JTX Sprint 9 Review – Worth a Buy In 2022?

JTX Sprint 9 Review

Welcome to our JTX Sprint 9 review – the head of the family of their Sprint range of home running machines. In this guide we’ll look at what this machine gets right and where it falls flat. Does bigger mean better? And is this machine for you?

Let’s find out!

What is the JTX Sprint 9?

This is the top model in a family of four motorized treadmills from UK-based JTX Fitness. It’s close to what you would get in any commercial gym or health club. It’s a folding gym treadmill with some state-of-the-art features like an advanced Bluetooth console.

It’s meant for high-intensity, experienced runners who are seeking the benefits of a commercial gym treadmill in their own home, or for anyone looking for the best quality when it comes to running machines.

This machine has a commercial-grade shock system and runs up to 20kph. You’re getting a 20% incline level here too, fully automatic and 24 running programs.

Comparing the Sprint family of treadmills

As you’re probably aware, there’s a family of sprint treadmills, each offering slightly higher specs than the last and each aiming for a different home user.

The full family of treadmills in this range are:

Where to get the best price for this treadmill

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At a Glance Features

The JTX Sprint 9 folding gym treadmill goes above and beyond as one of the most feature-rich treadmills I’ve experienced. It has a high-quality HD screen with scenery options, folding capacity for compact transport, speeds up to 20kph and incline from 0-15%, incredible durability, heart rate monitoring capacity, and more.

Now, let’s take a look at and list some of the main features of this product:

  • Heart rate monitor – has metallic pulse sensors on the side handles
  • An advanced commercial computer
  • Speeds up to 20kph
  • Motorized incline – Incline from 0% to 15%
  • 145kg weight
  • Commercial quality user detection and emergency stop features
  • Warranty – Lifetime frame warranty, 10 year motor cover, 3 years of in home repairs
  • HD scenery to accompany running
  • Dual-hydraulic folding system
  • Built-in fan
  • 24 workout programs

Full specs on the JTX Website

Who are JTX Fitness and are their treadmills any good?

JTX Fitness

The Sprint 9 is a machine from fitness company JTX Fitness. Not familiar with JTX? They design and build high quality commercial standard fitness equipment such as rowers, running machines and cross-trainers. They’re known for their customer service and machines with high quality components, build quality and aesthetics.

If you have any problems with your Sprint, or any of their machines, they send engineers out to your home to fix it quickly, which is very rare and something we love.

You can find out more about this machine, and different running machines on the JTX website.

One thing that you’ll read a lot about, if you research into JTX, is how good their support is.

What do JTX Get Right?

There’s a few things that JTX are doing right at the minute:

  • 28 day easy returns – don’t like your new treadmill? Not what you were after? You can send it back.
  • Free delivery – Nice seeing a company offering free delivery, when many are charging a premium for larger machines.
  • In-home repair – The Sprint 9’s warranty means someone will come to your home and fix your machine if there’s an issue.
  • Good customer reviews – There’s no hiding on places like Trust Pilot. And JTX have managed to maintain a good 4.6 star rating there.

JTX Trust Pilot Reviews

What are the main Benefits of Training with the Sprint 9?

Woman on JTX Sprint 9

The Sprint 9 is the top-of-the-range treadmill in this series


  • This treadmill is one of the most durable treadmills on the market, with a weight of 145kg, a commercial-grade shock system, and a heavy gauge steel frame. JTX makes it clear that even if you are of a taller or heavier build, or have more intense workout requirements, you’ll be able to use this just fine- and I agree.


  • This treadmill runs up to 20kph (around 12mph), allowing for fast, high-intensity running. The incline option from 0 to 15 percent also allows users to cater their running experience to whatever setting they prefer best.


  • This treadmill has an incredible list of features that make this really worth it. Water-bottle holders, tablet holders, HD scenery, 24 individual workout programs, heart rate monitor, folding capacity- you name it.

Who is this Product Meant For?

Anyone looking for a proper gym-style treadmill at home

This product is meant for all adults who are interested in having a high-quality treadmill in their home. It’s for people of all different kinds of experience levels- beginner, intermediate, or expert, as evidenced by its 24 workout programs of varying intensity.

Taller or heavier runners will love this machine

Its durability and safety features also ensure that it will be perfectly okay to use by people of diverse builds; so pretty much any adult who is into exercising can use and is encouraged to use this product.

Who is this treadmill not meant for?

While absolutely anyone can use this machine, there’s two people who might want to avoid it.

Anyone looking for something compact might not like the Sprint 9

Firstly, if you’re short on space at home and looking for a more compact treadmill, then this might not be the machine for you. That power, stability and commercial goodness comes at a cost of footprint and weight.

If you’re not an experienced runner

Don’t get me wrong, you could hop on this machine as your first ever treadmill experience and love it.

But this machine has a beast of a motor in it that’s perhaps suited to more experienced runners, or at least those who are really looking to push themselves. This machine could be overkill if you’re just aiming to do walking or light intensity stuff. You could potentially save money and go for the Sprint 5 or Sprint 3 even.

Anyone on a budget

Currently on sale, this machine is still normally around the £1500 mark. That’s a substantial investment so if you’re looking for a wallet-friendly machine, the Sprint 9 might not be for you.

Where can you get the best price for your Sprint 9?

While you can buy the Sprint running machine from third party places like Amazon, you can order it directly from the good folks at JTX. One thing you’ll find with them is they’ve got seriously good customer service.

Whether you’ve got a problem, or need to know how to use your machine, they’ve got a very good customer rep.

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Review: What we liked most with this running machine

HD Display

JTX Sprint 9 Display

The display here is crisp and easy to read

As we’ve found with a lot of the JTX products we’ve seen, the display with the Sprint 9 is bright, bold and well lit. It’s also got the blue tint which is much easier on the eye than the default dark gray on gray a lot of other machines plump for.

The panel itself is reasonably easy to get to grips with, although the quick-select buttons for speeds could have been larger, and had more spacing between them. But new users or those with a fair but if treadmill time under their belt will be able to quickly select their workout and get to it.

The panel displays the basics well, including time, distance, calories, incline and a guide as to where you are in the program in the form of pixelated hills. This is handy as you can see what’s coming up and when your next ‘rest’ zone is coming. Nothing out of the ordinary here but a solid, good quality display. It’s easy to read and gets the job done nicely.

Lets talk build quality

As you’d expect from JTX, this machine is made from sterner stuff than the budget runners out there. Everything about it feels weighty, and the frame is way thicker than a cheaper machine.

This treadmill’s durability is quite honestly its best selling point. To the touch, it feels incredibly sturdy. Its folding design means it’s not too difficult to transport despite this, though, and means you can fold it up to save some extra space in your home. With a weight of 140kg and a shock system of commercial-grade, it’s no wonder this treadmill reminds me of the ones I use (and love) at the gym.

I also appreciate JTX’s dedication to inclusivity, making a treadmill that is fun and easy to use for people of all body types.

Ease of Use

JTX folding

This treadmill has a fold up design that saves a bit of floor space in between uses

I don’t like to spend a lot of time messing around with buttons while I’m running, because it throws me off my groove. I don’t have to worry about that with this treadmill, though.

The buttons are all conveniently placed and there’s no confusion when needing to set up a program or scenery to accompany your workout. There’s also plenty of space on the screen, so you can read everything you need to without having to stop your workout for it. This is another feature that adds to how accessible this treadmill is.

Fold up design saves a bit of space

This treadmill is pretty space-efficient given the folding feature. It’s not an eyesore and has a very ergonomic design that looks elegant anywhere you place it. There’s lots of space between the handlebars, so if you’re distracted and veer off course a little, you aren’t as likely to fall off like you are with a regular treadmill.

The extra space also adds to their dedication to being accessible for all body types, which we love.

Plenty of running space and good safety features

The safety system for this treadmill is not convoluted, and very trustworthy. It comes with a safety key for emergency stops and has commercial-quality user detection to add to it all. There are extra-large footrests, which add to the stability of the product. There’s also extended handlebars and textured hand-grips to ensure you won’t be taking any tumbles on your run.

What you might not like with the Sprint 9

Not the cheapest treadmill out there

There’s no getting around the fact that the top model in the Sprint series costs a fair bit of cash. You’ll have to weigh up the build quality against the price.

Granted, you are paying for commercial-quality features and reinforcement. If you have a lot of money laying around, this might not be an issue for you, but for the rest of us, this could easily be more expensive than something we could afford.

Even folded, it’s still on the large side

When this treadmill isn’t folded up, it’s honestly quite big.

Not everyone wants to fold their treadmill up every time they use it, and if you identify with that, that’s something you’ll want to consider when deciding to make your purchase. I consider it to be a little too big to be practical for myself, but that all depends on the space you have in your home and whether or not you’re okay with folding it up every time.

You’ll need 3rd party tools to connect to KinoMap or Zwift

With several new treadmills like the SportsTech running machines having things like online connectivity built in, and something that we’re seeing in more and more treadmills, it’s a shame that this runner doesn’t have this out of the box. Instead, if you’re interested in connecting an app, you’ll have to connect a running footpad and hope you can connect that way.

Verdict: Is this running machine worth a buy?

The Sprint 9 is an absolute monster of a treadmill – and we mean that in the best way. The 3HP motor delivers way more power than any human will even need and the incline of 15% incline means this machine is a great choice for those seeking a serious workout.

It’s extremely strong and well made and if you’re just looking to jump in and get ‘the best’ treadmill – something like what you’re used to at the gym, then this one should definitely be on your short list.

On the downsides, it’s not the cheapest machine in the market and online connectivity falls short of what some of the competing machines are currently offering.

a cracking display, a proper sized running track and plenty of stability and power make this an incredible addition to any home gym.

Highly Recommended

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Full Sprint Treadmill Specs

ColorDark gray / Silver / Light blue
Treadmill weight79kg
ModelSprint 9
Incline typeAutomatic powered incline
# Preset programs43
Incline levelUp to 15%
Running beltBlack diamond running belt
Console functionsTime
Scan Mode
Pulse sensorsYes
Speed RangeUp to 20kph
Max user weight180kg
Frame materialSteel
Deck cushioning8 Point shock system
Running track size153(l) x 52cm(w)
Warranty 1YR Commercial / 3YR Home
Tablet holderYes
Transport WheelsYes
Integrated speakersYes
Polar chest strap compatibleYes (Sold separately)
Dimensions205(l) x 92(w)cm
Folded Dimensions92(w) x 116(l) x 180(h) cm
DeckCushionstep™ Pro deck

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