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‘Zombies, Run!’: The App That Will Transform Your Treadmill Experience


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The number one reason report ending their treadmill session early is not their legs getting tired, it is that they get bored. To tackle the monotony of simply running for 30 minutes straight, we always recommend that you busy your mind with a good playlist or an entertaining podcast. Today’s post is going to introduce a new way to keep your mind occupied while your feet do all the work: ‘Zombies, Run!’

What is ‘Zombies, Run!’?

‘Zombies, Run!’ is an immersive app designed to motivate you to run and to complement a running workout. ‘Zombies, Run!’ is an audio adventure that takes place in a world that has gone through a zombie apocalypse. You are part of a group of survivors and are sent out on missions to gather essential items, save people, and protect the camp from zombie attacks.

The app provides you with missions to complete, which you listen to through headphones. These entail walking, jogging or running. As you go, you will pick up supplies for your group that will help you to reach your ultimate goal of reaching the last remaining outpost of healthy humans. Sometimes you will be chased by zombies and will have to run faster in order to get away (these are known as Zombie Chases).

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. It is free to download and the first four missions are available immediately, after which you will receive a new mission weekly. There are in-app purchases, so if you want to access new missions more frequently then you can opt to do so.

Why run from zombies?

The main reason to download this app is because it is so damn fun! Rather than using your treadmill to do an exercise session, you are transported into an alternate reality wherein you are the saviour of humanity. The audio narrative not only distracts you from running, it motivates you to keep going and pushes you to sprint at intervals during Zombie Chases, so as to avoid an attack. In the real world, this is an extremely beneficial HIIT workout.

The app is also customizable and allows you to build your own missions using interval training techniques. This can involve walking, jogging, or running, so whatever your ability or stamina, you can participate in the game. The same goes for the aforementioned Zombie Chases, it is up to you whether you turn this feature on. For some people, it injects an exciting way of pushing themselves, for others just being out and about is enough without the peril of being chased.

We have found ‘Zombies, Run!’ to be a great way to have fun while doing an effective cardio workout. After all, the only thing that will get your heart pounding more than running is running away from zombies! It is not just us either, over one million people use ‘Zombies, Run!’ making it the most popular fitness game ever.

Is it compatible with treadmills?

‘Zombies, Run!’ is compatible with treadmill and outdoors running. For the latter, it has a GPS function that will map out your running route; however, this is not necessary to enjoy the game. It has been specifically designed for both types of running, so your location will not negatively impact your experience.

After your workout, you are shown performance stats that you can share online with other users of the game. These also connect to in-game advancement. The more you run, the more supplies your home base collects to grow bigger and more resilient. You can even connect with your friends to inject a bit of friendly competition into your running. The app provides 200+ missions, so there are plenty of fresh storylines for you to follow (or run from).

Should I download ‘Zombies, Run!’?

Should I download Zombies, Run

To summarize, ‘Zombies, Run!’ is an audio adventure that transforms your run into an action-packed quest for survival. It will motivate you to get onto the treadmill and give your workout a twist. Moreover, you can compete with your friends to see who is the ultimate zombie apocalypse survivor.

The app experience is as fun for runners who want to shake up their running routine as it is for newbies who are solely using their treadmill to walk and build stamina thanks to the customizable settings. This means that ability is no obstacle to enjoyment. We would highly recommend that you download the app and try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose, given that it is free, and everything to gain if you enjoy it.

There is also a secret mission that will be revealed as you work through the game – we will say no more about this, you will have to get on your treadmill to find out!