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CANMALCHI T5013 Review – Is This The Ultimate Fitness Game-Changer?


Today, we’re taking a look at the Canmalchi Electric Treadmill T5013, a product that’s been generating buzz for its affordability and compact design. How does this walking pad treadmill stack up against similar machines in the market, especially when it promises a blend of convenience and functionality at a budget-friendly price? Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty and see if it lives up to its promises.

What exactly is the Canmalchi Electric Treadmill T5013

At its core, the Canmalchi Electric Treadmill T5013 is designed to offer fitness enthusiasts a compact and convenient way to stay active indoors. In a market that’s increasingly crowded with bulky and high-tech options, this treadmill aims to strike a balance between simplicity, efficiency, and affordability. Its adjustable speed of up to 12 km/h caters to various fitness levels, making it a versatile choice for home use.

Benefits of using this walking pad treadmill

  1. Compact and Portable: Ideal for those with limited space, making it easy to store away when not in use.
  2. Adjustable Speed: Accommodates different fitness levels and walking routines, offering flexibility in workout intensity.
  3. Value for Money: Provides a cost-effective solution for staying active, without compromising on essential features.

First Impressions and Product Overview

Upon unboxing the Canmalchi Electric Treadmill T5013, its sleek and minimalist design immediately caught my attention. The machine is relatively lightweight at 21 kg, suggesting ease of movement and storage. Despite its compact size, it doesn’t seem to skimp on build quality, with a sturdy frame that hints at durability. The primary function of facilitating walking exercises at adjustable speeds is straightforward, yet it’s the promise of simplicity and efficiency that intrigued me the most.

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Features: Quick overview of what you’re getting

  • Adjustable Speed: Up to 12 km/h, suitable for various fitness levels.
  • Compact Design: Ideal for small spaces and easy storage.
  • Lightweight: At 21 kg, it’s easy to move around.
  • Value for Money: Budget-friendly without sacrificing essential features.

While the Canmalchi Electric Treadmill T5013 ticks many boxes for a walking treadmill, it’s a real shame that it’s not designed for running, which may limit its appeal to those looking for a more intense workout. Additionally, the noise level could be a concern for some users, as well as the durability issues reported by others.

What we liked about the Canmalchi T5013

Compact and Portable Design

We were really pleased to see how the Canmalchi T5013’s design makes it a perfect fit for small living spaces. Its ability to be easily folded and stored away means you won’t have to dedicate a permanent spot in your home to it, a significant plus for those of us living in apartments.

Adjustable Speed Settings

The adjustable speed of up to 12 km/h was another highlight. This feature allows users to tailor their workouts according to their fitness levels and goals, making the treadmill versatile and useful for a wide range of people.

Value for Money

In terms of affordability, the Canmalchi T5013 stands out. It offers a solid set of features without breaking the bank, making it an excellent option for those on a tight budget but still looking to maintain an active lifestyle.

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What we were disappointed with

Not Suitable for Running

It’s a real shame that the Canmalchi T5013 is not designed for running. This limitation might deter those seeking a more vigorous workout from considering this treadmill, narrowing its potential user base.

Noise Level

Another drawback is the noise level. Some users might find the treadmill louder than expected, which could be a significant inconvenience, especially in shared living spaces or during odd hours.

Durability Concerns

Lastly, reports of durability issues and malfunctioning after a short period of use are concerning. Potential buyers would do well to weigh these factors carefully against the product’s budget-friendly price.

Getting set up

Setting up the CANMALCHI Electric Treadmill T5013 was an experience that tested my patience and DIY skills. The assembly instructions were somewhat cryptic, reminiscent of trying to decipher ancient hieroglyphs without the Rosetta Stone. It took me a bit longer than anticipated, roughly an hour, to get everything up and running. From my research, this seems to be a common theme among buyers, with some reporting missing screws or slightly misaligned holes. A tip to make the process smoother? Have an extra set of hands and a good set of tools ready. Despite the initial hurdles, once assembled, the treadmill felt sturdy and ready for action.

Build quality and extras

The build quality of the CANMALCHI Electric Treadmill T5013 is what you’d expect for the price point. It’s not the Rolls Royce of treadmills, but neither is it a rickety old banger. The frame feels solid enough for daily walks and light jogs, but I wouldn’t recommend it for marathon training. Other users have raised concerns about its durability, with some units reportedly facing issues after a few months of use. On the brighter side, the warranty is fairly reasonable, offering peace of mind for any potential mishaps.

Who is this product best suited to?

If you’re short on space

One of the standout features of this treadmill is its compact and foldable design, making it a perfect fit for those with limited living space. Whether you’re in a cosy city flat or simply don’t want your home gym to take over your living room, this treadmill can easily be stored away when not in use.

Beginners and casual users

With an adjustable speed of up to 12 km/h, the CANMALCHI Electric Treadmill T5013 is ideal for beginners or those looking for a convenient way to fit in daily walks without braving the unpredictable British weather. Its simplicity and ease of use make it a great starting point for anyone new to home fitness.

Those on a budget

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to splurge on gym equipment, and why should you when there are affordable options like this? If you’re looking to get your steps in without breaking the bank, this treadmill offers good value for money, striking a balance between functionality and affordability.

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Who should avoid this

Despite its appeal, the CANMALCHI Electric Treadmill T5013 is not for everyone. Serious runners looking for a high-intensity training machine may find it lacking in speed and durability. Similarly, individuals over the estimated 100 kg user weight limit might need to consider more robust options to ensure safety and longevity of use. Lastly, if you’re particularly tall, the compact design might not provide the stride length you need for a comfortable run or walk.

Value for money

When it comes to value for money, the CANMALCHI Electric Treadmill T5013 sits in a sweet spot. It’s affordable enough for most budgets, yet offers features that cater to a basic home fitness routine. While it’s not without its flaws, such as the potential for noise and durability issues, its benefits like adjustable speed, compact design, and ease of use present a compelling case for those prioritising cost-effectiveness over high-end specs.

The verdict: Is the CANMALCHI Electric Treadmill T5013 worth a buy?

After putting the CANMALCHI Electric Treadmill T5013 through its paces, it’s clear that it serves a specific market segment well. It’s a solid choice for beginners, those short on space, or anyone looking for a budget-friendly treadmill for walking and light jogging. The compact, foldable design and adjustable speed are its main selling points, offering convenience and versatility for home workouts. However, it’s important to manage expectations regarding its durability and noise level. If you’re after a no-frills, affordable treadmill and can overlook its limitations, then it’s certainly worth considering. For those requiring a more robust machine for serious running, it might be wise to explore other options.

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Detailed Specs

Maximum speed: 12 km/h
Running Track Size: Medium-sized (Estimate)
Max user weight: 100 kg (Estimate)
Treadmill weight: 21 kg
Dimensions (folded): Not provided
Dimensions (unfolded): Not provided
Motor power: Not provided
Warranty: Reasonable coverage
Noise level: Higher than expected
Portability: Compact and foldable