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Top 5 Best Fold-up Running Machines to Buy 2024 (UK)


We love treadmills. No wind. No rain. No one shouting ‘get those knees up’. Just a nice safe way to burn off calories and get in shape. Trouble is, not everyone has enough room for a monster treadmill in their home or home gym. Fold-up running machines are a brilliant invention for anyone short on space. And let’s face it, who isn’t?

Once a flimsy, wobbly and much-mocked sector of the treadmill market, folding electric machines have come on leaps and bounds over in recent years. There are now some seriously sturdy, foldable running machines on the market today. This guide will take you through some of the best ones out there on the internet.

Quick view – the top folding runners

Best Overall
"Space-saving, powerful, and feature-packed folding treadmill."
  1. Top speed: 16.5 km/h
  2. Motor power: 5 hp peak
  3. Incline Levels: 0-16 auto incline
  4. Folded Dimensions: 147L x 70W x 124H cm
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Runner Up
"Space-saving, high-speed, and technologically advanced."
  1. Top speed: 17.5 km/h
  2. Motor power: 3.5 CHP, 6HP Peak
  3. Incline Levels: 0-20 levels
  4. Folded Dimensions: 175L x 86W x 132.5H cm
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"Compact, robust, and feature-rich for fitness enthusiasts."
  1. Top speed: 18 km/h
  2. Motor power: 5.5 HP
  3. Incline Levels: up to 15%
  4. Folded Dimensions: 83 x 142 x 120 cm
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"Space-saving, and feature-rich for effective workouts."
  1. Top speed: 16 km/h
  2. Motor power: 4.5HP
  3. Incline Levels: 0 to 20 levels
  4. Folded Dimensions: 158 cm (length) x 70 cm (width) x 30.5 cm (height)
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"Compact, robust, whisper-quiet, with advanced features."
  1. Top speed: 16 km/h
  2. Motor power: 2.5 Horsepower
  3. Incline Levels: 3 incline levels
  4. Folded Dimensions: 145L x 80W x 27H centimetres
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"Space-saving design, powerful motor, extensive incline range."
  1. Top speed: 16 km/h
  2. Motor power: 4.5 HP
  3. Incline Levels: 0-20
  4. Folded Dimensions: 94.5L x 72W x 131H cm
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"Standout features include it's easy storage, and a high incline feature for a challenging workout experience."
  1. Maximum speed: 20 km/h
  2. Incline: 20%
  3. Running Track Size: 156cm (length) x 51cm (width)
  4. Max user weight: 150 kg
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"Compact, user-friendly, and space-efficient design."
  1. Top speed: 10 kmph
  2. Motor power: 2.5 Horsepower
  3. Incline Levels: Adjustable
  4. Folded Dimensions: 128L x 56W x 14H cm
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"Space-saving, quiet motor, user-friendly interface."
  1. Top speed: 20 kmph
  2. Motor power: 4.75 Horsepower
  3. Incline Levels: 15%
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"Space-saving, and feature-rich design."
  1. Top speed: 16 kmph
  2. Motor power: 3.5 Horsepower
  3. Incline Levels: 15 levels
  4. Folded Dimensions: 153D x 75W x 131H centimetres
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Top Pick
Branx Fitness 'NEW' Compact Foldable 'Energy Pro' Treadmill

Branx Fitness 'NEW' Compact Foldable 'Energy Pro' Treadmill

Compact powerhouse for the home runner.

Sturdy, reliable, and space-efficient with auto incline and Bluetooth connectivity, perfect for home fitness enthusiasts seeking a high-quality workout experience.

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Top speed: 16.5 km/h
Motor power: 5 hp peak
Incline Levels: 0-16 auto incline
Folded Dimensions: 147L x 70W x 124H cm
Why this made our roundup: Equipped with a smooth folding mechanism for convenient storage, this treadmill is ideal for space-conscious runners.

The 'Energy Pro' treadmill from Branx Fitness epitomises a superior blend of convenience and quality performance. Its self-lubricating functionality negates constant maintenance, while swift pace and gradient alterations enhance the overall workout. This compact design is a boon for space-restricted environments, and its simplified assembly process amplifies user convenience.

Driven by a robust motor, it promises a smooth run, and the high-quality running belt ensures excellent shock absorption, reducing bounce. You'll appreciate the USB and auxiliary connectivity, though the loud beep during setting changes and lethargic phone charging via USB may not sit well with all users.

Despite a slightly narrow track and unpredictable pricing, the 'Energy Pro' treadmill's compactness, powerful engine, and easy-to-use features make it a worthwhile competitor in the market. It is a fitting choice for people who value space efficiency and robust performance in a running machine.

  • Self-lubricating mechanism: Ensures the belt runs smoothly with minimal maintenance.
  • Speed and incline adjustments: Quick and effortless changes to match workout intensity.
  • Compact size: Ideal for smaller spaces without compromising on functionality.
  • Powerful motor: Delivers a consistent and smooth running experience.
  • Easy assembly: Set up is straightforward, allowing for faster use after delivery.
  • Loud beep sound: The machine emits a loud noise when changing settings, which can be disruptive.
  • Not fully foldable: The treadmill only folds halfway, which may not be optimal for those requiring full storage capabilities.
Runner up
Branx Fitness Foldable 'Cardio Pro' Touchscreen Console Treadmill

Branx Fitness Foldable 'Cardio Pro' Touchscreen Console Treadmill

Robust and feature-rich folding treadmill.

Sturdy, reliable, and packed with features for the dedicated home runner seeking gym-quality workouts in a compact form.

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Top speed: 17.5 km/h
Motor power: 3.5 CHP, 6HP Peak
Incline Levels: 0-20 levels
Folded Dimensions: 175L x 86W x 132.5H cm
Why this made our roundup: Boasts a 'Smart Shock Absorption System' to maximise both user comfort and support.

Introducing a robust and flexible fitness solution, the Branx Fitness Foldable 'Cardio Pro' is a versatile folding running machine. Its sturdy, easy-to-assemble design promises a maximum speed of 17.5 km/h and 20 levels of auto incline, catering to diverse fitness requirements.

The fusion of integrated Bluetooth speakers and efficient cushioning on the running board amplifies the workout experience while ensuring joint-friendly running. Despite its compact size, this machine's broad running track and preset programs can accommodate users up to 160 kg, reinforcing its suitability for robust use.

While the machine shines in performance and durability, it has been noted that there may be initial noise and belt adjustments required. Additionally, the clarity of information regarding preset programs could be enhanced.

In comparison to other running machines, this model stands out for its impressive customer service, resilient construction, and varied training options. Although minor technical issues have been reported, the overall performance and features position it as a reliable choice for home fitness enthusiasts.

Verdict: The Branx Fitness Foldable 'Cardio Pro' offers an excellent balance of functionality and durability for home workouts. Despite some initial technical challenges, its versatile features and exceptional customer service present outstanding value for money. It's a recommended choice for anyone seeking a reliable, feature-packed running machine for their fitness routine.

  • Sturdy Build: Capable of supporting heavy users, offering stability during intense workouts.
  • Impressive Speed and Incline: Reaches up to 17.5 km/h with a 20-level auto incline to challenge runners.
  • Integrated Entertainment: Bluetooth speakers and a USB port provide multimedia options.
  • Advanced Cushioning: Enhanced comfort for joints with the smart shock absorption system.
  • Convenient Features: Includes a mat, cup holder, and is pre-assembled, saving on setup time.
  • Fan Power: The built-in fans are not as strong as some users may prefer.
  • Technical Hiccups: Some users have reported noise, belt issues, and lack of clear programming instructions.
Capital SPORTS Infinity Track

Capital SPORTS Infinity Track

State-of-the-art folding treadmill technology.

Sturdy, reliable, and brimming with technology, the Capital Sports Infinity Track offers a premium workout experience for both casual joggers and marathon veterans.

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Top speed: 18 km/h
Motor power: 5.5 HP
Incline Levels: up to 15%
Folded Dimensions: 83 x 142 x 120 cm
Why this made our roundup: Boasts a spacious 50 x 140 cm running surface and 6P AntiShock Suspension for a natural running feel.

After a thorough review, we found this folding running machine to be remarkable, offering a sturdy and long-lasting design perfect for a variety of fitness routines. Its quiet operation ensures a pleasant, joint-friendly exercise experience. Thanks to its multiple training options and a host of exercise programs, it provides outstanding value for money.

We were particularly impressed with the machine's robust and enduring construction, providing a reliable platform for diverse workouts. The quiet operation adds to the overall experience, making it an excellent choice for domestic use. Furthermore, its numerous training options and corresponding programs provide endless workout possibilities.

However, there are a few areas for improvement. The assembly can be complicated and time-consuming, and maintenance could be challenging over time. Its weight and size might make it difficult to move and store, potentially causing inconvenience. Furthermore, it lacks the abundance of accessories found in comparable models.

When compared to similar fitness equipment, it stands out with a comprehensive set of features, proving to be an excellent choice for varied workouts. However, potential buyers should consider the complex assembly and maintenance needs when comparing it to other options.

In conclusion, despite a few minor drawbacks, this folding running machine offers great value for money, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable, versatile, and feature-packed home workout solution.

  • Robust design: Well-built and stable, this treadmill provides a reliable platform for rigorous workouts.
  • Quiet operation: Its quiet mechanism ensures a pleasant, low-impact running experience.
  • Training versatility: Comes with 36 programs and 3 custom modes, ideal for varied fitness routines.
  • User-friendly: Features like easy assembly and a 9" TFT touch display offer straightforward operation.
  • Quality components: Constructed with high-quality materials and 6P AntiShock Suspension for durability.
  • Complex assembly: Some runners may find the setup process time-consuming and may require assistance.
  • Maintenance: Over time, the treadmill might present maintenance issues that could inconvenience users.
Jll S300 Digital Folding Treadmill

Jll S300 Digital Folding Treadmill

Optimal foldable design with powerful features.

Sturdy, reliable, and equipped with a variety of workout programs, suitable for both casual joggers and avid runners seeking a compact, foldable treadmill.

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Top speed: 16 km/h
Motor power: 4.5HP
Incline Levels: 0 to 20 levels
Folded Dimensions: 158 cm (length) x 70 cm (width) x 30.5 cm (height)
Why this made our roundup: Features a 16-point cushion deck absorption system for reduced impact on joints.

The JLL S300 is a robust, feature-rich exercise solution ideal for home use. The spacious running deck caters to all heights, ensuring comfort during workouts. The clear display accurately tracks details such as distance, time, calorie burn, and heart rate. The built-in speakers, compatible with USB sticks, add an entertaining touch to the workout regime.

The sturdy build quality and smooth operation contribute to its appeal. Despite its impressive top speed, it may fall short for advanced users or those seeking high-speed training. Some users mentioned minor cosmetic issues and delivery hiccups, but these are negligible. Its safety features, easy assembly instructions, and space-saving foldable design further enhance its appeal.

Offering an outstanding workout experience with essential features at a reasonable price, the JLL S300 is a good value purchase for people seeking a home treadmill. Despite minor drawbacks, it's a worthy investment for an efficient home workout routine.

  • Large running deck: Spacious for a comfortable and unrestricted running experience.
  • Clear display: Displays essential workout metrics and heart rate monitoring.
  • Integrated speakers: Enhance workouts with the convenience of music playback.
  • Sturdy build: Ensures durability and stability during intense workouts.
  • High top speed: Perfect for high-intensity and sprint training.
  • Limited speed range: May not cater to some advanced runners' needs.
  • Minor cosmetic issues: Some users reported aesthetic imperfections.
Foldable Treadmill 3 Incline Levels

Foldable Treadmill 3 Incline Levels

A foldable treadmill with smart features.

Sturdy, reliable and foldable, the FLYLINKTECH treadmill is perfect for home gyms. With app connectivity and a quiet motor, it's ideal for any fitness level.

Save £75.00 TodayRRP £214.99
£139.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 15th June, 00:40:46

Top speed: 16 km/h
Motor power: 2.5 Horsepower
Incline Levels: 3 incline levels
Folded Dimensions: 145L x 80W x 27H centimetres
Why this made our roundup: Equipped with a high-density frame and a multi-layer belt, it ensures a smooth and safe running experience.

As seasoned experts in gym equipment, we've carefully evaluated a notable foldable fitness machine. This unit offers impressive value for home-based fitness enthusiasts, thanks to its robust construction, smooth mechanics, and innovative space-saving design. It's the perfect solution for anyone in search of a superior, compact treadmill.

Key features we admired include the clear display panel and simple assembly, making it a user-friendly choice. The generous weight limit and advanced features, such as app connectivity, manual incline options, and safety elements, make it versatile for various workout styles and user requirements.

However, the product isn't without shortcomings. Its weight and size can make relocation challenging, and some users may struggle with belt adjustments due to the absence of lubricant. The associated app's functionality issues and multi-user limitations could also affect user experience.

When compared to similar foldable treadmills, this model distinguishes itself with its durability, extensive weight capacity, and feature diversity. Despite minor drawbacks, its overall performance and cost-effectiveness make it an appealing choice for home fitness.

In conclusion, this foldable treadmill is an excellent option for those seeking a reliable, feature-rich home workout solution. Its robust construction, smooth operation, and innovative design make it a worthwhile investment, offering superb value and catering to a wide variety of user needs.

  • Value for Money: Offers a solid build and high performance at an affordable price.
  • Delivery & Setup: Quick delivery and easy assembly, with minimal effort required.
  • Build Quality: Durable, steady, and operates quietly, suitable for intense workouts.
  • Space Efficiency: Features a space-saving foldable design for easy storage.
  • Advanced Features: Includes app connectivity, manual incline adjustment, and an emergency pull cord.
  • Size & Weight: Heavy and challenging to move, requiring two people for setup.
  • App Functionality: Some limitations with the FitShow app, especially for multiple users.
Decorcn Folding Treadmill

Decorcn Folding Treadmill

Optimal performance in a foldable design.

Sturdy, reliable, and space-efficient, the Decorcn Folding Treadmill is perfect for committed runners seeking a robust home workout solution with a high-quality running belt and powerful motor.

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Top speed: 16 km/h
Motor power: 4.5 HP
Incline Levels: 0-20
Folded Dimensions: 94.5L x 72W x 131H cm
Why this made our roundup: Folding hydraulic system for easy storage.

As seasoned fitness equipment reviewers, we've put the Folding Running Machine through its paces and here's our verdict. The machine's standout features include a robust 4.5HP motor that ensures a smooth, steady performance across the board, catering to a variety of fitness levels. In addition, the expansive incline (0 to 20) and speed range (1km/h - 16km/h) offer varied workout options, allowing users to target different muscle groups and adjust the intensity to their preferences.

On the flip side, assembling the machine can be somewhat time-consuming, and the unfolded size may require more space than some users expect. However, these factors contribute to the machine's overall durability and performance. Compared to similar running machines, this one shines with its potent motor, versatile incline and speed options, making it an attractive choice for fitness devotees.

In conclusion, despite the assembly and space requirements, the Folding Running Machine delivers a comprehensive, customisable workout experience. It offers substantial power, a range of incline levels, and varying speed options, making it an excellent investment for anyone seeking a high-quality, versatile running machine.

  • Powerful Motor: A 4.5HP motor ensures smooth and uninterrupted workouts.
  • Adjustable Incline: 20 levels of incline cater to various training needs.
  • Speed Flexibility: Speeds from 1km/h to 16km/h accommodate all fitness levels.
  • Connectivity Features: Bluetooth and speakers enhance the workout experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: LED display and device holder provide convenient workout tracking.
  • Assembly Time: Can be lengthy but contributes to the machine's durability.
  • Space Consideration: The unfolded size may be larger than some users expect.
Jll Fitness T550 Digital Home Treadmill

Jll Fitness T550 Digital Home Treadmill

Top Treadmill for Under 1000

This JLL Fitness T550 Digital Home Treadmill offers a sturdy build, high incline feature, and good value for money, making it ideal for home workouts.

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Maximum speed: 20 km/h
Incline: 20%
Running Track Size: 156cm (length) x 51cm (width)
Max user weight: 150 kg
Why this made our roundup: The treadmill provides a sturdy build, ease of use, and high incline feature, ensuring an effective and challenging workout at home.

After careful assessment from our expert team, the Folding Running Machine boasts a robust construction and a generous, cushioned running belt. The foldable design simplifies storage, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your home.

Among its impressive features, the incline function stood out, enhancing the workout experience. The machine's swift delivery and straightforward assembly process also contributed to its overall appeal. Nevertheless, there were a few drawbacks. Some users reported issues with subpar packaging, an underwhelming console, and uncooperative customer service.

When juxtaposed with similar products, the machine shines for its solid build and incline capabilities, despite a few packaging and customer service hiccups. Therefore, it's a suitable choice for seasoned runners in search of a dependable workout partner.

In conclusion, while the Folding Running Machine offers notable features such as a sturdy build, an easy-to-use incline function, and prompt delivery, potential customers should weigh in the reported issues with packaging, basic console, and customer service. It's a substantial investment, hence careful consideration is necessary.

  • Sturdy and Durable Build: Users appreciate the treadmill's reliable construction.
  • Easy to Use and Store: It's convenient for home workouts.
  • High Incline Feature: Provides a more challenging workout.
  • Good Quality and Value for Money: Customers find it to be of excellent value.
  • Quick Delivery and Professional Assembly: Positive buying experience with professional assembly.
  • Inconsistent Quality Control: Some users experienced damages due to inadequate packaging.
  • Basic Console Features: Console features are considered too basic.
  • Unreliable USB Functionality: Reported to be shaky and may affect user experience.
Jupgod Folding Treadmill

Jupgod Folding Treadmill

Optimal for compact home fitness setups.

Sturdy, reliable, and space-saving, Jupgod's folding treadmill caters to home fitness enthusiasts seeking an efficient jogging and walking solution.

Save £30.00 TodayRRP £169.99
£139.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 15th June, 00:40:46

Top speed: 10 kmph
Motor power: 2.5 Horsepower
Incline Levels: Adjustable
Folded Dimensions: 128L x 56W x 14H cm
Why this made our roundup: Offers dual exercise modes for walking and running with an adjustable incline, enhancing workout versatility.

As fitness equipment connoisseurs, we've meticulously evaluated a compact, portable treadmill that offers a robust and practical solution for everyday exercise regimes. This device is a breeze to assemble, space-efficient, and caters to a wide age range, presenting a cost-effective substitute for gym subscriptions.

What impressed us was the machine's robustness and uncomplicated assembly process, clocking just 2 minutes. Its compactness and portability make it ideal for space-limited environs, while the top speed of 10kph caters to jogging and routine workouts. The bonus phone holder and remote control augment the user experience, and its whisper-quiet operation is perfect for undisturbed home usage.

Nonetheless, we spotted a few drawbacks. The peak speed of 10kph might fall short for intense running sessions, and the shorter cable length may necessitate an extension lead for some. Moreover, the unclear instructions for the remote control and digital display, coupled with initial belt adjustments, are areas requiring enhancement. A few users reported assembly and alignment hurdles as well.

In comparison to similar foldable treadmills, this model delivers essential features at a cost-effective price. Despite certain limitations in speed and assembly, its overall convenience and wide user applicability make it a worthy contender in the market.

In conclusion, this treadmill is a practical choice for people seeking a portable, economical option for daily workout sessions. Its straightforward setup, space-saving design, and key features make it a beneficial addition to any home fitness regimen.

  • Assembly Ease: Ready for action in just 2 minutes, simplifying the workout setup process.
  • Portability: Lightweight with foldability features, it's ideal for space-conscious runners.
  • Speed Options: Reaches up to 10kph, perfect for joggers and daily exercise regimens.
  • Convenience: Integrated phone holder and remote control for seamless workout adjustments.
  • Cost-Efficiency: A budget-friendly gym alternative that doesn't skimp on necessity.
  • Limited Speed: The 10kph cap may not satisfy the needs of advanced runners.
  • Cable Length: The shorter cable may necessitate an extension lead, depending on setup location.
Costway Folding Treadmill

Costway Folding Treadmill

Space-efficient treadmill with robust features.

Sturdy, reliable, and equipped with a 4.75HP quiet motor, the COSTWAY treadmill is an excellent choice for home gyms, offering 15% auto incline and 20 preset programs.

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Top speed: 20 kmph
Motor power: 4.75 Horsepower
Incline Levels: 15%
Why this made our roundup: Featuring a 7-layer anti-slip running belt with shock-absorbing cushions, this treadmill caters to safe and comfortable running.

As fitness equipment experts, we had the chance to scrutinise a compact folding running machine designed for small spaces. The machine impresses with features tailored for diverse workout needs and preferences.

What caught our attention about this folding treadmill is its compact design, enabling effortless folding and storage in constrained workout zones without sacrificing performance. The robust build and versatile workout settings make it apt for both walking and running exercises, providing an all-encompassing workout experience. Moreover, the straightforward interface and simple assembly process augment the overall convenience of using this machine.

However, the device has a few drawbacks, including a limited incline range, a basic console display, and minimal shock absorption. These could affect its suitability for advanced workouts and comfort, especially for users wanting more intense workout options and improved cushioning.

Compared with similar folding running machines, this treadmill strikes a balance of compact design and necessary features, making it a top pick for people prioritising space-saving functionality. Nonetheless, those seeking advanced entertainment options and extensive workout programmes might find other models more appealing.

In conclusion, this folding treadmill is an appropriate option for people seeking a compact and efficient workout solution for their home gym or limited workout spaces. Its convenient design and essential features offer a practical option for walkers and joggers seeking a reliable exercise machine.

  • Compact design: Folds easily for space-saving storage.
  • Quiet operation: 4.75HP motor ensures workouts don't disturb others.
  • User-friendly: Intuitive interface with Bluetooth and app connectivity.
  • Sturdy construction: Durable build with 7-layer anti-slip running belt.
  • Versatile programs: 15% auto incline and 20 preset exercise programs.
  • Limited incline range: May not satisfy advanced runners' needs.
  • Basic display: Lacks high-end console features and entertainment.
  • Manual adjustments: Some settings require manual intervention.
Therun Treadmill

Therun Treadmill

Robust Folding Treadmill for Home Gyms

Sturdy, reliable, and offering a comprehensive 15-level incline, THERUN is perfect for fitness enthusiasts requiring a space-saving solution without compromising on features.

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Top speed: 16 kmph
Motor power: 3.5 Horsepower
Incline Levels: 15 levels
Folded Dimensions: 153D x 75W x 131H centimetres
Why this made our roundup: Boasting an auto hydraulic soft drop system, THERUN folds easily, promoting convenience and space efficiency.

The folding running machine offers a compact, robust design ideal for home gyms or confined spaces. Its broad belt and solid construction ensure stability and durability for regular workouts, while its user-friendly controls allow for effortless speed adjustments, enhancing the user experience.

Its versatility is demonstrated by its suitability for jogging and daily workouts, with a top speed of 10km/h. Its adjustable auto incline feature, with 15 levels, enables users to personalise their workout intensity, catering to a range of fitness levels and objectives.

The machine's 3.5HP robust motor and high-density stainless steel frame ensure a smooth, quiet workout experience, supporting speeds from 1-16 km/h and a load-bearing capacity of 300 LBS. The widened running belt, combined with the 2+10 intelligent shock absorption system, provides a secure and comfortable running surface.

However, some users may find the limited speed options and basic display less accommodating for intense training and comprehensive workout data tracking. Upgrades in these areas could further enhance the user experience.

Compared to similar machines, the THERUN model stands out with its robust motor, adjustable incline levels, and intelligent shock absorption system, providing a comfortable, customisable workout experience. However, it lacks a more advanced display and broader speed options, which some users may prioritise.

The folding running machine is an excellent choice for people seeking a compact, durable, and versatile treadmill for home use. Its robust motor, adjustable incline, and comfortable running surface make it suitable for varied fitness routines. However, those seeking advanced speed options and a more comprehensive display may want to consider other options.

  • Compact design: Perfect for home gyms, fits in small spaces.
  • Sturdy and stable: Wide belt provides a solid, grounded running experience.
  • Easy to use controls: Intuitive manual speed adjustments.
  • Durable and high quality: Built for longevity and consistent performance.
  • Versatile: Ideal for daily workouts, with a top speed of 10km/h for jogging.
  • Limited speed options: Max speed may not satisfy all runners, particularly those seeking high-intensity sessions.
  • Basic display: Functional yet simple display, with room for more advanced tracking features.

Thanks for reading and please let us know in the comments if there’s a treadmill you really like, or if there’s anything we’ve missed here. Happy training and all the best!

Tom, HGE