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WalkingPad P1 Review – Can It Transform Your Fitness Routine?


Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the WalkingPad P1 Treadmill, a compact and foldable treadmill that’s been making waves in the home fitness market. With the rise of home gyms, the question on everyone’s lips is, “How does this walking treadmill stack up against similar machines?” Let’s find out!

What exactly is the WalkingPad P1 Treadmill

The WalkingPad P1 Treadmill is a marvel of modern fitness technology, designed to cater to the ever-growing demand for compact, home-friendly exercise equipment. In today’s fast-paced world, where space is at a premium, the WalkingPad P1 offers a solution that is both time-efficient and relevant.

Benefits of using this walking treadmill

  1. Compact and Foldable Design: Ideal for small living spaces, easily stored under furniture.
  2. Quiet Operation: Perfect for use in shared spaces or while multitasking with entertainment.
  3. App Integration: Tracks your fitness progress conveniently on your smartphone.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Low running costs make it an economical choice for regular use.

First Impressions and Product Overview

Upon unboxing the WalkingPad P1 Treadmill, its sleek design and sturdy build immediately caught my attention. Measuring 120 x 41.5 cm, it’s compact yet offers ample walking space. The material feels premium, and its primary function of providing a convenient, foldable walking surface shines through. The unique aspect that stood out was its ability to fold and roll away for storage, a feature that is a real boon for those of us with limited space.

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Features: Quick overview of what you’re getting

  • Maximum Speed: 6 km/h
  • Running Track Size: 120 x 41.5 cm
  • Max User Weight: 100 kg
  • Treadmill Weight: 28 kg
  • Foldable Design: Easy to store under furniture
  • App Integration: Tracks fitness progress seamlessly
  • Quiet Operation: Low noise levels
  • Sturdy Construction: Durable and reliable
  • Energy-Efficient: Minimal electricity use
  • Remote Control: For easy adjustments
  • Portable: Equipped with wheels
  • Good Walking Speed: Up to 6KPH

While the WalkingPad P1 Treadmill ticks many boxes, I was a tad disappointed with the limited functionality of the remote control and the initial noise upon starting the motor. These are areas where future iterations could see improvement.

What we liked about the WalkingPad P1 Treadmill

Compact and Foldable Design

The ability to fold and store the treadmill under a sofa or bed is a game-changer for small space dwellers. This feature alone makes the WalkingPad P1 stand out in the crowded treadmill market.

Quiet Operation

The low noise level is another significant plus. It allows for use at any time of day or night without disturbing others, making it perfect for those with roommates or family.

App Integration

The seamless app integration for tracking fitness progress is incredibly convenient. Being able to monitor steps, calories, and sync with Apple Health/Fitness adds a layer of motivation to your workout routine.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of the WalkingPad P1 is commendable. With moderate daily use costing approximately £5 a month, it’s an economical choice for regular exercisers.

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What we were disappointed with

Limited Remote Control Functionality

The remote control’s limited functionality was a letdown. An upgrade to display more specific information would enhance the user experience significantly.

Initial Motor Noise

The loud noise upon starting the motor, although it diminishes after a minute, was slightly jarring. A quieter start-up would be a welcome improvement.

App Usability Issues

While the app integration is generally a positive feature, some usability issues detract from the experience. Streamlining the app for more intuitive use would make this feature even more beneficial.

Getting Set Up

Setting up the WalkingPad P1 Treadmill was a mixed bag of simplicity and slight frustration. On one hand, the foldable design meant it was pretty much ready to go straight out of the box, which we really liked. However, syncing it with the app proved to be a bit of a head-scratcher. A common grievance among other users has been the occasional hiccup in connecting the device to their smartphones. A tip to ease this process? Ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on and the app is updated to the latest version before attempting to pair the devices. Overall, from unboxing to starting my first walk, it took less than 30 minutes, which isn’t too shabby.

Build Quality and Extras

The build quality of the WalkingPad P1 Treadmill is commendable. It feels sturdy and reliable, capable of handling daily use without a hitch. Other users have echoed this sentiment, with few reporting any significant issues. The treadmill comes with a **strong warranty**, which is a real testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability. It’s a real shame that the remote control feels a bit on the cheaper side and has been known to be buggy, but this is a minor quibble in the grand scheme of things.

Who is this Product Best Suited To?

If You’re Short on Space

The compact and foldable design of the WalkingPad P1 Treadmill is a godsend for those living in smaller spaces. It easily folds up and can be slid under a sofa or stored in a closet, making it ideal for apartments or smaller rooms.

For the Multi-Taskers

Its quiet operation means you can walk and work without being disturbed by loud motor noises. This makes it perfect for those who like to stay active while catching up on emails or watching their favourite shows.

Energy-Conscious Users

The energy efficiency of this treadmill is a standout feature. If you’re looking to keep your electricity bills low while staying fit, this treadmill’s low power consumption is a big plus.

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Who Should Avoid This

Despite its many positives, the WalkingPad P1 Treadmill might not be for everyone. Those who are looking for high-intensity running workouts might find the maximum speed of 6 km/h a bit limiting. Additionally, individuals weighing over 100 kg might need to look for a treadmill with a higher weight capacity. It’s also worth noting that the initial setup might be frustrating for the less tech-savvy, given some reported glitches with the app and remote.

Value for Money

When it comes to value for money, the WalkingPad P1 Treadmill sits in a sweet spot. It’s not the cheapest walking treadmill on the market, but given its sturdy build, quiet operation, and energy efficiency, it offers great bang for your buck. The added convenience of its foldable design and the app integration further justify its price point. For those prioritising space-saving and energy efficiency, this treadmill is worth considering.

The Verdict: Is the WalkingPad P1 Worth a Buy?

The WalkingPad P1 Treadmill is a solid choice for those looking to integrate more physical activity into their daily routines without sacrificing too much living space. Its **easy storage**, **quiet operation**, and **sturdy construction** make it a reliable companion for daily walks. While the limited functionality of the remote and the initial setup hurdles are drawbacks, they don’t overshadow the overall positive aspects of this treadmill. Compared to similar products, the WalkingPad P1 stands out for its compactness and energy efficiency. However, if you’re seeking a treadmill for intense running sessions or if you’re above the weight limit, this might not be the best fit. For everyone else, especially those working with limited space, this treadmill is a fantastic option. Whether it’s the best product for your home gym depends on your specific needs, but it certainly ticks a lot of boxes for a wide range of users.

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Detailed Specs

Maximum speed: 6 km/h
Running Track Size: 120 x 41.5 cm
Max user weight: 100 kg
Treadmill weight: 28 kg
Folded Dimensions: To be confirmed
Unfolded Dimensions: To be confirmed
Motor Power: To be confirmed
Warranty: Strong warranty
Energy Consumption: Approx £5/month with moderate use
App Compatibility: Apple Health/Fitness
Noise Level: Low
Portability: Equipped with wheels
Remote Control: Yes, with occasional glitches
Initial Noise: Loud on startup, diminishes after
Belt Slippage: Minor, reported by some users
App Usability: Requires improvements
Manual Mode: Available
Automatic Mode: Available
Construction: Sturdy and durable
Electricity Use: Minimal