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Exigo’s Folding Garage Gym Rack – A Proper Power Cage That Folds Flat


In this guide, we’re taking a look at a solution to the problem of not having enough space to get a proper way to do squats and bench at home and an excellent solution to it: Exigo’s Folding Garage Gym Rack.

If you haven’t got a decent rack in your home gym yet, you’re missing out on some of the best compound strength training exercises you can do. Getting a squat rack in your gym lets you train many muscle groups at once and also train with higher weights that would be really difficult (impossible?!) to do without one.

Sounds great. The problem with cages and racks is that they’re a bit, well… clunky. Unless you have a lot of space for one, you’re going to miss out.

Enter Exigo, with a clever bit of home gym kit that solves the problem of needing a full-size squat cage, but not having space for one.  Their gadget-like folding rack does just what it says on the tin; it’s a fully-fledged, commercial-grade cage that folds down flat against your wall.

The Exigo Folding Rack
The Exigo Folding Rack is a clever wall-mounted cage

The Exigo does exactly what a regular rack does and then folds away to a fraction of the space. There are also a range of nifty attachments such as a dip bar and extra spotting arms. There’s no real disadvantage over using a regular cage or rack. It can support 350kg of weight too.

What can you use the Exigo foldable rack for?

Exactly the same stuff you can a free-standing power cage:

  • Back squats
  • Front squats
  • Box squats
  • Barbell lunges
  • Barbell bent-over row
  • Partial squats
  • Bench pressing
  • Overhead press
  • Dips
  • Pull-ups and chin-ups
  • Knee raises

5 things we love about this wall-mounted squat rack

  1. It folds flat. As in really flat. Taking up a mere 13 cm from the wall you fit it on to, the sides fold inwards and stay in place.
  2. It looks amazing – The frame never actually touches the floor – floating (if that’s the right word for a hunk of steel cage) several inches from the floor. While a lot of gym gear looks plain butt-ugly when it’s folded, the same can’t be said here. The Exigo has a cool sort of ‘you’d never guess what I was’ off-duty appearance.
  3. It might be better than a free-standing cage. As this thing is bolted securely into your wall, it’s the equivalent of bolting a regular cage to the floor. There’s no wobbling or messing about with this folding squat rack.
  4. There’s a really good pull-up bar – Thanks to some pretty mind-boggling engineering, they’ve included a pull-up bar, like the kind you’d expect on any good cage. If you’ve got a pull-up station already, give it to someone and save the space.
  5. You can use it in a garage or temporary space. Folding the rack down is easier than you might think. It’s safe, fast and smooth so you can get the car back in when you’re done. If you’ve been in need of a rack but don’t have space, this will be your new best gym buddy.

Is a foldable gym rack strong enough?

To be fair, a lot of the folding gym gear we’ve seen does end up cutting corners. And you might be wondering how the hell can you have a wall-mounted squat rack that’s going to take the punishment.

Well, hold onto that well-founded cynicism for a moment; the Exigo cage is as beastly as it is ingenious. Made from 70 x 70 3mm thick steel, this rack has actually been tried and tested in health clubs. And we’re talking some serious gyms too – think rugby and football clubs.

The powder coating helps protect it from scratches too. You also get a lifetime warranty on the frame too.

Folding Squat Rack
At a glance, it looks like a regular squat rack. But look, no legs…

Are folding power cages hard to set up?

Not really.

Oddly enough, it reminded us more of setting up a wall bracket for a flat-screen TV. Albeit a 75kg one made of metal. Installing the rather hefty wall bracket is the lion’s share the work. Assembly of the cage is straightforward enough although you’ll thank yourself (and your mate) if you can talk someone into helping you out during the build.

You’ll also have to either be comfortable drilling into brickwork or hire someone who is. Like all wall-mounted DIY work, you’ll need the correct drill bits and some other gear. It’s definitely more complex than building a regular cage, but you know you love a challenge.

You’ll also need a suitable wall to attach it to. Any brick wall will do the job. If you’ve got a plastered gym wall, there might be some more ‘messy’ work involved as it will have to be attached to the brick.

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Are there any downsides to the folding rack?

It is not cheap

As far as the rack itself goes, no – it’s the same as any rack you’ll have used at the gym. The main downside is the price. At just shy of £900, this bit of gym gear isn’t exactly cheap. Having said that, a good rack is one of the best investments you’ll make and this one looks like it’s built to last a few hundred years. At least.

Verdict: a brilliant solution to anyone short on space who needs a squat rack

Though it’s not the cheapest bit of gym gear you’ll buy this year, this is a simply awesome folding squat cage that’s insanely strong and does exactly what you need.

The fact that it folds down to 130mm flat is even more impressive. If you’re short on space, or just want something sexy to show off in your home gym, definitely give this one a look.

James Bond would approve.