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HOOSENG Treadmill Review – Is This The Ultimate Home Gym Addition?


What exactly is the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill

At its core, the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill is all about bringing a comprehensive fitness experience into the comfort of your home. Designed with tall users in mind, it promises a spacious running area, robust motor power, and an adjustable incline to tailor workouts to your specific needs. But does it live up to these promises in today’s ever-evolving fitness equipment market?

Benefits of using this treadmill

  1. Spacious Running Area: Offers ample space for those with longer strides, ensuring comfort during use.
  2. Strong Motor Power: Guarantees smooth and consistent performance, even at higher speeds.
  3. Adjustable Incline: Allows for varied workout intensities, catering to different fitness goals.
  4. Convenience: Its folding design makes it a perfect fit for home offices or smaller living spaces.

First Impressions and Product Overview

Upon first glance, the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill strikes an impressive figure. Its sleek design and sturdy build immediately suggest a high-quality piece of equipment. Measuring 119.5L x 48W cm, it’s clear that the running track is designed with taller individuals in mind. But it’s not just about size; the robust frame and the intuitive console design also caught my eye, promising a blend of durability and user-friendliness.

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Features: Quick overview of what you’re getting

  • Spacious Running Area
  • Strong Motor Power
  • Adjustable Incline
  • Solid Frame Construction
  • User-Friendly Console
  • Easy Folding Mechanism
  • Transport Wheels for Mobility
  • Emergency Stop Feature
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Pre-Set Workout Programs
  • MP3 Connectivity
  • Drink Holder

While the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill ticks many boxes, it’s a real shame that it lacks Bluetooth connectivity, which has become somewhat of a standard in modern fitness equipment. This omission might disappoint users who prefer to sync their workouts with fitness apps.

What we liked about the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill

Spacious Running Area

The spacious running area is a standout feature, providing ample room for tall users to exercise comfortably. This is particularly important for maintaining proper form and preventing injuries during longer runs.

Strong Motor Power

We were really pleased to see the treadmill’s motor power in action. It supports a smooth and consistent workout experience, even at higher speeds, which is crucial for both casual joggers and serious runners alike.

Adjustable Incline

The adjustable incline feature allows for a versatile workout, enabling users to simulate uphill running and target different muscle groups. This adaptability makes it a valuable tool for varied and challenging fitness routines.

User-Friendly Console

The intuitive console design makes it easy to navigate through settings and track your progress. This user-friendly aspect ensures a seamless workout experience, allowing you to focus on your fitness goals without unnecessary complications.

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What we were disappointed with

Limited Folding Capability

Despite its advertised folding design, we found the mechanism somewhat challenging to operate. Improving this feature would enhance the treadmill’s convenience for users with limited space.

Heavy Weight

The substantial weight of the treadmill, while contributing to its stability, poses challenges during assembly and relocation. A lighter design or better mobility features could address this issue.

Noisy Operation

Although not a deal-breaker, the treadmill does produce more noise than expected, which could be a concern for users in shared living spaces. Future versions could benefit from noise reduction technologies.


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Getting set up

Setting up the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill might be a bit of a workout in itself, which, considering you’re buying it to exercise, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Jokes aside, the assembly process can be somewhat cumbersome, primarily due to its **heavy weight**. Many users have mentioned that having an extra pair of hands makes the process significantly smoother. The manual is fairly straightforward, but it’s the physical manoeuvring that might leave you breaking a sweat before you’ve even started your first run. It typically takes about an hour to get everything up and running, which isn’t too shabby. A tip to ease the process? Lay out all the parts and tools you need before starting, and maybe do a bit of a warm-up. You’ll need it.

Build quality and extras

The build quality of the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill is quite robust, a feature that many users, including myself, have come to appreciate. Its **solid frame construction** provides a stable base for even the most vigorous of workouts, ensuring that tall users can stride confidently without worrying about stability. However, it’s a real shame that some users have reported challenges with the folding mechanism, which seems to be a bit stiff and not as user-friendly as one might hope. On the plus side, the warranty is quite reassuring, offering peace of mind that you’re making a long-term investment.

Who is this product best suited to?

If you’re short on space…

Despite its bulky when assembled, the folding feature of the HOOSENG Treadmill makes it a suitable option for those with limited space. Once folded, it can be tucked away, freeing up precious floor area in smaller living spaces.

For the tall and vigorous runners…

The **spacious running area** and **strong motor power** make this treadmill ideal for tall individuals or those who enjoy a more vigorous running session. It’s built to accommodate longer strides and higher speeds without compromising on stability or performance.

Technology enthusiasts…

While it might not boast the most advanced tech features, the user-friendly console and basic connectivity options cater well to those who like to track their progress without being overwhelmed by too many gadgets.

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Who should avoid this

Individuals looking for a lightweight, easily portable treadmill might find the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill a bit too cumbersome. Its **heavy weight** makes it challenging to move around frequently. Additionally, those who are keen on having the latest technology and connectivity features might find this model a bit lacking in that department.

Value for money

When considering its robust build, spacious running area, and the flexibility it offers through adjustable incline and speed settings, the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill presents good value for money. It’s competitively priced within its range, offering features that cater well to tall users or those looking for a sturdy, reliable home fitness solution. While it might not have all the bells and whistles of higher-end models, it strikes a good balance between cost and functionality.

The verdict: Is the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill worth a buy?

After thoroughly testing and considering the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill, it’s clear that it offers a lot for its price point. The **spacious running area** and **strong motor power** are standout features that cater exceptionally well to tall users or those who don’t want to compromise on their running experience at home. While the limited folding capability and weight might be drawbacks for some, these are relatively minor when weighed against the overall quality and performance of the machine. Compared to similar products, it holds its own, especially in terms of stability and build quality. For those in the market for a reliable, no-frills treadmill that gets the job done and provides a solid workout experience, the HOOSENG Folding Treadmill is certainly worth considering. However, if portability and high-tech features are top priorities, you might want to explore other options.

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Specification Detail
Maximum speed 6 km/h
Incline Adjustable
Running Track Size in cm 119.5L x 48W
Max user weight in kg 90
Motor Power Not Available
Dimensions when folded Not Available
Weight Not Available
Warranty Not Available
Pre-set Programs Not Available
Connectivity Options Not Available
Frame Material Not Available
Running Belt Material Not Available
Display Type Not Available
Battery Required Not Available
Folding Mechanism Not Available
Assembly Required Yes
Colour Not Available
Additional Features Not Available