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Air Bike FAQs


The AirBike community is a bit like the CrossFit community. Its members are committed to the AirBike and genuinely excited to talk about it, but there is a steep learning curve to understanding the language and jargon they use and…what exactly it is that they find so enthralling. If you are thinking about diving into the world of AirBikes, then we are here to help you make the leap. We will be covering some of the most FAQs about AirBikes and, hopefully, help you to figure out if they are something that will suit your fitness goals and personality.

What are AirBikes?

What are air bikes - girl using air bikeAn AirBike is also sometimes known as an assault bike and it is as brutal as it sounds. They are the next level exercise option for the person who wants to push themselves through high-intensity cardio training. If this does not sound like you, best to stop reading now!

How do they work?

The AirBike is like a turbocharged stationary bike. It gets its name from the large fan that acts as its front wheel. During use, the fan creates resistance using air, automatically increasing the intensity of the exercise in a way that delivers a relentless and gruelling exercise. This is probably why it is also known as an ‘assault’ bike because it slams you with extra resistance every time you rise to meet the challenge.

What is the point of an assault bike?

Why would anyone in their right mind choose this as the setting for their workout? Well, one theory is that no one who uses an AirBike is in their right mind. Another is that the continuous new challenge that an AirBike poses pushes its rider to work harder, thus leading to high performance during a session.

While it is true that you can choose to increase the resistance level on other cardio machines, such as a spin bike, the AirBike gets rid of the need to proactively seek out higher resistance. Sometimes the thought of adding on more resistance is more difficult than the physical effort of taking it on. However, as we know, you can only build endurance by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. The AirBike provides that nudge that we all sometimes need.

Are they good for losing weight?

YES! The AirBike is literally one of the most efficient calorie-burning cardio machines out there. If you are someone who wants to cram their calorie goal into a short session, and you are willing to put in the hard work, then this could be the perfect thing.

What muscles does the assault bike work with?

AirBikes are essentially stationary bikes’ extreme cousin, they work the same muscles as the standard spin bike. Namely, lower body muscles and some core muscles (calves, hamstrings, quads, core, back, and glutes).

While the AirBike incorporates (a lot of) resistance, it is not the weight-loading type that will lead to bulk muscle gain. It will, however, condition your muscles and stimulate the growth of endurance muscles.

does assault bike too loud for apartments

Are assault bikes too loud for apartments?

The noise of an AirBike during use comes down to multiple factors, such as the bike model and how hard you are working the fan. It is not a silent exercise though and will be audible, on par with a loud tv or even a vacuum cleaner. Sitting your bike on a thick yoga mat or rug will help to reduce this.

If you have particularly thin walls or live in an apartment, it is not so loud that you should not own one, but it is loud enough that you should be courteous about when you use it. In other words, do not ride late at night or super early on a weekend morning.

How can I find my local AirBike community?

While the bikes in themselves are a great exercise option, we think that the main lure of AirBike comes from the strong community that exists online. Whether you want to join a class and do a structured workout with other people, all from the comfort of your own home, or you want to tap into your competitive side, or if you want to focus on hitting new PBs and have the support of people who understand exactly how much of an achievement these timings are, then the AirBike community is where you should go.

There are a few different ways of connecting with people. You can find community pages on Facebook or you can search for forums online. iFit is the new app for AirBike workouts and has a member area that you can use to share progress and chat with other enthusiasts. Or you can wander into any CrossFit sphere and ask whether people like AirBikes too – there is a large overlap between the two.