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These Are The UK’s Best Upright Exercise Bikes For 2024


One of the most tried and tested methods for effectively reducing your body fat and improving your fitness is the good old exercise bike. A staple of any good gym, this workhorse has been around for a long time and for good reason. With a limited amount of time, you can get a really good workout, and burn serious calories.

Today we’re looking at some of the best upright exercise bikes for your home that don’t cost the earth. As always we’ll be looking for UK products that are built to last and we’re not standing for any flimsy, shoddy indoor cycles.

Best Overall
"Robust, silent, and technologically advanced exercise solution."
  1. Max user weight: 122.47 kg
  2. Resistance: 100 levels
  3. Display: Enhanced Electronic LED Monitor
  4. Assembly: Easy, straightforward assembly
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Runner Up
"Robust build, silent operation, optimal for HIIT."
  1. Max user weight: 136 kg
  2. Resistance: Air resistance mechanism
  3. Display: LCD type
  4. Assembly: Included tools, user manual
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"Provides smooth pedaling, and is easy to assemble, making it a great choice for home workouts."
  1. Resistance type: Magnetic
  2. Flywheel weight: 35 lbs
  3. Display / Console: LCD display with time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, and pulse
  4. Max User Weight: 350 lbs
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"Robust build, whisper-quiet, fully adjustable, smart connectivity."
  1. Max user weight: 136 kg
  2. Resistance: 7 magnets, micro-adjustable
  3. Display: Digital monitor tracking speed, time, calories, distance
  4. Assembly: Easy with clear instructions and included tools
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"Robust construction, quiet magnetic resistance, comfortable, adjustable, easy assembly."
  1. Max user weight: 125 kg
  2. Resistance: Magnetic
  3. Display: Monitor with multiple functions
  4. Assembly: Quick, around 30 minutes
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"Robust construction, cutting-edge technology, immersive experience."
  1. Max user weight: 135 kg
  2. Resistance: 100 levels
  3. Display: 24" diagonal touchscreen
  4. Assembly: Self-assembly, toolkit included
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"Stable, whisper-quiet, magnetic resistance, easy assembly."
  1. Max user weight: 136 kg
  2. Resistance: Magnetic
  3. Display: LCD
  4. Assembly: Quick with video guidance
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"Robust, whisper-quiet, and feature-rich for all fitness levels."
  1. Max user weight: 150 kg
  2. Resistance: 100-level magnetic resistance
  3. Display: LCD monitor
  4. Assembly: Easy, approx. 30 min
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"Super easy assembly, responsive customer service, and quiet operation."
  1. Resistance type: Magnetic
  2. Flywheel weight: 35 pounds
  3. Display / Console: Digital LCD monitor with heart rate sensor
  4. Max User Weight: 300 pounds
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"Robust design, whisper-quiet, value-packed, and user-friendly."
  1. Max user weight: 136 kg
  2. Resistance: Magnetic, adjustable
  3. Display: LCD monitor (tracks time, speed, distance, calories)
  4. Assembly: Easy with online instruction videos
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So let’s get started!

Super speedy buyer’s guide… Look out for these when shopping for a decent upright bike online

Here are the main things we look at with indoor bikes and some of the problems we’ve found when reviewing them over the years.

  1. Flywheel weight – This is an obvious thing to look at but an important one. The flywheel (the large weighted wheel at the front of the bike) controls at least some of the resistance and
  2. Frame and build quality – This is hard to get from the images as some bikes look ‘chunky’ but aren’t that stable to ride. If you’re planning on riding standing on the pedals in a spin session, this is even more important.
  3. Online connectivity – With an incredible choice of apps out there at the moment, such as Zwift, many people are looking for an upright bike that can connect to third-party apps. This isn’t guaranteed on every exercise bike, and even if some do have Bluetooth connections, they’re sometimes tied to very basic apps and not the big ones you might expect.
  4. Display quality – Most upright indoor bikes don’t have especially fancy screens, opting instead for simple LCD screens.
  5. Nitty-gritty – While the product photos always look amazing, some little issues can creep in and spoil your enjoyment of your new upright bike. Common problems we’ve seen are dodgy welding (either ugly or cracked).
  6. Comfort – Unless you’re an experienced cyclist, things like how comfortable the saddle is and whether or not the bike can be adjusted to your body size will also be important. We always look for any ‘wooden’ seats or other pain points on the uprights we get to look at.

#1 Choice: JLL IC300 Pro

See it on Amazon >

How we test and rank products. We like to think our methodology for evaluating and ranking products is one of the best in the industry and is spearheaded by our team of fitness experts who boast extensive experience in using and reviewing gym equipment. Our approach to identifying the top products in a specific category, such as 'best upright exercise bike', begins with establishing key performance indicators like number of reviews, resistance strength, and Quality. We then meticulously compile our product roundup, focusing on how each item aligns with the user's needs. To ensure absolute impartiality, our final rankings are determined by an advanced AI algorithm that objectively analyzes the data collected during our testing phase. We trust that you will find this roundup insightful and valuable.
Top Pick
Merach Exercise Bike

Merach Exercise Bike

A premium workout experience with smart features.

Sturdy, reliable, and packed with technology, the MERACH exercise bike is perfect for fitness enthusiasts seeking a quiet, personalised workout at home.

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Max user weight: 122.47 kg
Resistance: 100 levels
Display: Enhanced Electronic LED Monitor
Assembly: Easy, straightforward assembly
Why this made our roundup: Features a unique triangular frame for unmatched stability during intense cycling sessions.

As seasoned fitness gear consultants, we can attest to the exceptional quality of a certain upright exercise bike. It's a model that flawlessly integrates into your home fitness regime, thanks to its user-friendly assembly, silent operation, and unwavering performance.

What resonates with users is the effortless assembly, coupled with the whisper-quiet operation, providing a secure platform for uninterrupted workouts. However, it's worth noting that some may find the range of exercise programmes somewhat restrictive, potentially limiting those craving workout diversity.

When stacked up against its market competitors, this model distinguishes itself with its ease of assembly, quietness, and robust performance. Despite a limited array of exercise programmes, the overall user experience remains positive.

In conclusion, this exercise bike is an excellent choice for people seeking a dependable, silent, and easy-to-assemble fitness machine to boost their home workouts. It caters to both novices and fitness enthusiasts alike.

  • User-Friendly Assembly: Simple, quick setup allows users to start exercising without delays.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Provides a noise-free environment, perfect for home use.
  • Robust Stability: Triangular frame design ensures a secure workout platform.
  • Technological Integration: Bluetooth APP connection and electronic LED monitor for tracking progress.
  • Customisable Workouts: 100 resistance levels cater to all fitness levels for tailored exercise routines.
  • Limited Workout Programs: Some users may desire more variety in pre-set exercise options.
  • App Compatibility: May require specific apps for optimal experience, potentially limiting some users.
Runner up
Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6i

Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6i

Superlative HIIT companion for effective workouts.

Sturdy, silent, and versatile, the Schwinn Fitness Airdyne Bike is perfect for fitness enthusiasts seeking a challenging HIIT regimen that also prioritises quiet operation and compact design for home use.

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Max user weight: 136 kg
Resistance: Air resistance mechanism
Display: LCD type
Assembly: Included tools, user manual
Why this made our roundup: Features single-stage belt drive for a quieter workout experience.

Offering a superior workout experience, this exercise bike boasts a range of impressive features, including tough fan resistance, perfect for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Its robust construction ensures stability, while adjustable feet adapt to uneven surfaces. The bike's versatility allows for both arm and leg exercises, addressing diverse fitness goals. Moreover, the quiet fan ensures a peaceful workout, ideal for shared living spaces. The build quality guarantees durability, and the easy assembly and detailed console stats enhance the user experience.

However, it's not without its flaws. Users have reported issues with the flywheel and pedal shifting. The heart rate monitor has been found to be inconsistent and the stock seat uncomfortable. The display, while useful, lacks a backlight, which could be a problem in low-light settings.

Compared to other upright exercise bikes, this one stands out for its intense fan resistance, versatile exercise options, and sturdy build. But potential buyers should be aware of the internal component issues and inconsistent heart rate monitoring.

In conclusion, this exercise bike provides a robust workout experience, particularly suitable for HIIT enthusiasts and those seeking a varied exercise regime. Despite some drawbacks, its impressive features and build quality make it a worthwhile investment for people dedicated to achieving their fitness goals.

  • Great for HIIT: Offers infinite resistance levels for various workout intensities.
  • Sturdy construction: Stable with adjustable feet, even on uneven floors.
  • Versatile workouts: Supports both upper and lower body exercises.
  • Quiet operation: Features a frictionless fan for a noiseless workout.
  • Quality and ease: Excellent build quality and easy assembly process.
  • Internal components: Some users report internal flywheel and pedal issues.
  • Heart rate monitor: Heart rate readings may be inconsistent.
  • Seat comfort: The default seat could be uncomfortable for some users.
Dripex Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

Dripex Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

Excellent Budget Spin Bike with Sturdy Build and Smooth Operation

This Dripex budget spin bike offers a sturdy 1.8mm heavy-duty steel frame, adjustable magnetic resistance, and a comfortable seat, making it an ideal choice for home use. It's best for individuals looking for a durable and silent workout bike.

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Resistance type: Magnetic
Flywheel weight: 35 lbs
Display / Console: LCD display with time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, and pulse
Max User Weight: 350 lbs
Why this made our roundup: The Dripex spin bike offers a sturdy build, smooth pedaling, and adjustable magnetic resistance, making it a reliable and quiet option for home workouts.

Impeccably crafted, this exercise bike offers a sturdy, stable option for at-home workouts. Adequately equipped with built-in wheels for effortless mobility, a handy drink holder for hydration during rigorous sessions, a robust 1.8mm heavy-duty steel frame and a 35-pound flywheel for safety and stability, it caters to users up to a height of 6’3".

However, it doesn't come without its shortcomings. The lack of an RPM sensor and unmarked resistance knob can be hindrances. The handlebar design limits certain riding positions, whilst the bike computer's placement might obstruct an iPad on the tray. Plus, anyone over 6’1" might find the seat height insufficient for comfortable use.

When juxtaposed with its counterparts, this model shines with its heavy-duty steel frame, high weight limit, and smooth, silent magnetic resistance. However, the absence of features like an RPM sensor and clear resistance calibration might deter some users.

Overall, it's a robust, well-constructed option with practical features like a drink holder and easy manoeuvrability. The lack of an RPM sensor and unmarked resistance knob, however, should be taken into account by potential buyers. On the whole, it's suited for people seeking a durable and stable exercise bike for home use.

  • Sturdy and Silent: Users appreciate the bike's robust build and quiet operation, suitable for late-night or early-morning workouts.
  • Smooth Pedaling: The bike provides a smooth and comfortable pedaling experience, contributing to an enjoyable workout session.
  • Easy Assembly: Customers find the assembly process relatively simple, with clear instructions and all necessary tools provided.
  • Good Resistance Range: The bike offers a good range of resistance levels, catering to both beginners and seasoned cyclists.
  • Basic but Effective Panel: The included panel tracks essential workout metrics accurately, providing useful feedback for users.
  • Uncomfortable Handlebars and Seat: Some users find the handlebars and seat uncomfortable, requiring additional padding for a more pleasant experience.
  • Limited Assembly Instructions: The setup instructions are reported to be minimal, leading to initial confusion for some users.
  • Lack of RPM Sensor: The absence of an RPM sensor may be a drawback for individuals accustomed to spin classes reliant on this metric.
Joroto X2 Exercise Bike

Joroto X2 Exercise Bike

An exemplary cycle for home cardio workouts.

Sturdy, reliable, and equipped with smart features, the JOROTO X2 Pro is ideal for home fitness aficionados seeking a premium cycling experience.

Save £100.00 TodayRRP £239.99
£139.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 29th May, 00:42:19

Max user weight: 136 kg
Resistance: 7 magnets, micro-adjustable
Display: Digital monitor tracking speed, time, calories, distance
Assembly: Easy with clear instructions and included tools
Why this made our roundup: The JOROTO X2 Pro is CE & EN ISO20957 Standard Safety Compliant.

The Joroto X2 Exercise Bike for Home Use - 136kg Weight Capacity & Magnetic Resistance &16kg Flywheel & Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is a robust exercise equipment that delivers a highly personalised workout experience. Its easy setup, quiet operation, and impressive compatibility with a variety of accessories are standout features. The quality of customer service enhances the user experience, making it an appealing choice for many.

However, the bike is not without flaws. Its 16kg flywheel might prove to be a challenge for some users, and there have been reports of initial assembly difficulties and monitor issues. Some users may also find the resistance adjustment precision and accessory availability to be lacking.

In comparison to other upright bikes, this model certainly stands out due to its sturdy build, customisability, and superior customer service. Despite a few drawbacks, its overall value and high-quality components make it an attractive option for fitness enthusiasts seeking a versatile home workout solution.

In conclusion, despite a few shortcomings, the benefits of this exercise bike make it a worthy investment for those eager to achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their home.

  • Easy assembly: Users can expect rapid setup with user-friendly instructions and necessary tools included.
  • Sturdy build: Constructed with a solid frame for enhanced stability and extended durability.
  • Adjustable features: Seat, handlebars, and tablet bracket adjustments cater to users of varying heights and preferences.
  • Quiet operation: Features a belt drive and magnetic resistance for a smooth and silent ride.
  • Excellent customer service: Responsive support and efficient resolution of issues ensure user satisfaction.
  • Heavy flywheel: The 16kg flywheel may be too intense for some, making pedaling less comfortable.
  • Assembly complexity: Despite generally easy assembly, pedal installation instructions could be improved.
  • Monitor issues: Some users report challenges with the monitor's readability and functionality.
Jll® IC350 PRO Indoor Bike

Jll® IC350 PRO Indoor Bike

Superb choice for home cycling workouts.

Sturdy, reliable and offering a whisper-quiet cycling experience with adjustable comforts, this bike suits users of all sizes and is an excellent investment.

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Max user weight: 125 kg
Resistance: Magnetic
Display: Monitor with multiple functions
Assembly: Quick, around 30 minutes
Why this made our roundup: Boasts a direct belt drive system for a realistic biking sensation.

Exuding robustness, the bike in question delivers a superior spinning journey. Its noise-free, effortless magnetic resistance paired with snug handlebars, pedals, and saddle ensures an enjoyable ride. The adjustable seating and handlebar height accommodate a range of users, while the assembly is a breeze, taking a mere 30 minutes. Stability even during high-intensity standing workouts, excellent customer service, and secure delivery add to its appeal.

However, it's not devoid of imperfections. The computer display is of inferior quality, featuring complex functions and inaccurate readings. Limited storage for personal items and an uncomfortable seat needing extra cushioning are other drawbacks. Issues with packaging aesthetics are also noted.

Compared to counterparts, the bike strikes a competitive balance between sturdiness, fluid resistance, and comfort. It offers superior spinning experience but falls short on display functionality and storage. Its quick assembly, stability, and great customer service make it a viable option.

Despite a subpar display, limited storage, and seating discomfort, the bike provides a stable, smooth ride and efficient customer service. It's a worthy contender for people seeking a budget-friendly and reliable upright exercise bike.

  • Stability: Solid construction ensures durability and stability during high-intensity workouts.
  • Quiet operation: Magnetic resistance provides a seamless and noiseless ride.
  • Comfort: Adjustable features and comfortable touchpoints allow for a customisable cycling session.
  • Assembly: Easy and fast assembly process, with most users able to set it up within half an hour.
  • Customer service: Efficient and responsive support for any arising issues.
  • Computer display: The included monitor is complex with inaccurate readings and unnecessary extras.
  • Storage space: Limited area for personal items and small bottle holder.
Peloton Bike+

Peloton Bike+

Advanced technology meets fitness excellence.

Sturdy, reliable and technologically advanced, the Peloton Bike+ is ideal for home fitness enthusiasts seeking a premium cycling experience.

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Max user weight: 135 kg
Resistance: 100 levels
Display: 24" diagonal touchscreen
Assembly: Self-assembly, toolkit included
Why this made our roundup: Experience a plethora of live and on-demand classes with the Peloton Bike+, defining modern home cardio workouts.

Unpacking the merits of the 'Peloton Bike+ | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with 24” HD', it's evident it revolutionises cardio workouts. It delivers an immersive total-body experience, transitioning smoothly from cycling to strength training, yoga, and more. Its compact design with adjustable features fit various home settings, while the 360° rotating screen and top-notch speakers bring a studio-quality workout home. Boasting a range of classes and inspiring instructors, it offers a versatile workout solution for people of all ages.

Regrettably, some users have reported delays in receiving the activation code needed to access its content. Furthermore, the combined cost of the bike, accessories, and subscription can be daunting for some.

When comparing with traditional upright exercise bikes, it distinguishes itself with its immersive technology, broad class range, and motivating instructors. The compact size and versatility make it ideal for home use, offering a comprehensive fitness solution that transcends conventional cycling.

In conclusion, this bike provides a transformative cardio workout experience, catering to diverse fitness needs and home environments. Despite the initial investment and potential activation code delays, its immersive technology, flexible classes, and motivating instructors make it a compelling choice for those looking for a high-quality workout from home.

  • Immersive technology: Features a 24" rotating touchscreen for diverse workout experiences.
  • Compact design: Small-space friendly with adjustable components for user comfort.
  • Extensive class variety: Access to thousands of classes with Peloton All-Access Membership.
  • Superior sound system: Enhanced audio with 2.2-channel rear- and front-facing speakers.
  • Compatibility: Syncs with Apple Watch and Android devices for performance tracking.
  • Delayed activation code: Hindered start due to potential wait times for activation code.
  • High initial cost: Price point and necessary accessories could be a barrier for some.
Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike

Superb quality at a competitive price.

Sturdy, reliable, and whisper-quiet, JOROTO's magnetic resistance bike is ideal for all users seeking a seamless home workout experience.

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Max user weight: 136 kg
Resistance: Magnetic
Display: LCD
Assembly: Quick with video guidance
Why this made our roundup: The JOROTO X1P features an upgraded 11.8’’ tablet bracket to support a range of devices during workouts.

After careful evaluation, the 2023 model of an upright Exercise Bike made a lasting impression with its sturdy build and smooth operation. Its robust construction ensures it can accommodate users of varying weights, thereby creating a secure and confidence-boosting workout environment. The convenience of assembly, further facilitated by comprehensive instructional videos, allows for an effortless setup and prompt workout commencement.

The ride quality is smooth and engaging, making workouts enjoyable rather than daunting. Its value as an entry-level stationary bike is commendable due to its solid build and performance. The swift processing and delivery, coupled with secure packaging, solidify its position as a reliable workout partner.

However, some shortcomings were noted during the review. The saddle might not cater to everyone's comfort, and its adjustability is limited. Moreover, the absence of specific training programs on the display might deter some users. Labelled assembly parts could enhance the user experience, and tall users might struggle with optimal saddle adjustment.

Despite the minor setbacks, this exercise bike triumphs over its counterparts with its solidity, seamless operation, and user-friendly assembly, making it a worthwhile investment. The saddle comfort, adjustability, and programming might require improvement, but overall, it promises a reliable and enjoyable workout experience, making it a great choice for home workouts.

  • Sturdy Build: Heavy-duty steel frame ensures stability and supports up to 136 kg.
  • Quiet Operation: Magnetic resistance provides a smooth and silent ride.
  • Adjustability: 4-way adjustable handlebar and seat cater to users of various heights.
  • Assembly Ease: Comes with helpful video instructions for a hassle-free setup.
  • Monitor & Tablet Mount: Large bracket and LCD monitor track workout metrics effectively.
  • Seat Comfort: Some users may find the saddle hard and consider replacing it.
  • Adjustability Limits: The bike could offer better saddle adjustment for taller users.
Dripex Exercise Bike

Dripex Exercise Bike

Exceptional quality for dedicated cyclists.

Sturdy, reliable, and packed with adjustable features, the Dripex upright exercise bike is perfect for users seeking a premium home workout experience without breaking the bank.

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Max user weight: 150 kg
Resistance: 100-level magnetic resistance
Display: LCD monitor
Assembly: Easy, approx. 30 min
Why this made our roundup: With a 100-level magnetic resistance, the Dripex bike caters to all intensities of cycling workouts from warm-ups to high-intensity sessions.

Upon examining this home exercise bike, it's evident that it provides an array of notable features to suit diverse user requirements. The quick delivery time was a pleasant surprise, exceeding initial expectations. The bike's superior, well-crafted finish and robust, noiseless operation make it perfect for home workouts. The effortless cycling motion and adjustable settings ensure a pleasant and effective exercise session, making it ideal for family use.

This bike impresses with its ability to comfortably support heavier users and its compact size, making it a practical choice for home gyms. It offers excellent value for money and superior customer service, guaranteeing a positive experience overall.

However, there were some challenges, including seat adjustments for taller people, and the design of the seat and pedals could be uncomfortable for some. Occasional noise issues were also noted. Despite these minor issues, the bike remains a strong contender in the market, delivering efficient workouts and good value for money.

When compared to other upright exercise bikes, the bike stands out due to its sturdy construction, quiet operation, and exceptional customer service. Its ability to accommodate heavier users and its compact design add to its appeal.

In conclusion, the exercise bike offers rapid delivery, superior design, and sturdy, quiet operation, making it ideal for home use. Despite some challenges with seat adjustments, discomfort with seat and pedal design, and occasional noise, it provides excellent support for heavier users and efficient workouts. It offers good value for money and unparalleled customer service.

In summary, this exercise bike is a recommended choice for people seeking a reliable, versatile, and space-saving option for home workouts. Its robust construction, quiet operation, and customizable settings make it a valuable addition to any home gym setup.
  • Quick delivery: Exceeds delivery expectations with prompt arrival.
  • High-quality design: Well-crafted with a superior finish.
  • Solid and quiet operation: Stable and produces minimal noise.
  • Adjustable settings: Offers smooth cycling with customizable features.
  • Excellent value: Reasonably priced with robust features.
  • Seat adjustment issues: May not accommodate taller users comfortably.
  • Uncomfortable seat and pedals: Design could be improved for better comfort.
  • Noise development: Some units may develop sounds after use.
Labgrey Exercise Bike

Labgrey Exercise Bike

Best Budget Spin Bike with Magnetic Resistance

Ideal for home workouts, offering easy assembly, responsive customer service, and quiet operation. Its sturdy build and variable difficulty adjustment make it suitable for users of all fitness levels.

Check Latest Price
Resistance type: Magnetic
Flywheel weight: 35 pounds
Display / Console: Digital LCD monitor with heart rate sensor
Max User Weight: 300 pounds
Why this made our roundup: The LABGREY spin bike provides a powerful magnetic resistance system, intelligent fitness monitoring, and a quiet, stationary ride.

As seasoned fitness equipment reviewers, we've conducted an in-depth analysis of a renowned fitness bike. Our experts have been impressed by its easy-to-assemble nature, comforting seat, and responsive customer service. The robust construction offers a stable and quiet exercise experience, while the magnetic resistance system ensures smooth, adjustable workouts. Its compact design coupled with compatibility with various accessories and fitness apps provides versatility, making it an ideal choice for home cardio sessions.

However, it's worth noting that this fitness bike may not be suitable for taller individuals, and its size and cost could be seen as drawbacks. Furthermore, it lacks advanced programming features and occasional technical hitches with the heart rate sensor may discourage some users.

When compared with similar fitness bikes, this model excels with its solid build, magnetic resistance system, and versatile adjustability. However, potential customers should be aware of its limitations for taller users and potentially higher investment due to its premium pricing.

In conclusion, this fitness bike delivers engaging workouts with realistic inertia and broad compatibility. Despite a few shortcomings, it remains a persuasive option for people looking for a sturdy, customizable fitness bike for home-based cardio workouts.

  • Easy Assembly: Users appreciate the bike's ease of assembly, taking only 50-60 minutes to put together.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Customers praise the manufacturer for their quick and helpful responses to any issues or questions.
  • Quiet Operation: Users find the bike to be quiet and smooth in operation, making it suitable for home use.
  • Variable Difficulty Adjustment: The bike's variable resistance allows for easy adjustments to fit any fitness level.
  • Sturdy Build: Customers are satisfied with the bike's solid and sturdy construction, ensuring durability and stability during use.
  • Limited Height Adjustment: Some users find the seat height and position inadequate for taller individuals, causing discomfort and a need for additional adjustments.
  • Faulty Heart Rate Sensors: Several customers have experienced issues with the heart rate sensors, which stopped working after a few weeks of use.
  • Inconvenient Battery Replacement: Users find it inconvenient to remove the computer for battery replacement, suggesting a more user-friendly solution such as a rechargeable battery.
Pyhigh Magnetic Stationary Exercise Bike

Pyhigh Magnetic Stationary Exercise Bike

An exceptional bike for home fitness enthusiasts.

Sturdy, reliable, and packed with features, the PYHIGH bike suits both beginners and advanced users seeking a premium home workout without breaking the bank.

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Max user weight: 136 kg
Resistance: Magnetic, adjustable
Display: LCD monitor (tracks time, speed, distance, calories)
Assembly: Easy with online instruction videos
Why this made our roundup: Includes a tablet holder for entertainment during workouts.

Experiencing the Pyhigh Magnetic Stationary Exercise Bike, you'll find it offers a smooth, quiet ride with a robust, sleek design. Its easy assembly and handy tablet holder make it a practical choice for home fitness. The solid construction, bolstered by a stable frame and good finishing, ensures lasting quality. The adjustable resistance and included accessories add versatility for a range of workout routines.

Despite its strengths, there are points of contention. The handlebar design has been called into question, with some users finding it uncomfortable. There are reported inconsistencies with the resistance knob, and the monitor's functionality is limited, displaying speed solely in kilometres. The tablet holder, while useful, has been criticised for being flimsy.

When compared with similar models, this bike holds its own. It offers solid construction, comfort, and value for money. Although it has few drawbacks, including a limited-function monitor and a less-than-sturdy tablet holder, it outshines many competitors in overall performance and flexibility.

The final verdict? Despite minor limitations in handlebar design, tension adjustments, and monitor functionality, it's a worthy investment for people seeking a reliable, adaptable home workout machine.

  • Easy assembly: Clear instructions lead to a hassle-free setup.
  • Quiet operation: Belt-driven system ensures a noiseless workout.
  • Sturdy frame: A thickened steel frame provides stability and durability.
  • Comfortable seating: The bike includes a wide, plush saddle.
  • Value for money: Offers premium features at an affordable price.
  • Limited handlebar adjustability: Some users may find the handlebar design less ergonomic.
  • Inconsistent resistance: The tension adjustments can be unpredictable.
  • Basic monitor: The display is limited to showing speed in kilometers.

What do you think is the best upright bike for home exercise? Got some gear you’d like to shout about? Let us know in the comments!