects to fitness apps for personalized training and performance tracking.
  • Special Bonus: Comes with a complimentary 30-day Kinomap membership for interactive training.
  • Limited Monitor Functionality: Some users report an inaccurate and basic display with limited data.
  • Design Flaws: Foot grips may twist and there's a dependency on external devices for detailed workout monitoring.
Runner up
Waterrower Classic Rowing Machine

Waterrower Classic Rowing Machine

Exceptional rowing for under £1,350.

Sturdy, elegant, and user-friendly, perfect for fitness enthusiasts seeking a high-quality rowing machine without breaking the bank.

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Weight capacity: 180 kg
Folding: Space-saving vertical storage
Dimensions: 209 x 57 x 51 cm
Display: S4 Performance Monitor
Why this made our roundup: Official rowing machine of British Rowing, offering an authentic on-water feel.

Is the Waterrower Classic Rowing Machine - Walnut Wood Worth the Splash?

Imagine gliding through water, the tranquility punctuated only by the gentle swoosh of your strokes – now bottle that into a machine and voila! You've got yourself the Waterrower Classic. Crafted from walnut wood, it's like the James Bond of rowers – suave yet robust, and it won't wake the kids when you're sneaking in a midnight row.

Assembly: A Breeze or a Battle?

Who needs a weekend project when you can snap this baby together faster than you can say “Where's the instruction manual?” Fear not, the manual is crystal clear, and you'll be rowing towards fitness nirvana in no time – no engineering degree required.

Working Out or Chilling Out?

Let's talk decibels. This machine whispers like a librarian in a silent disco, so you can row to the beat of your own drum, any time of day. And with a workout DVD in the mix, you can perfect that stroke as if an Olympian was coaching you personally.

The Highs of H2O at Home

Now, for the pièce de résistance, the soothing splash of water with each pull. It's like having a piece of the river in your living room, only without the ducks. Plus, it tucks away easier than a shirttail, making it the perfect roommate.

Not All Smooth Sailing?

True, the syphon pump might have you breaking a sweat before the workout begins, and if you wanted to monitor your pulse, you might find yourself missing a beat. Some tech-savvy rowers have also grumbled about the ghost-in-the-machine where promised software seems to have vanished.

Rowing Against the Tide?

Okay, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. While the heart rate hang-up is a hiccup, let's not forget the machine's stalwart build and the variety of sweat-inducing workouts it offers, putting it in a strong position against its watery peers.

The Final Verdict: Sink or Swim?

So, is it worth parting waves with your hard-earned cash? Absolutely. The Waterrower Classic might have a couple of quirks, but it stands out for its serene and stylish workout experience. If you're after a rower that looks good, feels good, and begs you to use it, then this might just be your fitness love story.

  • Realistic rowing: The water resistance and sound provide an immersive experience.
  • User-friendly assembly: Easy set-up with clear instructions.
  • Space-saving: Designed for convenient upright storage.
  • Adjustable resistance: Water tank adapts to various workout intensities.
  • Lasting durability: Quality build with solid materials.
  • Ineffective syphon pump: The included pump for the water tank is substandard.
  • Additional costs: Heart rate monitor not included; We-Row software is missing.
  • Assembly challenges: Large wooden pieces can be difficult to assemble.
JTX Flow: Water Rowing Machine

JTX Flow: Water Rowing Machine

Exemplary home rowing machine experience.

Sturdy, reliable and reflective of real water rowing, perfect for fitness enthusiasts wanting a full-body workout at home with a machine that also saves space.

£549.00 From JTX Fitness
Dimensions: 204(l) x 57(w) x 97(h) cm
Folding: Vertical storage with wheels
Display Capabilities: KeyMetrix console; time, distance, strokes, etc.
Max User Weight: 135 kg
Why this made our roundup: Self-powered design, ideal for eco-conscious rowers.

Dive Into Fitness with the JTX Flow: Water Rowing Machine

Ever fancied rowing through your living room without getting wet? Meet the water rower, the answer to indoor aquatic escapades. This beast blends the serene sound of water with a workout that's no joke. Why is it top-notch, you ask? Well, the resistance it offers is as fluid as a river - the harder you row, the tougher it gets. That's the beauty of water dynamics; it's all about the effort you plunge in.

Build Quality and Design

Now, let's talk build. If it were a car, it'd be the rugged off-roader that's also a luxury sedan. Constructed with a solid steel frame and an ergonomic seat, it promises both durability and comfort. Oh, and assembly is a breeze - you won't need an engineering degree to put this baby together.

Technology and Features

Wondering about the tech? It's got a console that doesn't require a pilot's license to operate. Clear, concise, and backlit for those midnight rows, it tracks everything from distance to calories burned. Plus, you can race against your last session, because who doesn't like a bit of friendly competition with themselves?

Storage and Maintenance

Space-saving is the name of the game. Stand it up and it'll corner itself discreetly like it's hiding from the cat. Maintenance-wise, it's lower than a limbo stick. Just a tablet here and there to keep the water clean, and you're golden.

Final Verdict

Is it worth the investment? Absolutely. Will it transform your workouts? Without a shadow of a doubt. Does it whisper sweet motivational quotes mid-row? No, but that’s what your playlist is for. In the realm of water rowers, it's the silent hero that makes a splash without the drama. So, ready to row your way to Olympian-level fitness?

  • Realistic Rowing Sensation: Simulates actual water rowing, providing an immersive experience.
  • Dynamic Resistance: Infinite resistance adapts to your strength and effort.
  • Quiet Operation: Smooth, silent seat glide allowing for a tranquil workout.
  • Convenient Storage: Easy vertical storage with transport wheels.
  • Heart Rate Compatible: HR-compatible console for targeted training.
  • Limited Pre-set Programs: Lacks variety in built-in workout programs.
  • Additional Cost for HR Monitor: Heart rate strap not included and must be purchased separately.
Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

Accessible rowing machine for home fitness.

Sturdy, reliable, and offering 16 resistance levels, the Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine is perfect for beginners and home fitness enthusiasts seeking quality workouts.

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Dimensions: 162L x 53W x 87H cm
Folding: Upright storage capability
Display Capabilities: Multifunctional LCD monitor
Max User Weight: 120 kg
Why this made our roundup: With its silent magnetic resistance, this rower is ideal for noise-sensitive environments.
Water rowing machines are known for their smooth and natural rowing experience, and the Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine lives up to this reputation. We found that the machine operates quietly and feels stable during use, making it suitable for home workouts without causing disturbances. The easy assembly process, accompanied by clear instructions, ensures a hassle-free setup, and the machine's neat design takes up minimal floor space, making it a convenient addition to any home gym setup. The Dripex rowing machine offers 16 levels of resistance, providing a wide range of workout options for users, from beginners to more experienced rowers. Its comfortable foot position and ergonomically designed seat enhance the overall user experience, allowing for a smooth and comfortable rowing session. Additionally, the compact design and easy transportation feature make it an ideal choice for those with limited space, as it can be easily stored upright against a wall. However, the machine does have a few drawbacks. The timer runs inaccurately, affecting workout tracking accuracy, and the display is relatively basic, lacking advanced features seen in higher-end rowing machines. Furthermore, the limited resistance levels may not be suitable for more serious or accomplished rowers. In comparison to high-end rowing machines like the Concept 2, the water rower may not offer the same professional-grade performance and features. While it's a well-built and value-for-money option for home rowing workouts, it may not fully satisfy the needs of advanced rowers seeking a more intense and versatile rowing experience. In conclusion, the water rowing machine is a well-priced, well-built option for home rowing workouts, particularly suitable for beginners or those looking for a reliable and convenient way to incorporate rowing into their fitness routine. Its sturdy construction, multiple resistance levels, and ease of use make it a worthwhile consideration for anyone seeking a dependable water rowing machine for home use.
  • Quiet operation: Operates silently, perfect for home use without disturbing others.
  • Easy to assemble: Comes with clear, amusing instructions for hassle-free setup.
  • Smooth seating: The seat glides smoothly, enhancing comfort during workouts.
  • Multiple resistance levels: Features 16 resistance levels to cater to various fitness needs.
  • Space-efficient: Compact design with upright storage saves space effectively.
  • Inaccurate timer: Timer discrepancies could hinder precise workout tracking.
  • Limited high resistance: May not provide enough challenge for experienced rowers.
Pasyou Water Rowing Machine

Pasyou Water Rowing Machine

Streamlined design with immersive rowing simulation.

Sturdy, reliable, and designed for a serene and effective home workout, the PASYOU water rowing machine is perfect for fitness enthusiasts seeking a full-body exercise.

Check Latest Price
Dimensions: 180D x 43W x 75H cm
Folding: Upright storage capability
Display Capabilities: LCD display with multiple metrics
Max User Weight: 160 kg
Why this made our roundup: Connects with Kinomap App for an interactive workout experience.

Expert Review: PASYOU Water Rowing Machine

Ever dreamed of slicing through the still waters of a serene lake while getting a killer workout, but you're stuck in your flat? The Pasyou Water Rowing Machine might just be your ticket to that experience, minus the actual lake. With strokes smoother than a buttered biscuit, this machine mimics the natural motion of water rowing, engaging your muscles in a full-body workout that's as quiet as a mouse tiptoeing around.

Why does silence matter? Well, unless you enjoy broadcasting your fitness routine to the entire household, you'll appreciate that this machine lets you row to your heart's content without causing a ruckus. Now, let's talk muscle. Who doesn't like the idea of a single machine challenging your arms, legs, core, and back? Multi-tasking at its finest!

Adjustable resistance? Check. This means whether you're a rowing rookie or a seasoned sailor, you can tweak the intensity to match your fitness voyage. But, before you row off into the sunset, remember: water means maintenance. While it's no Titanic, keep an eye on potential leaks and remember to change the water occasionally.

Space-saving design? Yes, indeed. Stash it upright, and voilà, you've reclaimed your living space. Just note, it's as hefty as it is robust, so think twice before planning to relocate it frequently.

Comparing this aquatic athlete to its peers, it holds its own with a sturdy build and an experience that'll make you swear you hear seagulls. It's a splash above some rivals, especially when you consider the balance of quality, functionality, and that sweet, sweet whisper-quiet operation.

Wrap Up

Bottom line: If you're in the market for a home workout that feels like the real deal, the PASYOU Water Rowing Machine is a strong contender. Durable, immersive, and considerate of your living space, it's a sound investment for fitness enthusiasts craving that authentic on-the-water vibe.


It's a yes from us. The PASYOU machine promises a serene, yet robust indoor rowing adventure, with the perks of durability and a quiet presence. It's a nautical nod in a sea of home fitness gear.

  • Realistic Rowing Motion: Water resistance ensures a lifelike rowing feel.
  • Quiet Operation: Suitable for home environments without causing disturbances.
  • Full-Body Workout: Engages multiple muscle groups, enhancing overall fitness.
  • Space-saving Design: Can be stored upright, ideal for smaller spaces.
  • High-Quality Construction: Robust alloy steel frame promises longevity.
  • Maintenance Required: Regular water level checks and changes needed.
  • Limited Resistance Range: May not satisfy advanced users' needs.
  • Water Leakage Risk: Consistent maintenance required to prevent leaks.
Joroto MR280 Rowing Machine

Joroto MR280 Rowing Machine

An optimal choice for home gym enthusiasts.

Sturdy, reliable, and crafted with premium solid oak, the JOROTO MR280 is ideal for fitness aficionados seeking a tranquil and adjustable water rowing machine.

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Dimensions: 180D x 44.5W x 34H centimetres
Folding: Yes, 180° foldable design
Display Capabilities: Bluetooth Monitor with tablet holder
Max User Weight: 149.69 Kilograms
Why this made our roundup: Equipped with enlarged blades for enhanced resistance and 6 levels of water line marks for adjustable intensity.

Unwrapping the JOROTO MR280 Rowing Machine for Home Gym

When it comes to indoor rowing, the feel of real water under your oars can be a game-changer. Enter the stage: a sleek, no-fuss setup that's as ready for a workout as you are. The JOROTO MR280 doesn't just whisper sweet promises of swift assembly – it delivers. Got 20 minutes? That's all it takes to go from box to boat. But is it all smooth sailing? Let's dive in.

Why the JOROTO MR280 Caught Our Eye

Imagine a machine that doesn't hog your space but still punches above its weight. The MR280 is just that—a compact beast. Its resistance tweaks faster than you can say "full steam ahead," catering to your fitness level or mood swings. And that solid build? It's like the trusty vessel for your fitness voyage, offering top-notch value without sinking your budget.

A Few Ripples in the Water

Alas, no captain's tale is without a storm. A handful of fitness voyagers reported the digital mate—the stroke counter—could be more shipshape. And the resistance? For the seasoned rowers with muscles like Greek gods, it might fall short when they're craving that Herculean challenge. Plus, those wheels for ship-shifting around your home gym? They could do with an upgrade—nobody likes a cumbersome carriage.

How it Holds Up in the Sea of Competitors

Charting its course against the fleet of water rowers, the MR280 makes its mark with its space-saving design and smooth gliding motion. Sure, it's not without its quirks, but for those embarking on their fitness journey, it's a vessel that promises not to rock the boat too much.

The Final Word: Yay or Nay to the MR280?

So, should you welcome the MR280 aboard your fitness fleet? If you're dipping your toes in the rowing waters for the first time, this machine is a trusty first mate. It's easy to assemble, quality-built, and offers the pleasing swoosh of water with every stroke. Just don't expect the ferocity of a tempest—for that, you might need to look elsewhere. But for beginners, it's a solid "Yay!"

  • Easy Assembly: Arrives partially assembled for quick setup.
  • Adjustable Resistance: Resistance can be modified by altering the water level.
  • High-Quality Build: Premium solid oak wood construction ensures durability.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Quick email responses and issue resolution.
  • Smooth Rowing: Organic polymer PU rollers provide a noise-reducing rowing action.
  • Inconsistent Computer: Stroke counting system may give unreliable readings.
  • Limited Resistance: Some rowers may find the resistance too low for challenging workouts.
  • Transport Wheels: Wheels could be redesigned for enhanced maneuverability.
Joroto MR23 Rowing Machines

Joroto MR23 Rowing Machines

Stellar performance in a foldable frame.

Sturdy, reliable, and optimised for a realistic rowing experience. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts seeking an efficient full-body workout at home.

Check Latest Price
Dimensions: 184.5D x 44W x 85H cm
Folding: 185.4D x 59.7W x 44.5H cm
Display Capabilities: Large LCD Monitor
Max User Weight: 150 kg
Why this made our roundup: Connects to smart apps like Kinomap for interactive rowing sessions and performance tracking.

Honest Take: JOROTO MR23 Rowing Machines for Home Gym Foldable Rower Machine 300 LBS Weight Capacity with Bluetooth Function

Ever toyed with the idea of rowing your way to fitness but dread the thought of open water? The JOROTO MR23 might just be the ticket to your indoor Olympic dreams. Assembling this beast is a breeze, leaving more time for actual sweating and less for swearing at instruction manuals. The build quality? As sturdy as a Scotsman's handshake. And if you're someone who appreciates the sound of silence (cue Simon & Garfunkel), the whisper-quiet seat movement won't disappoint.

Ever felt the urge to conquer the Thames but found yourself in your living room? The JOROTO's water rowing experience is as close to reality as you can get without getting wet. With adjustable resistance that mimics the push and pull of real water, it's like having a piece of the Henley Regatta in your house. The tank and rail are tough cookies too, ready to withstand up to 300 pounds of eager rower.

Paddling to the Pros

What's not to love about a machine that talks to your smartphone? Thanks to its Bluetooth function, this rower buddies up with the Kinomap app, turning your workout into a virtual adventure. Fancy rowing down the Seine? Voilà! And let's talk about that water resistance - it's not just splashing around; it's giving you the burn that says "I'm working out" in every stroke. Plus, the fact that it can fold up means you won't have to sacrifice your living space for fitness.

Splash of Reality: The Cons

No machine is perfect, even if it's dressed to impress. The resistance might leave the powerhouse rowers wanting more, and if you’re a techie, the monitor might give you a bit of a frown with its less-than-stellar instructions and data display. Also, watch out for those foot grips—they might decide to do a little twist on their own.

How It Rows Against the Tide

When pitted against its aquatic counterparts, the JOROTO MR23 holds its own. The natural water feel and sturdy construction are standout features. But, savvy shopper, weigh in the resistance and monitor quibbles before you commit. It's not quite the Rolls-Royce of water rowers, but it's certainly not a paddleless dinghy either.

Verdict: Splash or Cash?

Here's the drill: if you're after a solid, space-saving rower that whispers sweet nothings while you work up a storm, the JOROTO MR23 might just be your fitness soulmate. Sure, it's got a couple of quirks, but which relationship doesn't? At the end of the day, it's a worthy contender in the water rowing ring and a sound investment for those seeking to bring a slice of the great outdoors inside.

  • Easy Assembly: Assembles quickly, within about 20 minutes.
  • High-Quality Build: Durable alloy steel frame and 14L water tank ensure longevity.
  • Smooth Operation: Quiet, smooth seat movement and pleasant water sounds.
  • Performance Tracking: Large LCD monitor displays vital workout metrics.
  • Smart App Connectivity: Bluetooth connection to fitness apps enhances workout experience.
  • Limited Resistance: Resistance may not suffice for advanced rowers.
  • Monitor Issues: Dim display and potential connectivity problems can hinder tracking.
Capital SPORTS Rowlympic Water Rowing Machine

Capital SPORTS Rowlympic Water Rowing Machine

Optimal muscle training below £500.

Sturdy, reliable, and offering an authentic rowing experience, perfect for home fitness enthusiasts seeking quality on a budget.

Check Latest Price
Weight capacity: 150 kg
Folding: Vertical stow with rollers.
Display: LCD
Why this made our roundup: Experience joint-gentle workouts with the Rowlympic

What Tickles Our Fancy About the CAPITAL SPORTS Rowlympic Water Rowing Machine

Ever wondered if a premium rowing machine could make you actually look forward to a workout? Meet the Capital SPORTS Rowlympic Water Rowing Machine. It's like the trusty steed of fitness gear—robust and reliable. You won't waste precious sweat time fumbling with parts; this machine is a breeze to put together. The silky-smooth pull against water makes you feel like you're rowing through the serene waters of the Thames, minus the soggy socks.

The Not-So-Splendid Bits...

Now, let's not row past the fact that this machine isn't perfect. The resistance levels seem to play hard to get, with some fitness aficionados craving a bit more oomph for their stroke. And yes, your wallet might feel a bit lighter after purchasing, but remember, quality comes at a cost.

Battle of the Rowers: How Does It Hold Up?

In the arena of rowing machines, how does this nautical beast fare? While it might not have a resistance dial that goes to eleven, its compact footprint and the fact that it comes together faster than a British summer passes make it a crowd favorite. Plus, the sturdy build is something to write home about—this machine doesn't wobble like a jelly on a high-speed train.

Verdict: Should You Splash the Cash?

So, should you row your boat gently down the stream of investment? Well, the CAPITAL SPORTS Rowlympic Water Rowing Machine is a bit like a fine ale—worth the extra pennies. Its smooth, authentic rowing sensation and the fact that it's built to outlast a tank are big pluses. Sure, the resistance might not challenge an Olympian, but it's a solid choice for home fitness enthusiasts keen on quality and a dash of realism in their regimen.

  • Premium feel: Users report a high-quality workout experience with the rower.
  • Assembly: Assembly is straightforward, allowing for quick setup and use.
  • Water resistance: The water-based system delivers a smooth, natural rowing experience.
  • Display: Includes an LCD minicomputer for performance tracking.
  • Storage: Can be stored vertically in a space-saving manner after use.
  • Water maintenance: Regular upkeep of the water tank can be somewhat burdensome for users.
  • Storage space: Despite vertical storage, the rower may still require significant space.
Neezee Rowing Machine

Neezee Rowing Machine

Efficient, immersive home rowing experience.

Robust, durable with a steel frame, the Neezee rowing machine ensures a smooth and natural workout, perfect for fitness enthusiasts seeking a full-body workout at home.

Check Latest Price
Dimensions: 182L x 45W x 87H cm
Display Capabilities: LCD showing calories, distance, heart rate, speed, time
Max User Weight: 150 kg
Why this made our roundup: Experience real water rowing with adjustable resistance and Bluetooth app connectivity for an engaging workout.

Expert Review: Neezee Water Rowing Machine

Imagine gliding through water with each stroke, all from the comfort of your home. That's the promise of the Neezee Water Rowing Machine, a solid piece of kit that brings the tranquility of the lake to your living room. Its aluminum frame is like the superhero of metals - robust yet svelte. And the seat? Think of a cloud with a six-pack. It's that kind of comfort.

What's the Real Deal with the Neezee Rowing Machine?

Let's cut to the chase. When it comes to build quality, this machine is like a tank - in a good way. You get the sturdiness without the clanking. And the water resistance? It's whisper-quiet, so you won't sound like a one-person band during your workouts. Why does this matter? Because you can binge-watch your favourite shows without the soundtrack of your own panting and grunting.

Any Niggles?

Now, don’t get me wrong, this water chariot has its Achilles' heel. The packaging could double as a small fortress, and it weighs a ton. And who enjoys a puzzle when you're just trying to get fit? Some of the joints and bolts might have you scratching your head during assembly.

Is it the Cream of the Crop?

When you pit it against its peers, the Neezee machine flexes its muscles with its robustness and serenity. But keep your eyes peeled for those little design gremlins that might sneak up on you during setup. They're not deal-breakers, but forewarned is forearmed, right?

Verdict: Splash or Cash?

So, should you open the floodgates of your wallet for this machine? If a durable, soundless workout companion that doesn't wake the baby or scare the cat sounds good, then yes. The Neezee Water Rowing Machine is your trusty steed for a splash-tastic voyage to fitness without leaving your house. Just remember to brace yourself for the initial setup skirmish.

  • Great build quality: Durable aluminum frame, comfortable seating, and straightforward assembly.
  • Smooth rowing experience: Water resistance mimics real rowing for a quiet workout.
  • Versatile workouts: Integration with Kinomap app for diverse exercise routines.
  • Adjustable resistance: Customise water level for varying strength and fitness needs.
  • Storage and mobility: Designed with wheels, compact and easy to store.
  • Challenging packaging: Bulky and heavy, making it difficult to manage upon delivery.
  • Design flaws: Issues with rail joints and bolt paint can complicate assembly.
  • Basic display: Dim screen may hinder visibility; foot plates and straps not suitable for all sizes.
Neezee Rowing Machine

Neezee Rowing Machine

An innovative rower with authentic water resistance.

Sturdy, reliable, and designed for a full-body workout. The Neezee water rowing machine is perfect for fitness enthusiasts seeking an authentic rowing experience at home.

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Dimensions: 98D x 43W x 45H cm
Display Capabilities: LCD console for real-time data
Max User Weight: 150 kg
Why this made our roundup: Connects with smart apps like Kinomap and Fitshow for an immersive training session.

Smooth Sailing or Choppy Waters?

Ever fancied gliding through water without getting wet? The Neezee Rowing Machine for Home Gym delivers just that. Imagine the zen-like calm as you row, the only sound being the gentle slosh of water. Built like a tank, it's a space-friendly beast that doesn't just sit pretty – it challenges every muscle you didn't know you had with its nifty workout schemes and resistance that bends to your will (to a point).

Is it All Plain Rowing?

Now, don't get your gym shorts in a twist, but the water upkeep can be a bit like a wet weekend – necessary but not always fun. And, while your bank account might do a double-take at the price, remember, quality doesn't come cheap. Newbies might also take a tad longer to get their sea legs with this watercraft.

Does it Hold Water Against Rivals?

Let's not paddle around the issue – compared to its air and magnetic cousins, this machine is the strong, silent type that'll give you that oar-some workout you're after. Sure, it asks for a little TLC now and then, and it's not shy about asking for a few more quid. But for those who dream of rowing through the misty morn without leaving their living room, it's a slice of fitness heaven.

The Final Lap – Worth the Row?

So, is this vessel of vigor your next port of call? If you're rowing mad and hankering for that authentic water feel, with a side order of peace and quiet, this might just be your holy grail of home fitness. Yes, it demands a bit of upkeep and isn't shy on cost, but for a ship-shape workout in the comfort of your own home, it's a worthy contender on the high seas of exercise equipment.

  • Smooth operation: Water resistance ensures a quiet and serene rowing experience.
  • Authentic feel: Mimics real rowing, enhancing the workout's authenticity.
  • Space-efficient: Compact design with easy storage options, suitable for home environments.
  • Durable construction: Made with robust materials for sustained use over time.
  • Engaging programs: Diverse options keep workouts varied and motivating.
  • Maintenance: Managing water levels can be cumbersome and potentially messy.
  • Cost: Higher investment compared to other resistance types may be a barrier.
  • Adjustability: Limited resistance modifications compared to air or magnetic rowers.

Final thoughts

There’s a reason people are turning to water machines as a home fitness option. The combination of smooth action, easy adjustment and great construction offers a lot when compared to standard rowers, and generally for a really decent price.

Hopefully, our guide has helped you make your choice. Realistically, given the option, in our opinion, there’s no reason to choose anything but the Bluefin Fitness Blade. It offers comparable performance to anything else on the market, backed up by live fitness app support that gives you so many options when it comes to picking a workout.

If you’ve got any hints or tips for our readers, make sure you drop us a comment, and thanks for reading!

Going With The Flow: A Quick Guide To Water Rowing Machines

Are there any decent cheaper aqua rowers around?

You definitely don’t have to pay full whack and get one of the bigger brand names to get a really good machine in 2024. Take a look at our Best Budget Water Rowing Machines guide for some really good bargains we’ve found.

Where did this flood of rowers come from?

Being the only wooden rower on the market is great if you’re the only seller. I remember seeing the WaterRowers years ago and thinking they were great. But there wasn’t exactly a lot of choice for buyers. Other than changing your colour, or picking a different model, you were still limited to the one manufacturer.

It’s a great time to splash out on a water-based rower

In 2024, there are many companies creating wooden rowers – wooden and steel frames. And that’s a good thing. Rather than being copies, we’ve seen some innovate with things like online integration and changing the angle of the tank. The great news is that a lot of these other brands offer something not only different but often cheaper too.

But if you know anything about rowing machines, or you’ve read our best-of lists, you’ll know that there’s one kind of rower that’s consistently solid across the board and loved by everyone who uses them, whether they’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned professional.

Fancy a tough rowing session?

One of the best things about them, apart from how snazzy they look, is that there’s a simple trick to getting an easier or harder workout.  Adding more water to your tank is a simple way to drastically increase how much work you’ll have to do. Modern water resistance rowers will also normally have a simple dial that will let you increase resistance at least a couple of levels too.

Water Rowing Machine Guide

What are the different types of rowers?

There are three different types of rowing machines on the market, with the main difference being the types of resistance; air, water and magnetic.


Air resistance is the most common type of resistance used, and it’s the one people probably think of when they’re thinking of a rowing machine. These types of rowers use a large mechanical turbine to generate their resistance, which tends to result in a large whooshing sound while it’s being used.

Non-water rowing machine
The Concept 2 is the best selling air-based rowing machine.
See it on Amazon

This type of rower tends to be the most budget-friendly, but has the worst performance out of every option.


Magnetic resistance uses magnets (shocking, we know) to generate the resistance. This means that the rower is quieter, and tends to need very little maintenance as there’s never any contact between the flywheel and the magnets.

Resistance tends to be high, with gradual adjustments rather than discrete levels, and the action tends to be very smooth and pleasant, but purely magnetic rowers are expensive and bulky.


In a water resistance rowers, the resistance is provided by a large tank of water mounted to the frame of the rower, with increased resistance added by lowing the blades further into the water or adjusting the water level in the tank.

Because of this, it can be harder for beginners to judge the resistance levels on a water-based rower, but once you’re used to it, the natural feel and smooth action feels infinitely better than any other type, which is why a lot of professionals swear by them.

Why use a water resistance machine?

There’s a lot of reasons to choose a rower that uses water as it’s resistance as your cardio method of choice, including:

High calorie burn: You can burn up to 600 calories per hour on a water machine, making it one of the most efficient cardio options available.

A fantastic full-body workout: Rowers heavily work the lower body, but as much as 1/3 of the force is focused in your arms and back, making it a great choice for a full body blast.

Low impact, big results: A rowing machine is an incredibly low impact compared to a lot of cardio options, especially treadmills, meaning that it’s a great choice if you have joint issues, or you’re looking for a way to exercise when you’re in injury rehab.

Very attractive: Water machines are normally built around a wooden frame, so look a lot more aesthetically pleasing compared to more modern, stark, industrial exercise machines.

Meditative: The sound and feel of a wooden rower can’t be faked. If you close your eyes, it’s as close as you’re going to get to being on the water.

Easy to store: Most water-based rowers fold upwards, allowing you to store them up against a wall with a very small footprint. Compared to other rowers, they’re much better for smaller home gyms.

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