JTX Strider X7 Best Price & Full Overview Guide

JTX Strider X7 Best price & full guide

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The JTX Strider X7 at a glance

  • Home Cross Trainer
  • JTXs most popular cross trainer
  • Works all major muscle groups at the same time
  • Improves overall fitness
  • Burns off calories
  • No impact on joints
  • Tones up muscles
  • Strengthens heart and lungs
  • Super easy to get into

A good machine if you’re looking for something to improve your health

This is a good machine to get if you need to improve your overall health and fitness. The X7 model also a good choice if you want something that the whole family can use. It’s easy enough for beginners, or people who are a bit out of practice with exercise but sturdy enough to give a serious work out to fitness fanatics too.

It’s a really cool machine with lots of built in things to help get to your fitness goals.

Who are JTX Fitness?

JTX, the makers of the X7 design and make some of the better bits of training equipment. Their prices aren’t the cheapest out there but the products are not budget end. You’ll enjoy great design, robust products that are made to last and good customer care.

If you have any problems, they’ll send engineers out to your home to fix it quickly.

There’s plenty more pics of the X7 here.

JTX have engineers who will come out to your home (in the first 2 years) to fix any problems. One thing that you’ll read a lot about, if you research into JTX, is how good their support is.

What is the JTX Strider X7?

This is a high quality home cross trainer which is a lot like the ones you’d expect to find in a high end fitness gym or health studio. It’s not a budget prices cross trainer (although it’s frequently on sale). But it does boast a lot of impressive features and an extremely high quality design.

The Strider X7 is ideal for anyone looking for a reliable machine that they can use regularly at home to get in shape. It works your fitness as well as toning and improving muscles.

Benefits to training with a cross trainer like the Strider

  • Improves your cardio vascular strength
  • Suitable for any age
  • Currently on sale (see best price section)
  • Sturdy & well built
  • Works lots of muscle groups at once
  • 2 year warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Saves having to go out to the gym
  • 21 training programs

Watch the video below for a good overview of the cross trainer and all the features, including tips on how to use.

 What are the reviews like for this exercise bike?

There’s some very good reviews on Trust Pilot for the JTX Strifer X7 where it currently has a 4.6 / 5 star rating.

It’s quite hard finding impartial reviews of the JTX Strider X7 but there’s a good selection of confirmed buyer reviews on the product page at JTX. Users there rate the bike at 4.7 stars. While at Amazon UK there are a higher number of reviews but the score is very high. Here’s some comments from buyers:

“Fantastic machine. I really dithered over whether to get it but I am really glad I did. I” 

Ruthie Austin (UK)

“This is a fantastic machine, very easy to use and quiet!” 

Gatto Nero (UK)

“Nice piece of kit. Stable, strong and easy to use. I now do 60 minutes a day in front of tele (no longer a couch potato!)” 

Strider X7 Amazon UK Buyer

Why is this machine a higher price than say a budget cross trainer?

If you’ve done any research into cross trainers, you’ll notice there’s a huge difference in prices and a ton of different machines on the market. You might be wondering what’s the point in paying more for the Strider?

You’re basically paying for quality and the features.

Taking the display screen on the X7, it’s large, colour and is packed with information you’ll need. If you look at the budget models, you’re normally getting a plain monochrome screen with basic info.

The 21 programs are also another big advantage. If you’re going to be using your cross trainer regularly, it’s extremely useful to have different programs you can use to keep things fresh, and not get bored!

What are the programs on the Strider X7 like?

If you want to jump straight on and get a workout, you can do that! But the X7 has some really good programs built in that you can dive into when you’re ready.

As well as showing you all the important stats on your workout, there’s a lot of depth to what you can do here.

There are 21 programs in all, catering for everything from fat burning, high intensity to toning and overall fitness. You can also go a step further and work with the 4 programmable personal workout programs.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds!

Meanwhile, the screen is large, detailed and really cool looking, like the rest of the X7 cross trainer.

Where can you get the best price for the JTX Strider X7?

This product is available online at a number of different retailers. To be honest, the best bet is to head over to the company website and buy direct. They actually have a better price than anywhere else and the X7 is frequently on sale.

Save a fortune, order your JTX Strider direct here

What kind of warranty do you get when you buy the JTX Strider X7?

Spending a lot of money on an exercise machine is a daunting prrospect. They’re not exactly easy to send back once you’ve assembled them!

The good news is that JTX offer a 2 year in-home servicing and repair warranty with the Strider X 7. They’ll actually send out an engineer to fix any problems you have and that includes parts and labor too.


As for returns, there’s a 28 day money back guarantee so you can send it back if you find it’s not what you need. And the frame has a 5 year warranty.

Full JTX Strider 7 Specs

ResistanceInfinity resistance
Computer ConsoleTrack your workout length, speed, distance, calories and pulse
Heart Rate TrainingYes. Via hand sensors
Pedal OptionsToe clips as standard. Compatible with JTX Dual Pedal System: Studio Edition
Seat AdjustmentQuadri-Set™ adjustment system: both handlebars and seat adjust vertically and horizontally for the perfect set up
Flywheel22kg belt-driven flywheel
Safety FeaturesSimple activation emergency stop button
Crank3 Piece crank
Transport WheelsYes
Dimensions131cm(l) x 65cm(w) x 126cm(h)
Boxed Dimensions108.5cm(l) x 25.5cm(w) x 90.5cm(h)
Maximum User Weight160kg
Machine Weight64kg
Free AccessoriesWater bottle

What are some negatives with this cross trainer?

The reviews of this cross trainer are very positive across the board. It’s hard to find any problems that people are having. Even if something isn’t right, JTX is famous for it’s customer service in getting the problem fixed.

Minor niggles include:

  • Instructions on how to use the product are translated from another language and some users found them a little hard to follow.
  • You can’t sync / connect your mobile phone

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