Proform 750R Review: Should You Buy This Rower in 2021

Proform 750R Review

A few weeks ago, we examined Proform’s range of rowers for 2021 and were impressed by what was on offer.

Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into what we think is the best rower in the range. The Proform 750R.

What is the Proform 750R?

Sitting at the happy midpoint between price, features and quality, the 750R is what we’d consider Proform’s premium level home rower.

Balancing features, build quality, and price, the 750R genuinely surprised us with how impressive it is. Especially considering that this is one of the best ways to get into interactive iFit workouts right now.

What can you get from training on the Proform 750R

We love rowing at Homegymexperts, and genuinely don’t understand why more people don’t use it as their main source of cardio.

Rowing combines the best of every other form of cardio. It can be used for almost anything, and to hit any goal. Whether that’s lightweight warming up, solid-state cardio for heart and lung health, or even pump up the resistance to hit your muscles hard.

On top of this, iFit can be used off of the Proform 750R, with workouts that run the whole spectrum, from simple warm-ups to hard body blasting fitness, kickboxing, yoga, and more.

Who is this best suited for?

As we already touched on in our comparison reviews, the 750R is essentially an ideal machine for almost anyone, no matter their goals, workout style, or whatever else they’re looking for.

Balancing great performance, ease of use, and full iFit interactive fitness functionality in one well-designed package, the single thing holding the 750R back is that it’s not a budget model. But even then, when comparing the price and specs with a true luxury model, Like a NordicTrack or Concept2, the 750R is still favorable, for less investment.

Proform 750R Key Features

The Proform 750R - Key Features

  • Magnetic flywheel
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Silent magnetic resistance (SMR)
  • 250lb (115kg) max user weight
  • Spacesaver folding design
  • Bluetooth iFit link to any device
  • Built-in tablet holder

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What we like about the Proform 750R

Fantastic build

ProForm 750R - Fantastic build
Get a gym-quality workout in the comfort of your home with the ProForm 750R Rowing Machine

We love Proform exercise equipment because every single piece of gear we’ve reviewed has been exceptionally well made, without fail.

The 750R is no exception. It’s a solidly built, impressive piece of kit. The core is the heavy-duty steel rail, which holds everything together with minimal rocking, even at high speeds.

All fixtures are comfortable, with oversize foot pedals, a big, comfortable seat, and a padded set of handlebars. The console is large and very easy to understand, with a whole suite of controls and measurements.

There is no screen. Instead, there’s an adjustable device holder that can fit any phone or tablet. This is important if you want to link your equipment to iFit, to take advantage of interactive workouts. (And you do.)

Finally, this is all backed up by an impressive warranty, with a full 10 years on the frame, and a year on parts and labor.

Solid, effective resistance

Proform 750R - Solid effective resistance
24 Digital Resistance Levels; With iFit, your trainer will auto-adjust your resistance as you exercise for a hands-off experience; SMR Silent Magnetic

The 750R is powered by a big, heavy magnetic flywheel that uses silent magnetic resistance (SMR) to power all of the workouts. SMR is a significant jump up from the old, friction based resistance used in cheaper rowers. It’s quieter, more consistent, and lasts a lot longer with far less maintenance.

There are 24 levels of resistance available, smoothly adjusted with the console. But the best thing about the resistance levels is how they can be adjusted on the fly by trainers in live workouts, whenever you log into iFit.

iFit, iFit, iFit

iFit makes working out fun and keeps you motivated.

If you’ve read a few of our reviews, you’ll quickly start to see a trend. We love interactive fitness apps like iFit. They’re the future of fitness, delivering world-class workouts into your living room, whenever and however you want them.

We’ve written complete reviews on iFit before, and compared all of the apps on the market. iFit is currently one of, if not the best, with the widest range of fitness classes, great trainers, a huge list of options, and an easy-to-use app.

The 750R also comes with a full year’s family subscription to iFit out of the box, as part of the price. This is literally worth several hundred pounds and gives you the option to try before you buy. We love it.

What we don’t like about the Proform 750R

Proform 750R - Lift and Fold

A reasonably large footprint

One thing that Proform’s rower range all share is the fact that they’re big pieces of kit. The 750R is built along these lines. Large and robust, it takes up a lot of space. However, you can fold it up and away in around the 30s, when it’s not in use.

You have to provide your own device

One thing that you’ll notice about the 750R compared to rowers that are slightly more expensive is that it doesn’t come with the big, built-in screens that a lot of other options have.

This might seem like a downside, but really, in our opinion, it’s all positive. One, who doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet that’s freely available to use with their rowing machine? Two, it means that when you’re doing off-rower iFit workouts, you can see the screen easier.

Finally, three, it helps keep the price way down, which is why the 750R boasts equivalent performance to some of the best rowers on the market, for around half the price.

Final thoughts

It’s been a little while since we reviewed the 750R as part of Proform’s overall range, and our opinion hasn’t changed.

It’s just a great machine. A solid mid-point between price and features, solid performance all-around, good levels of resistance, and a great flywheel, and iFit is ready to go out of the box.

While you’re obviously not going to be getting the levels of flash and style you’d expect to see on a rower twice the price, you’re also not paying … twice the price.

For the money you’re paying, right now it’s hard to find a better rower than the Proform 750R.

ProForm 750R Full Specs

Display5” High-Contrast Display
Resistance type:Magnetic
Tablet holderYes
Integrated Tablet Holder2
AudioAudio Auxiliary Port
Molded Seat with Oversized,
Steel Seat Rail
Adjustable Handlebars
PedalsOversized Pivoting Pedals
with Adjustable Nylon
Foot Straps
Transport wheelsFront-Mounted
Transport Wheels
Max user weight250 lbs
Product Weight116 lbs
Membership included? iFIT® Enabled,
1-Year Family Membership
Warranty10-Year Frame,
1-Year Parts &
Labor Warranty

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