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Strongology INCLINO Review – Elevate Your Fitness Game?


Today, we’re taking a look at the Strongology INCLINO Light Walnut Wood Finish Luxury Home & Office Quiet 560W Adjustable Speed 5° Incline Bluetooth Treadmill. The question on everyone’s lips: how does this stylish piece of fitness equipment stack up against the competition, especially with its unique incline feature? Let’s delve into the details and see what this product has to offer.

What exactly is the Strongology INCLINO Treadmill

At its core, the Strongology INCLINO Treadmill is a fusion of aesthetics and functionality, designed to blend seamlessly into any home or office environment. Its standout feature, a 5° incline, sets it apart in a crowded market of home fitness equipment. But it’s not just about looks; this treadmill promises a robust workout experience, all while maintaining a whisper-quiet operation.

Benefits of using this treadmill

  1. Stylish design: It’s not just a treadmill; it’s a piece of furniture that enhances the look of your living space.
  2. Incline feature: The 5° incline adds an extra challenge to your workouts, helping you achieve your fitness goals faster.
  3. High-quality build: Durability meets design in this treadmill, ensuring it lasts as long as your fitness journey.
  4. Easy setup: Say goodbye to complicated assembly instructions. This treadmill is designed for hassle-free setup.

First Impressions and Product Overview

Upon unboxing the Strongology INCLINO Treadmill, its luxurious walnut wood finish immediately caught my eye. It’s not every day you see a treadmill that could easily double as a stylish piece of furniture. Measuring 115L x 54W x 20.5H cm, it’s compact enough for small spaces yet sturdy, with a maximum user weight of 100 kg. The 560W motor and 5° incline feature promised a good workout, but I was curious to see if it would live up to expectations.

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Features: Quick overview of what you’re getting

  • Walnut wood finish: Aesthetically pleasing design that complements your home decor.
  • 5° incline: Adds an extra challenge to your workouts.
  • 560W motor: Provides a quiet yet powerful operation.
  • Compact size: Ideal for small living spaces.
  • Maximum speed 6 km/h: Suitable for brisk walking and light jogging.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Allows you to connect your devices for an enhanced workout experience.
  • LED display: Keeps track of your workout progress.
  • Easy setup: Hassle-free assembly.
  • Quiet operation: Won’t disturb your household or neighbours.
  • Max user weight 100 kg: Accommodates a wide range of users.
  • Running track size: Spacious enough for comfortable use.
  • Adjustable speed: Lets you tailor your workout intensity.

While the features are impressive, it’s a real shame that the incline is limited to 5°. For those seeking a more intense hill workout, this might not suffice. Additionally, the maximum speed of 6 km/h may not cater to seasoned runners looking for a sprint.

What we liked about the Strongology INCLINO Treadmill

Stylish Design

The walnut wood finish is a game-changer. It’s rare to find fitness equipment that you’re proud to display in your living room, but Strongology has managed to merge form and function beautifully. This treadmill doesn’t just blend into your home; it enhances it.

Incline Feature

The 5° incline, while not steep, is a welcome addition that introduces variety and challenge into your workouts. It’s perfect for those looking to increase their calorie burn without the need for high-speed running.

Quiet Operation

The 560W motor is impressively quiet, making early morning or late-night workouts possible without disturbing anyone. This feature is particularly appreciated by those living in apartments or shared spaces.

Easy Setup

The ease of assembly was a pleasant surprise. Within minutes, I was up and running (literally). In a world where flat-pack furniture assembly can test the limits of human patience, the simplicity of setting up this treadmill is a breath of fresh air.

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What we were disappointed with

Limited Incline

While the incline feature is a highlight, the limitation to 5° may not meet the needs of more advanced users seeking a steeper challenge. It’s an area where there’s room for improvement in future models.

Maximum Speed

The top speed of 6 km/h is another limitation. For those looking to incorporate sprints into their workout, this treadmill might not be the best fit. Increasing the maximum speed could make this model more appealing to a broader audience.

Getting set up

Setting up the Strongology INCLINO Light Walnut Wood Finish Luxury Home & Office Quiet 560W Adjustable Speed 5° Incline Bluetooth Treadmill was a breeze, much to my delight. The assembly instructions were clear and straightforward, making the process hassle-free. From unboxing to the first run, it took less than an hour. However, some users have reported difficulties aligning the screws with the pre-drilled holes, which could be a tad frustrating. A handy tip to ease the setup process is to loosely fit all screws before fully tightening them, ensuring all parts align correctly. Overall, the setup is manageable for most, requiring minimal tools and DIY skills.

Build quality and extras

The build quality of the Strongology INCLINO treadmill is impressive. It feels sturdy and robust, capable of handling daily use without showing signs of wear. The luxury wood finish not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also to the overall durability of the machine. Users have praised its high-quality construction, and I found no different in my experience. The warranty is a solid addition, offering peace of mind with long-term use. It’s a real shame that some users have reported minor issues with the incline feature over time, but these seem to be few and far between.

Who is this product best suited to?

If you’re short on space…

The compact design of the Strongology INCLINO treadmill makes it an excellent choice for those with limited space. Its easy storage capabilities mean you can slide it under a bed or stand it against a wall when not in use. This feature, combined with its stylish appearance, ensures it blends seamlessly into your living space without being an eyesore.

For the style-conscious fitness enthusiast…

Its luxury walnut wood finish sets this treadmill apart from the typical gym equipment. If you’re someone who values both functionality and style in your fitness gear, the Strongology INCLINO will not disappoint. It’s a piece of equipment that you’d be proud to display in any room.

The home office worker looking for a workout…

With its quiet operation, the Strongology INCLINO is ideal for those looking to squeeze in a workout without disturbing the peace. Whether you’re taking a break from emails or on a conference call, you can keep active without any disruptive noise.

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Who should avoid this

Despite its many appealing features, the Strongology INCLINO treadmill might not be for everyone. Those looking for a high-intensity workout might find the maximum speed of 6 km/h and a 5% incline somewhat limiting. It’s also worth noting that the maximum user weight is 100 kg, which could exclude some potential users. If you’re a serious runner or have a larger build, this might not be the treadmill for you.

Value for money

Considering its unique features, such as the stylish design, incline capability, and quiet operation, the Strongology INCLINO offers good value for money. It’s priced competitively within the market, especially when you factor in the build quality and aesthetic appeal. However, for those seeking more advanced fitness features or higher intensity workouts, the value proposition might not be as strong. It’s a solid investment for the right user, but it’s essential to weigh your specific needs against the cost.

The verdict: Is the Strongology INCLINO worth a buy?

After thorough testing and consideration, the Strongology INCLINO Light Walnut Wood Finish Luxury Home & Office Quiet 560W Adjustable Speed 5° Incline Bluetooth Treadmill is a commendable choice for those prioritising style, space-saving design, and moderate intensity workouts. Its build quality and aesthetic appeal are top-notch, making it a unique addition to any home or office. However, the limited incline and speed settings, along with the maximum user weight, may not cater to all fitness enthusiasts’ needs. Comparing it to similar products, it holds its ground in terms of design and functionality but falls short for more advanced users. In conclusion, I recommend this treadmill to style-conscious individuals and moderate exercisers who value form and function equally. Whether or not to purchase depends on aligning its features with your personal fitness goals and preferences.

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Maximum speed: 6 km/h
Incline: 5%
Running Track Size: 115L x 54W x 20.5H cm
Max user weight: 100 kg
Motor power: 560W
Product weight: Information Unavailable
Dimensions when folded: Information Unavailable
Warranty: Information Unavailable
Bluetooth connectivity: Yes
LED display: Yes
Running track material: Information Unavailable
Frame material: Information Unavailable
Colour: Light Walnut Wood Finish
Speed increments: Information Unavailable
Assembly required: Yes
Quiet operation: Yes
Storage options: Compact, easy storage
Additional features: Information Unavailable