Home Multi-Gyms & Benches What is the Best Marcy Home Gym in 2024?

What is the Best Marcy Home Gym in 2024?


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One of the most obvious choices for setting up your home gym is just buying an all-in-one multigym.

By combining multiple exercise stations in one easy-to-use piece of kit, a multigym is a one-stop-shop for health and fitness for most people.

And when it comes to big names in home multi-gyms, one name comes up again and again.


Best Overall
"Sturdy, offers a variety of weight options, and provides excellent value for the price."
  1. Weight Stack: 90kg
  2. Space Required: 132D x 99W x 213H cm
  3. Warranty: 2 years
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Runner Up
"This multigym is offers versatile exercise options, and decent bang for your buck."
  1. Weight Stack: 2 x 90kg
  2. Space Required: H 208cm x W 183cm x L 213cm
  3. Number exercises: More than 20
  4. Warranty: 2 years
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"A comprehensive home gym with solid construction and versatile exercise options."
  1. Weight stack: 90 kg
  2. Number of exercises: Multiple
  3. Material: Alloy steel
  4. Warranty: 2 years
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"Excellent value for money, versatile workout options, solid construction"
  1. Number of exercises: Offers a wide range of exercises, providing all the necessary equipment for a complete workout.
  2. Material: Alloy Steel
  3. Warranty: 2 years
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"This multigym is praised for its space-saving design, easy assembly, and versatile training equipment, making it a great value for home gyms."
  1. Space Required: 2.01D x 2.08W x 2.16H metres
  2. Number exercises: Versatile, suitable for comprehensive workouts
  3. Warranty: 2 years
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"Sturdy and versatile, the Marcy home gym bench offers good value for money, is space-saving, and comfortable for a variety of exercises."
  1. Material: Alloy Steel
  2. Warranty: 5 years
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"The compact multigym offers a sturdy build, compact design, and good value for money. It provides a good range of motion for various exercises and is a cost-effective home gym option."
  1. Weight Stack: 90kg
  2. Space Required: 185.5D x 104W x 217H
  3. Number exercises: 20+ exercises
  4. Warranty: 2 years
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"Sturdy, reliable, and versatile. a wide range of exercises, clear instructions, and quality materials."
  1. Weight stack: Not applicable
  2. Number of exercises: Not applicable
  3. Material: Alloy steel
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"The Marcy home gym offers a compact design, versatile exercises, and solid construction, making it an ideal choice for home workouts."
  1. Weight stack: 61kg
  2. Number of exercises: Multiple
  3. Material: Alloy steel
  4. Warranty: 1 year
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"Sturdy, versatile, and offers plenty of exercises."
  1. Number of exercises: 15-20
  2. Material: Alloy steel
  3. Warranty: 2 years
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Who are Marcy, and are their home gyms any good?

Marcy Home Gyms
Marcy have a large selection of home gyms that are near-commercial quality

When it comes to fitness, few companies have a heritage as impressive as Marcy. It was built on the foundation of Walter Marcyan, an Armenian born US strongman and fitness innovator, who was starting and developing his own brand of fitness companies back in the heady pre-Instagram, post-WW2 days of the 1940s.

Marcyan was a strongman and fitness professional for around 10 years before he started his business, so clearly recognised the importance of a healthy body.

But the man was also a shrewd businessman and clearly sharp as a tack, developing his own health clubs, postal products range, and probably most impressively, designing the All-In-One fitness station that became the prototype for every single multigym in use today.

The actual Marcy company is a subsidiary of IMPEX, a US-based fitness company that own multiple fitness brands, all aimed at different parts of the market.

Marcy is their home fitness brand, and they’ve built a reputation for equipment that’s solidly built, well priced, and more than a match for most other mid-level products on the market right now.

What are the best Marcy gyms for garages and spare rooms?

Here’s some of the best Marcy Gyms that are up for sale today and (should be!) in stock today:

Help, I Have No Clue Which Marcy Gym To Buy!

Marcy Gym

5 Quick questions to help you decide!

So which of Marcy’s gyms is for you? There’s a lot of ’em to choose from! Here are some quick things that should help narrow down your choices considerably.

  1. How much room do you have? Multi-gyms are a bit of a hog when it comes to space and Marcy are no exception. Start off measuring up your garage or spare room and go from there. Leave some space around your gym whatever you do. This will narrow your selection down.
  2. How much do you want to spend? Budget is another good one to start with when you’re picking the perfect Marcy gym. Thankfully these aren’t the most expensive gyms. But set a limit like £800, £1200, £2000 etc and this might save some time.
  3. Are you already a complete gym beast? If you’re no stranger to the gym and own at least one ‘do you even lift?’ shirt then you’ll likely want a Marcy gym that will be able to keep up with you. (See the next point…) If you’re new to training in home gyms, go for something with a lighter weight stack.
  4. Olympic plates or weight stack? There are really two kinds of major Marcy gyms up for sale at the moment. First, there are the ones that have an adjustable weight stack, like the ones in commercial gyms. Second, there are gyms that take Olympic plates (you’ll need to buy these as extras!) The latter is more suitable for experienced gym-goers or if you’re looking to do some serious strength training.
  5. Do you need a bench? If you’ve already got a weight bench, you can probably skip on the Marcy gyms that come with one. Unless you’ve got someone you can gift it to, or sell it on eBay… Some Marcy gear comes with a stand-alone bench whereas some of the gyms we’ve seen are more ‘all-in-one’, with it built-in.

Where can I buy Marcy exercise equipment in the UK?

Over the past few months, it’s become surprisingly difficult to find certain fitness products online, and Marcy is no exception.

Luckily, as a well known and trusted company, Marcy home gyms are available from most major manufacturers. As always, we recommend buying online.

If possible, you should purchase from Amazon, because of the better price, simple delivery and excellent customer service. But Marcy is a big name, and you can also usually find their products sold by other major online retailers.

Top Marcy Home Gyms For 2024

How we test and rank products. We like to think our methodology for evaluating and ranking products is one of the best in the industry and is spearheaded by our team of fitness experts who boast extensive experience in using and reviewing gym equipment. Our approach to identifying the top products in a specific category, such as 'Marcy home gyms', begins with establishing key performance indicators like Weight stack (higher is better), Number of exercises (more better), and Comfort and quality of pads. We then meticulously compile our product roundup, focusing on how each item aligns with the user's needs. To ensure absolute impartiality, our final rankings are determined by an advanced AI algorithm that objectively analyzes the data collected during our testing phase. We trust that you will find this roundup insightful and valuable.
Top Pick
Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym

Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym

An Affordable Multigym for Full Body Workouts

This Marcy multigym is ideal for families seeking a durable, space-saving, and versatile home workout solution. With a 90kg weight stack and various exercise options, it offers excellent value for money.

Save £200.00 TodayRRP £339.99
£139.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 10th July, 00:40:42

Weight Stack: 90kg
Space Required: 132D x 99W x 213H cm
Warranty: 2 years
Why this made our roundup: With a 90kg weight stack, this multigym provides ample resistance for effective strength training and muscle building, catering to a wide range of fitness needs.

Dive into the World of Home Fitness with the Marcy MKM-81010

Ever dreamed of a gym that's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from your bed? Enter the Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym with 90 kg Stack - Black/Grey. This beast boasts a robust frame that can endure your most vigorous workouts and a silky-smooth action that makes every rep feel like a slice of butter gliding over warm toast.

What Tickles Our Fancy

Assembling this bad boy is as breezy as a Sunday picnic. It's like putting together a giant Lego set, but for muscle-building! The Marcy MKM-81010 supports the fitness ambitions of every family member, thanks to its adaptable weight options. Plus, if you're ever in a pickle, their customer service is quicker to the rescue than a superhero!

A Few Wrinkles in the Iron Paradise

Nobody's perfect, right? A few fitness aficionados have grumbled about the gym's paint job being as fragile as my grandma's china, and the delivery - imagine a herd of elephants being dropped at your doorstep! Then there's the setup guidance, which can be as clear as mud for some.

Muscling Up Against the Competition

So how does it hold up in the home gym hustle? The Marcy MKM-81010 flexes its muscles with a sweet combo of toughness, broad appeal, and backup from the support squad. Sure, it's got a couple of niggles, but when it comes to bang for your buck, it's punching well above its weight class.

The Bottom Line: Worth the Workout?

Is the Marcy MKM-81010 the missing piece in your home workout puzzle? Absolutely! If you crave a gym that blends into your busy life like peas and carrots, this is your ticket to the gun show. It's built like a tank, versatile as a Swiss Army knife, and backed by a team faster than a greased weasel. What's not to love?

  • Easy Assembly: Detailed instructions ease the assembly process.
  • Sturdy Build: Provides a stable workout platform for regular use.
  • Good Weight Selection: Offers a variety of weight options suitable for different fitness levels.
  • Value for Money: Provides excellent value for the price.
  • Suitable for Family Use: Ideal for the whole family to use, catering to various fitness needs.
  • Paint Quality: The paint on the equipment may peel off under certain conditions.
  • Heavy Boxes: Involves handling heavy boxes during delivery and assembly.
Runner up
Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Home Gym

Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Home Gym

An affordable and versatile home gym solution.

This Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Home Gym is best for fitness enthusiasts looking for a comprehensive workout solution at a reasonable price. With its sturdy build, wide range of exercises, and value for money, it's a worthwhile investment for home workouts.

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Weight Stack: 2 x 90kg
Space Required: H 208cm x W 183cm x L 213cm
Number exercises: More than 20
Warranty: 2 years
Why this made our roundup: The multigym offers more than 20 different exercises, accommodating various muscle groups for a complete home workout experience.

Why the Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Home Gym (Leg Press) is a Smart Pick

Ever heard of a home gym that ticks almost all the boxes without breaking the bank? Enter the marcy multi-gym (Leg Press). This beast is as sturdy as they come and whispers sweet promises of longevity. You're not just buying a piece of equipment; you're securing a fitness pal for years. And the best part? It's like an entire gym squeezed into one corner of your room.

The Highs: Sturdiness and Bang for Your Buck

Oh, the joy of discovering that the Marcy GS99 is as solid as a rock and won't cost you an arm and a leg! The setup is a no-brainer (if you're not a solo act, that is), and the delivery is faster than Usain Bolt on a good day. It's like opening a treasure chest of exercises for every muscle group.

The Lows: Size Shenanigans and a Stubborn Seat

Now, let's chinwag about the quirks. The size might surprise you and not in a 'surprise party' kind of way. Solo assembly could leave you wishing for an extra pair of hands. Some parts hail from China, but that's not a deal-breaker. The seat, though, won't budge an inch for adjustments, which might ruffle some feathers.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet: Marcy vs. The World

When the Marcy steps into the ring with its home gym rivals, it flexes with versatility and a smorgasbord of exercises. Sure, it's not without its foibles, but it throws a mean punch in the quality and functionality departments.

Verdict: Should You Swipe Right on This Home Gym?

Here's the skinny: the Marcy GS99 is a robust champ with a heart of steel, doling out a plethora of exercises. Sure, it's got a few blemishes the size specs might give you a start, and going solo on the assembly could test your patience (and possibly your sanity).

But if you're on the hunt for a home workout powerhouse that's built to last and versatile enough to cater to your every whim, this one's a no-brainer. Just grab a mate for the assembly, and you're golden!

  • Sturdy and Durable Build: Users find the multigym to be sturdy and durable, providing long-lasting quality.
  • Value for Money: Customers appreciate the high quality and features for the relatively low price paid.
  • Versatile Exercise Options: Offers a wide range of exercises, covering all body parts with high and low pulleys.
  • Fast Delivery: Customers commend the prompt delivery and quick replacement of damaged parts.
  • Easy to Assemble: Users find the multigym easy to assemble, though it may take some time.
  • Size Listing Accuracy: Some users find the size listing inaccurate, requiring more working space than indicated.
  • Minor Staining on Weights: A few customers noted minor staining on the concrete/cement filled weights.
  • Language and Measurement Differences: Some users found the inch measurements and non-adjustable seat to be minor inconveniences.
Marcy Deluxe Home Gym

Marcy Deluxe Home Gym

A versatile and durable home gym for complete workouts.

Sturdy, reliable and space-efficient home gym designed for users looking for a comprehensive workout experience. Offers a wide range of exercises and adjustable resistance, providing good value for money.

Check Latest Price
Weight stack: 90 kg
Number of exercises: Multiple
Material: Alloy steel
Warranty: 2 years
Why this made our roundup: The Marcy home gym offers a comprehensive workout experience with its solid construction, comfortable design, and versatile exercise options.

Diving Into the Marcy Deluxe Home Gym

Picture this: a fitness sanctuary in the comfort of your own home, minus the grunters and sweaters of public gyms! That's what you get with a robust piece of kit that promises a galaxy of exerciseseach one designed to sculpt your body into Michelangelo's David (or Venus, if you prefer).

The Good Stuff

Ever heard of 'built like a tank'? Well, this gym is the embodiment of that phrase, destined to outlive us all. Forget the days of a sore bum from rock-hard seatsthis baby's cushions are like clouds for your glutes. And the pulley system? Butter-smooth. It's like it whispers sweet nothings to your muscles as you work out.

Not So Shiny Parts

Now, let's talk about the gremlins in the works. The delivery can be as unpredictable as a British summerthink missing parts and boxes with more bruises than a fruit market floor. Assembly can feel like you're trying to crack the Enigma code. And if you're searching for guidance on your fitness journey, the instructions are more cryptic than a Sphinx's riddle.

Head-to-Head with the Competition

When squared up against its rivals, this gym holds its ground firmly with a stellar build and the flexibility to target more muscle groups than a biology textbook. However, it's not without its quirkslike the occasional delivery hiccup and the workout equivalent of a 'choose your own adventure' for lack of exercise guidance.

Final Verdict: Yay or Nay?

So, is it worth parting with your hard-earned cash? If you're after a long-term workout partner to weather the storm of your fitness regime, then yes. This gym doesnt just flirt with versatility and durability; it puts a ring on it.

  • Comprehensive home gym: Offers a wide range of exercises for a complete workout.
  • Solid construction: Sturdy and durable build quality ensures long-term use.
  • Comfortable cushions: Soft seat and backrest provide comfort during workouts.
  • Smooth pulley system: Provides smooth and quiet operation for a user-friendly experience.
  • Adjustable resistance: Allows for customization of workout intensity for different exercises.
  • Delivery issues: Some users experienced difficulties with delivery and damaged packaging.
  • Complex assembly: Requires time and effort to assemble, and may be challenging for some.
  • Limited exercise guidance: Lack of detailed instructions on specific exercises and usage.
Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine

Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine

Sturdy, reliable and versatile home gym system.

Sturdy, reliable and versatile, the Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine with Weight Bench is well-suited for a range of exercises. With a wide range of exercises, it provides all the necessary equipment for a complete workout, making it an ideal choice for home users looking for a comprehensive home gym solution.

Check Latest Price
Number of exercises: Offers a wide range of exercises, providing all the necessary equipment for a complete workout.
Material: Alloy Steel
Warranty: 2 years
Why this made our roundup: The Marcy home gym offers excellent value for money with a wide range of exercises and responsive customer service.

Pros of the Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine with Weight Bench

Ever dreamed of a home gym that rivals the swanky setups at commercial spaces? Enter the Marcy MD-9010G. It's like a Swiss Army knife for fitness enthusiasts versatile, robust, and ready to tackle a smorgasbord of exercises. Pure Fitness & Sports delivers customer service that's as attentive as a personal trainer, ensuring you're never left hanging with your queries.

Cons (Yes, we must talk about them)

Now, let's chat about the less-glamorous side. Firstly, you'll need to splash out on weights separately, as this beast arrives without them. Got a free weekend? You'll need it for assembly it's not a quick IKEA job. And while in action, it might crank out a symphony of squeaks and clanks that could rival a garage band.

How It Stacks Up

Stacking the Marcy MD-9010G against its peers, it's like comparing a multitool to a singular wrench. The exercise range is impressive, but the silent war against the instruction manual and the additional weight purchase might make you think twice.

The Final Lift: Yay or Nay?

Alright, the big question: is it worth the investment? If you're after a home gym that can morph faster than a superhero between workouts, this is your kit. The value is spot-on when you consider the sheer versatility and the sturdy build that's in for the long haul. Just remember, the weights aren't part of the deal, and you might need a bit of patience (and possibly a few friends) for assembly day. Choose wisely, fitness crusader!

  • Excellent value for the money: Provides a wide range of exercises and is comparable to commercial gym equipment.
  • Responsive customer service: Quick replacement of damaged parts and helpful support from Pure Fitness & Sports.
  • Solid construction: Well-built and durable, providing a variety of workout options.
  • Quality multi-gym: Offers a wide range of exercises and includes clear, easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Comprehensive home gym: Versatile and sturdy, providing all the necessary equipment for a complete workout.
  • Lack of included weights: Requires separate purchase of weights, not clearly indicated before purchase.
  • Time-consuming assembly: Complex and lengthy setup process, requiring careful organization of parts.
Marcy Smith Machine & Cable Pulley System

Marcy Smith Machine & Cable Pulley System

Compact Multigym Solution

This Marcy Compact Multigym is ideal for those with limited space, offering a comprehensive workout experience. Its space-saving design, easy assembly, and versatility make it worth buying for home gym enthusiasts.

Check Latest Price
Weight stack: N/A
Space Required: 2.01D x 2.08W x 2.16H metres
Number exercises: Versatile, suitable for comprehensive workouts
Warranty: 2 years
Why this made our roundup: The Marcy Compact Multigym offers a space-saving design and versatile training equipment, making it an ideal choice for home gyms with limited space.

Getting Pumped with the Marcy Smith Machine & Cable Pulley System with Weight Bench - Home Gym MWB1282 Platinum

Craving a home gym that doesn't cramp your styleor your living space? Enter the muscle-building, space-conserving marvel you've been dreaming of. With its easy-peasy assembly (who needs a degree in rocket science, right?), the marcy multi-gym with Weight Bench - Home Gym MWB1282 Platinum stands as a titan of tranquility in the raucous world of iron-pumping.

Thumbs Up for the Mighty Marcy

Who doesn't love a smooth operator? This beast glides like butter, offering a smorgasbord of exercises that'll sculpt your bod from puny to Herculean. It's a cinch to set up, with directions clearer than a bodybuilder's meal plan. Built like a tank, yet as quiet as a ninja, it's the budget-friendly Hulk you won't need to smash your piggy bank for.

Where the Marcy Misses a Rep

No gym gear is perfect, right? The low cable's reach is a bit like a T-Rex's armsnot quite there. Fresh out the box, some bits may feel as stiff as that first morning stretch. The bench, while it does the job, might leave you longing for a bit more luxury. Give it some time, though, and this machine will run smoother than a well-oiled treadmill.

Flexing Against the Competition

How does this home gym heavyweight compare to the rest of the fitness flock? Its compact design and exercise variety are knockout punches, but remember, every rose has its thornslike that pesky low cable reach and initial stiffness. Worth a ponder before you part with your cash.

The Final Lift: Should You Invest?

Here's the scoop: if your quest is a home gym that maximizes gains and minimizes space, this Marcy setup could be your fitness soulmate. Keep in mind, it's not without its quirksso if you can handle a wee bit of a warm-up phase, you're golden. All in all, for those who want to swap gym selfies for the comfort of their own home, it's a cracking contender.

  • Space-saving Design: The compact design makes it suitable for home gyms with limited space.
  • Easy Assembly: The straightforward assembly process requires minimal time and effort.
  • Versatile Training Equipment: Facilitates a wide range of exercises for a comprehensive workout experience.
  • Sturdy and Quiet: Solid construction and quiet operation ensure a stable and peaceful workout environment.
  • Great Value: Offers excellent value for the features and capabilities it provides.
  • Low Cable Reach: Some users find the low cable's reach to be limited.
  • Initial Stiffness: The bottom pulley initially feels stiff, requiring some time to ease into smoother operation.
  • Bench Quality: The removable bench is satisfactory but not exceptional in terms of quality and comfort.
Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench

Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench

Highly Versatile and Sturdy Marcy Home Gym Bench

Sturdy, reliable, and versatile, the Marcy home gym bench is suitable for various exercises and offers good value for money. It's an ideal addition to any home gym setup, providing comfort and stability for a range of workouts.

Check Latest Price
Weight stack: N/A
Number of exercises: N/A
Material: Alloy Steel
Warranty: 5 years
Why this made our roundup: The Marcy home gym bench offers stability and versatility for a range of exercises, making it suitable for home gym setups.

Unveiling the Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer and Squat Rack MD-879

Imagine a sturdy chameleon in your home gym that's the marcy multi-gymwith Leg Developer and Squat Rack MD-879 for you. It's the Swiss Army knife of workout equipment, morphing to match your mood, whether you're eyeing a Herculean chest press or a Quadzilla leg day. With a throne that adjusts to your royal stature, you'll be breaking sweat in comfort. Not enough space for a gym? This bench is like a Tetris master, fitting neatly into your cosy workout corner.

Flexing Its Muscles: The Highs

Why settle for vanilla when you can have Neapolitan? This Marcy maestro plays nice with both the elite Olympic and the humble standard weight plates. Flexible? Check. Stable? As a table. Aching for a bench that doesn't feel like a medieval rack? The padded seat's got your back, quite literally. Its the gym buddy you never knew you needed.

Let's Talk Niggles

Now, we need to chat about the elephant in the room the assembly saga. It seems like the instructions were written in hieroglyphics, leaving some to play a guessing game. And let's not start on the packaging roulette; you might score a scratch or a missing bolt. The leg developer and preacher curl attachment? They're like that one friend who's great, but not always the life of the party.

Rivalry on the Rack: Bench Battle Royale

When pitted against its kin, our Marcy champ brings the bang for your buck a godsend amidst gear droughts. It's like finding an oasis in the desert of dumbbells. But remember, it's not all sunshine and rainbows with those pesky assembly blues and the occasional cosmetic blemish.

Decision Time: To Bench or Not to Bench?

Alright, verdict time. The Marcy bench is akin to a trusty steed in your knightly quest for gains. It's versatile, it's sturdy, and it won't gobble up your space like a greedy goblin. Just brace yourself for a bit of a puzzle party putting it together. If you can overlook a few hiccups and yearn for a workout chameleon, then yes it's a worthy ally in your fitness crusade.

  • Sturdy and stable: Suitable for various exercises, including chest press and leg functions.
  • Versatile: Compatible with both standard and Olympic size weight plates and comes with additional accessories.
  • Comfortable: Bench seat is comfortable and adjustable, with good stiffness and plenty of adjustability.
  • Reasonably priced: Offers good value for the price, especially during equipment shortages.
  • Space-saving: Compact and easy to assemble, suitable for home gym use.
  • Instruction manual: Difficult to follow, lacks narrative instructions, and relies heavily on illustrations.
  • Price fluctuations: Amazon prices fluctuate, causing uncertainty for potential buyers.
  • Packaging issues: Received with scuffs, scratches, and missing parts due to inadequate packaging.
  • Preacher curl setup: Wobbly and inconvenient to adjust, with limited grip width and angle options.
  • Leg developer attachment: Requires tools for installation and has wobbly pivot issues, limiting its usability.
Marcy Club Home Gym MKM-81010

Marcy Club Home Gym MKM-81010

Sturdy and Cost-Effective Compact Multigym

This Marcy compact multigym is ideal for those with limited space, offering a sturdy build and versatile workout options. It's best for individuals seeking a cost-effective home gym solution with a good range of motion and compact design.

Check Latest Price
Weight Stack: 90kg
Space Required: 185.5D x 104W x 217H
Number exercises: 20+ exercises
Warranty: 2 years
Why this made our roundup: The compact design of this multigym makes it ideal for smaller spaces, offering a space-saving solution for home workouts.

Why the Marcy Club Home Gym MKM-81010 Rocks the Home Gym World

Ever dreamed of a gym where you can roll out of bed and straight into a workout? This marcy multi-gym with 90kg Stack & Reverse Seated Row is your wish granted and it won't even ask for three magic lamps in return. Its svelte figure fits snuggly in smaller rooms, and it's tough as nails, ready to handle your gains without breaking a sweat. Setup's a breeze too who needs a manual when it's this intuitive?

The Upsides: What Makes it a Home Gym Hero

Picture this: a home gym that's as eager to get assembled as you are to pump iron that's this gem for you. It's not just a space-saver, its a lifesaver. With its robust frame, its like having a silent, steel workout buddy who's always got your back. And the price? Its got "steal" written all over it, offering a full-body workout without the wallet workout.

A Few Wobbles in the Weights?

Okay, so it's not all sunshine and protein shakes. The instructions could do with a bit of a spruce up theyre more puzzling than a Rubik's cube at times. And sure, it might have a Napoleon complex a tad taller than it lets on, which could lead to some head-scratching if your ceiling's on the low side.

Head-to-Head with the Heavyweights

How does it measure up against the gym giants? Well, it punches well above its weight class. Despite a few hiccups in the assembly department and some side-eye at certain parts, its compact prowess and wallet-friendly tag make it a contender for the home gym title.

The Bottom Line: A Worthy Contender for Your Cash?

Let's cut to the chase: the Marcy Club Home Gym is the underdog that could go the distance in your home workout regime. It's no pushover in the durability department, and for a price that doesn't require a second mortgage, you've got a ticket to the gun show, right in your living room. While it might test your patience with a bit of assembly gymnastics, it's a solid bet for those in pursuit of a versatile, space-efficient home workout warrior.

  • Compact Design: Takes up less room than other multigyms, suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Sturdy Build: Users appreciate the durability and stability for regular use.
  • Easy Assembly: Manageable and straightforward assembly process.
  • Range of Motion: Provides a good range of motion for various exercises.
  • Value for Money: Offers excellent value for the price, cost-effective home gym option.
  • Assembly Time: Requires significant time and effort, with complex instructions.
  • Height Limitation: Taller individuals may struggle with certain exercises.
  • Inadequate Instructions: Confusing and poorly labeled assembly instructions.
Marcy PRO Power Cage Home Gym & Adjustable Weight Bench

Marcy PRO Power Cage Home Gym & Adjustable Weight Bench

A versatile and reliable home gym solution for comprehensive workouts.

Sturdy, reliable, and versatile, the Marcy home gym offers a wide range of exercises for a comprehensive workout. With clear assembly instructions and quality materials, it's ideal for users seeking a durable and multifunctional fitness solution.

Check Latest Price
Weight stack: Not applicable
Number of exercises: Not applicable
Material: Alloy steel
Why this made our roundup: A versatile home gym with a wide range of exercises for comprehensive workouts.

Unboxing the MARCY PRO Power Cage Home Gym & Adjustable Weight Bench

Ready to transform your spare room into a fortress of gains? This powerhouse packs a punch with its robust frame and a smorgasbord of exercises that'll make every muscle quiver in anticipation. Here's the kickerassembly is a breeze with clear, numbered instructions. Picture this: you unfold this bad boy, and boom, your home gym is prepped faster than you can say "Where's the nearest protein shake?"

The Upsides: Built Like a Tank, Versatile as a Swiss Army Knife

Top marks for the build quality; this beast is more stable than your yoga-loving aunt in tree pose. Catering to every fitness palate, it's like having a personal trainer who doesn't judge your grunting. The best part? It's crafted with top-notch materials that practically scream longevity and safety. Plus, folding it away is so smooth, you'll wonder if it's auditioning for a magic act.

A Few Wrinkles in the Iron Paradise

Now, let's talk turkey. Sometimes, the delivery's slower than a snail on a treadmill, which can throw a spanner in your muscle-building works. A sticky pulley can occasionally creep in, making the weights feel like they're wading through treacle. And if it's a space-saving champ you're after, this might not be the ultimate contortionist when folded. Don't get me started on the odd occasion parts play hide and seek upon arrival.

Flexing Against the Competition

When it comes to the home gym hustle, this titan holds its own with a buffet of exercises that leaves rivals looking like a one-trick pony. Sure, it's no secret agent when it comes to space-saving, but it's the full-body workout's answer to a Michelin-starred feast.

Judging the Iron Throne: Should You Take It Home?

It's crunch time. With its diverse exercise menu and build that's tougher than a two-dollar steak, the benefits are clear. Eyes wide open for the quirks, but if you can wrangle them, you've got yourself a workout partner that's in it for the long haul.

  • Well built and sturdy: Provides a safe and durable workout environment.
  • Vast capabilities of different exercises: Offers a wide range of exercise options for a comprehensive workout.
  • Clear instructions with numbered parts: Simplifies the assembly process for users.
  • Easy to fold and unfold: Provides convenience for storage and usage.
  • Quality materials for main components: Ensures durability and safety during workouts.
  • Shipping process: Inconsistent and delayed deliveries, resulting in a fragmented and challenging assembly experience.
  • Sticky pulley system: The bars have a sticky film, impacting the smoothness of the weights' movement.
  • Limited space-saving when folded: The design may not significantly reduce space due to the placement of the pulley system.
Marcy 100Lb. Stack Home Gym

Marcy 100Lb. Stack Home Gym

A space-saving and versatile home gym solution for comprehensive full-body workouts.

Sturdy, reliable, and compact, the Marcy home gym is ideal for individuals looking for a convenient at-home workout solution. With a variety of exercises and solid construction, it offers great value and takes up minimal space.

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Weight stack: 61kg
Number of exercises: Multiple
Material: Alloy steel
Warranty: 1 year
Why this made our roundup: The Marcy home gym features a compact and solid design, suitable for home use, offering a wide range of exercises for a comprehensive full-body workout.

Unboxing the Marcy 100Lb. Stack Home Gym with Pulley

Ever wrestled with gym equipment that's more puzzle than pump? Fear not! Here's a champion that won't have you scratching your head. This marcy multi-gymwith Pulley is a breeze to assemble, getting you from box to burn in no time. And let's talk about its footprint or lack thereof. It's the fitness equivalent of a studio flat, slotting into your life without hogging the lounge!

Why We're Smitten with This Kit

Flexibility is the name of the game, and we're not just talking yoga. This gym is a jack-of-all-trades, flaunting enough exercises to keep boredom at bay and your muscles guessing. Plus, it's a wallet-friendly workout wonder waving goodbye to pricey gym fees and hello to spare change for protein shakes.

A Few Niggles

Let's address the dumbbell in the room the weight stack can feel a bit, well, stacked against those craving more movement freedom. And if you encounter a snag, navigating customer service can feel like an unwanted set of mental gymnastics.

Comparing Apples and Dumbbells

How does our mighty Marcy measure up against the home-gym heavyweights? Its space-savvy stature and rock-solid build put it in a weight class of its own. But, keep an eye on the prize that weight stack may throw in a curveball for the range of motion enthusiasts.

The Final Lift

So, what's the score? If you're hunting for a home gym hero that won't gobble up your guest room and still serves up a smorgasbord of sweat sessions, it's a solid shout. But remember, the weight stack might just test your range-of-motion romance, and if you need a helping hand from customer service, patience is the rep you didn't plan for.

  • Simple to assemble: The home gym is easy to put together, saving time and frustration.
  • Compact design: Takes up minimal space while offering a wide range of exercises.
  • Solid construction: Provides a sturdy and durable workout platform.
  • Versatile: Offers a variety of exercises to target different muscle groups.
  • Easy to use: User-friendly design suitable for beginners and experienced users.
  • Limited range of motion: The weight stack may restrict full repetitions for some users.
  • Jerky pulley system: The jerky operation of the pulley system can hinder the workout experience.
  • Customer service: Some customers reported difficulties in reaching satisfactory customer support.
Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Bench

Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Bench

A versatile and sturdy home gym equipment for complete workouts.

Sturdy, reliable, and offering plenty of exercise options, the Marcy home gym is ideal for individuals looking for a complete workout experience. With its easy assembly and high build quality, it's worth considering for home gym enthusiasts.

Check Latest Price
Weight stack: N/A
Number of exercises: 15-20
Material: Alloy steel
Warranty: 2 years
Why this made our roundup: The Marcy home gym offers a versatile and sturdy workout experience, allowing for a wide range of exercises and providing high build quality.

Why the Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Bench is Your Home Gym Hero

Ever dreamt of a home gym that laughs in the face of heavy squats and whispers sweet nothings about safety? Enter the marcy multi-gym, boasting a 226kg load capacity, minus the plates because let's face it, you're here to flex more than just your credit card. This beast gives you around 15-20 workout moves; that's like having a whole gym squad in your spare room. Worried about complex assembly? Don't be. This kit comes with a manual clearer than your post-workout protein shake and sets up faster than you can say "new personal best".

The Gains

What's not to love? The Marcy Pro PM4400 is the Swiss Army knife of home gyms. Diversity is its middle name, with a sliding seat that caters to your every fitness whim full-body workout, anyone? The build quality is tougher than a stale protein bar, promising to stick with you through thick and thin (literally).

The Pains

But, it's not all sunshine and deadlifts. Some gym warriors have faced the dark side of assembly woes, with tales of wobbly parts and the occasional misalignment that could make your yoga instructor cringe. And if delivery day turns into a no-show? Well, that's the kind of rest day nobody asked for.

Head-to-Head with the Home Gym Heavyweights

When it comes to the fitness octagon, the Marcy Pro PM4400 holds its ground. It's like comparing a seasoned heavyweight to a featherweight when you line it up against other home gyms. But, keep those eyes peeled for the odd build quality jab and delivery uppercut.

Final Rep: Should You Rack It or Skip It?

Final verdict? This marcy gym is a contender for your cash. With its plethora of exercises and rock-solid dependability, it's a no-brainer for the home fitness enthusiast. Just be sure to dodge any build quality blows and delivery disappointments with a keen eye. Now, who's ready to lift?

  • Fantastic piece of equipment: Sturdy and brilliant for solo workouts, enabling heavy squats without fear of injury.
  • Plenty of exercises: Offers around 15-20 realistic workout options for a total body workout.
  • Easy assembly: Straightforward manual and relatively quick assembly.
  • Versatile: Provides various different workouts and a sliding seat for a complete home gym experience.
  • High build quality: Sturdy and durable, offering a lifetime of use with proper maintenance.
  • Poor build quality: Issues with unstable and misaligned parts, requiring frequent replacements.
  • Delivery issues: Reports of missing deliveries and damaged parts, causing inconvenience and wasted time.
  • Adjustment challenges: Difficulty in finding and adjusting the correct pin settings for individual preferences.

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Marcy Home Gym: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Which exercise stations do you need?

Every multigym is going to come with several exercise stations designed for different exercises. However, each multigym is different, and it’s worth paying close attention to what’s on offer.

One problem I see with some multi gyms is there aren’t enough different exercises you can do with them and you’d not only get bored, but there wouldn’t be enough variation for a proper workout.

Standard exercise stations include:

  • Lat pull-downs
  • Curls
  • Pec deck station
  • Shoulder press
  • Rows
  • High and low pulleys
  • Leg press
  • Calf raises

Marcy Home Gym - Exercise stations

All Marcy gyms will have enough stations to perform a decent full-body exercise routine, but if you’re looking for something in particular, confirm what’s available before you buy.

Marcy Build quality and comfort

A lot of what makes a multigym tough and capable of taking a lot of weight is the quality of the frame. Heavy, steel-framed gyms are without a doubt the best, able to hold the highest amount of weight, and incredibly strong and tough.

All Marcy home gyms are built around a solid, heavy-gauge steel frame, meaning that build quality is something you don’t have to worry about.

You’re also going to want to buy a multigym that’s comfortable to use. That sounds obvious, but a lot of companies save money by using thinner, cheaper padding on the seats and working areas like arm pads.

Marcy home gyms don’t do this, and all have thick, padded seating, arm pads and leg rollers.

Dimensions – spend time measuring up

Marcy Home Gym - dimensionsOne thing anyone setting up a home gym struggles with is space, and while a home multi gym can help you save a lot of room overall, they can still take up a massive chunk of real estate.

Larger, heavier home gyms tend to be better quality overall, with a heavier weight stack and more exercise stations.

However, that’s going to be balanced by cost, by height, and by footprint.

It simply might not be feasible for a lot of people to fit a bigger multigym into their home, so make sure you double-check the size and height of what you’re buying compared to where it’s going to go.

One final point on height and weight. A multigym is a large, heavy piece of equipment, and some companies might only deliver curbside, or to the front of the house. Always double-check the delivery options and make sure that you’re going to be able to get your new gear where you need it.

The weight stack – is this heavy enough for you?

The majority of Marcy home gyms use single weight stacks for resistance. These are a set of plates that generally sit at the back of the machine, and are adjusted using a simple pin system.

Weight stacks can range anywhere from 100lbs on a lower-end system, to more than 300lbs and upon the most expensive machines.

For beginner to intermediate training, a weight stack around 100lbs to 200lbs (45kg to 90kg)  is normally good enough. If you’re an experienced lifter, or you’re looking to progress hard, then you may need something bigger.

Marcy Home Gym - The weight stack

Also, remember that you’ll get stronger over time so what might be enough weight for you now might not be enough a few months down the line. Marcy gyms generally have a good amount of weight included in their multigym equipment.

Warranty and returns

While most multi gyms aren’t going to fail under normal use, it’s good to have an extra level of security, just in case.

Marcy multigyms are covered by an impressive warranty that has 1 year on upholstery, 3 years on cabling, and a full lifetime on the frame. So no matter what, you know that you’ve got backup.

Some common FAQs about Marcy Gyms

Here are some of the things we’ve seen asked a lot about these multi’s. If there’s something you need to know, ask in the comments!

Do they come with plate weights?

Some Marcy gyms come with the ability to add plates onto the machine. With these models, you’ll need to source your own weights as they’re not included (at least not in the packages we’ve seen).

The weights you need are 2″ ‘Olympic Plates‘, which you can buy at just about any gym store, or on places like Amazon.

Will this fit in my garage / spare room?

The dimensions you see above are the maximum space the gym gyms take up. It’s worth leaving a bit of clearance above and to the sides if the gym is the type that has plates you can add. It’s also important to leave space at the front if it has the leg extension station.

Are Marcy home gyms hard to assemble?

Out of all of the gym gear, we get to review and play with here at Home Gym Experts, the multi-gym is definitely the most involved and time-consuming category. There’s literally just so many different components and parts you’ll need to put together, from pulleys to the frame to all the protective casing.

It’s not bad and you can do it solo

Marcy home gyms are not hard to put together. There are a lot of steps but the instructions are well laid out and simple enough to follow. Think a large lego set and you’ll be about right.

It’s worth checking Youtube (search [model number assembly]) to see if there are any video guides as they’re often easier to follow.

It’s likely to take an afternoon, or an evening so as long as you take your time, it’s not the hardest job out there.

Here’s a good guide to what you can expect when you assemble your new multi-gym.

Final thoughts

It’s easy to see why Marcy home gyms are so well respected in the fitness world. A combination of solid construction, a decent price, and an ironclad warranty all adds up to a product that just performs.

While Marcy’s range in the UK might be more limited than in the US, where they originate, we’re confident that the range of multi gyms we’ve chosen above will give anyone a decent workout.

If there are other Marcy products you’ve used, or you have any experiences to share, make sure to comment below!

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