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Best UK Stores That Have Exercise Bikes in Stock Online


Coronavirus has put a huge strain on supply chains for the various fitness retailers online. If you’ve tried buying any gym gear in the past months you’ll know how hard it’s been to get any kind of fitness equipment during lockdown.

The gyms are closed. Everyone wants to stay in shape at home and the supply chains just haven’t been able to keep up!

Thankfully, things are starting to ease up a bit but it’s still notoriously difficult to get good exercise bikes online. This page is regularly updated with the places that currently do have bikes in stock for order today, without wait times.

Last stock check: 14/07/2024 at 9.50am

Find good exercise bikes that are in stock during lockdown is tricky

It’s pretty tough to find rowing machines that are in stock throughout the UK today. This page will keep you up-to-date with the latest rowers that you can buy today. We check these items and links every day and will update them with new and out-of-stock products.

Here’s today’s best exercise bikes that are in stock today

#1 – Sportstech ESX500 Exercise Bike (Amazon)

“This bike is good quality, cheap and connects to online racing apps easily”

Sportstech ESX500

This is a traditional upright bike from a good brand – Sportstech. The ESX500 is one of the more popular bikes, so it’s nice to see it back in stock. It’s also one of the more advanced bikes and is ideal if you’re even marginally interested in online races and connecting up your phone or tablet.

We also really like how quiet this bike is, mainly due to it’s belt drive. The quality of the components is also noticeable and something Sportstech are known for. This is a really good exercise bike, at a budget price, for anyone looking to get in shape at home.

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at Amazon UK

#2 – Dripex Indoor Cycle

“This best-selling upright bike is an easy recommendation”


Dripex Indoor Cycle

Drippe know how to make a decent exercise bike and their indoor cycle is one of the best upright bikes you can get. It’s pretty much what you’d expect in a commercial gym; tough, packed with modern gadgets, and can be used by the whole family. The padding on the seat is super-comfy too.

Assembly is quick and easy on this machine and, once together, it is extremely sturdy and stable. Unlike a lot of upright bikes, this one is actually comfortable – even for those not used to cycling. If you’re not sure which exercise bike to go for, the Dripex bike is an easy recommendation that will last you a long time after Coronavirus has gone.

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at Amazon UK

#3 – JLL IC300 PRO (Amazon)

“A good, solid indoor racing bike with decent resistance”



If you’ve been hunting around for a decent indoor racing bike, at the time of writing, the IC300 is in stock. This is one of the more popular bikes and packed with features like a 20kg belt-driven flywheel and an above-average LCD display that’s got a ton of useful info on it. It’s a good price for what you get: a solid indoor cycle with a good level of resistance.

Other things we really like with this bike are how easy it is to set up and get running. It’s easy to change resistance during your spin class and it actually doesn’t take up much space.  This bike is great quality for the money and looks pretty snazzy too!

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at Amazon UK

#4 – Ultrasport F-Bike (Amazon)

“With over 7500 reviews (95% positive), this folding bike is a steal at under £150”

Ultrasport F-Bike

This collapsible home exercise bike is still one of the best selling bikes out there. It takes a user weight up to 150kg and is surprisingly sturdy considering it folds in half, and costs under £150 quid.

You might think that a cheaper exercise bike might be like sitting on a medieval torture device. Fear not! Ultrasport have worked some wizardry here and the F-Bike is actually very comfy and supportive thanks to it’s padded seat and backrest.

There’s even a decent LCD display, which will track the usual suspects: calories, time, distance and even pulse (very impressive at this price point). This is a brilliant bike for anyone strapped for space and not looking to spend a fortune.

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at Amazon UK

#1 – UKSportImports.co.uk

One of the few places that are managing to keep a decent stock of more budget-priced bikes is the awesome UK Sport Imports. With free next day delivery and prices for bikes starting at under £100 (at the time of writing) – this is a great lesser-known online store to grab a bargain bike for lockdown workouts.

UK Sports in stock

Click here to see their exercise bikes that are in stock

#2 – Amazon.co.uk

If your budget is less than £500, there’s a good selection of in stock exercise bikes on this page at Amazon.co.uk. They’ve also got a good selection of folding bikes and indoor racers. A lot of retailers are struggling to get orders but there’s a decent variety of bikes still at Amazon.

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