Are Mini Trampolines Good For Weight Loss?

Are Mini Trampolines Good For Weight Loss

The eighties saw the rise of the home workout. During this decade, VHS tapes provided easy-to-follow aerobic exercises and home fitness equipment became popular and widely available. The mini trampoline came out of this era and promised a fun way to get fit. In this post, we are going to consider whether the mini trampoline has stood the test of time or whether it should be left in the past, along with shoulder pads and neon leg warmers.

Cardio fitness

A mini trampoline can be used to perform cardio workouts that will get your heart rate up and burn some serious energy. Studies have shown it to be a moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise, akin to cycling or running at 6 mph. This can see a 125lb person burn 295 calories, a 155lb person burn 360 calories, and a 185lb person burn 420 calories during a 30-minute session. If your goal is to lose weight then mini trampolining is definitely a good way to get there!

Cardio exercise also offers health benefits that go beyond your waistline. It protects against heart disease and lowers the risk of stroke and heart attacks. It supports cortisol processing (the stress hormone), which helps us to feel calmer. In addition to this, the springy base of the trampoline alleviates the pressure that would otherwise be put on your joints, making it a low impact exercise suitable for everyone – including older people and those recovering from injury.

Types of workouts

There is more to a mini trampoline workout than simply bouncing. Each bounce is controlled and works your lower body and core muscles. Workouts can be structured using a HIIT format and can be made more challenging by incorporating weighted jackets and ankle weights. Resistance bands can also be brought in to up the ante on each bounce. Rather than explain the ins and outs of how to do this, in the following section we will advise you on how to find instructional videos.

Mini trampolines can be used as the setting for your main workout or as a warmup exercise prior to another form of cardio or strength training. Alternatively, if you are not in the mood to work out, you can freestyle bounce while listening to some music. Will it be as good as following a workout video? No, but it is a fun way of moving your body and will always be better than just sitting on the sofa. Not everything in fitness has to be serious or focused on specific goals. Having fun is a valid aim in itself.

Where to find workouts

In addition to being a great form of cardio, mini trampolining is one of the most fun exercises that we have ever come across. Unlike in the eighties when people relied on VHS tapes that they had to follow over and over again, nowadays we have a plethora of workouts at our fingertips thanks to the internet. If you type ‘rebounder workout’ or ‘mini-trampoline workout’ into YouTube, you will find loads of high quality, easy to follow videos. An advantage of using YouTube to search for videos is that you can save ones that you like to a playlist for re-visiting later. Moreover, because so many instructors have uploaded content, finding someone who suits your preferred style is just a matter of hitting play multiple times. A hot tip for finding a good video is to search when you have some free time, such as during your morning commute, and save the video for later, instead of searching when you want to work out.

YouTube is also a great option because it is free. Some people monetise their videos through ad content, whereas others use it to upload taster videos to promote their separate app or paid-for content. You might find that there is enough free content that you do not need to pay for anything, or perhaps you will find a good instructor that you are willing to pay for. Either way, YouTube is a great starting point for discovering mini trampolining content.



Mini trampolines are a very practical piece of equipment because they are inexpensive, easy to store, and they are surprisingly quiet. You would think that jumping up and down would create a lot of noise – and bad relations with your neighbours – but this is not the case. For these reasons, as well as the cardio benefits that we have outlined above, we would recommend a mini trampoline to anyone who wants to have fun while getting fit.

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