JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine

JTX Freedom Air 2

The JTX Freedom Air 2is similar to the Concept 2, but a good bit cheaper

The JTX Air Rower is a modern looking air-rower that has the feel of a much more expensive machine, such as the Concept 2 (commonly used in gyms). The difference being this machine is drastically more affordable. Make no mistakes though – this is a gym-standard machine that arguably surpasses it’s more costly rival.

The JTX machine is robust and well constructed from quality parts. The rowing action is incredibly smooth on both the seat and the air-based resistance. And there’s 16 levels of difficulty to choose from. It’s hard to imagine anyone not finding their groove with this machine. One of the best things about this rowing machine is that you can vary the resistance electronically. Rather than turning a cheap looking dial. It’s all controlled from the on board computer. This also allows for some really cool programmes where the intensity can be varied.

Freedom Air 2 Display

The JTX freedom display is way better than it’s competitors

Another thing that sets this budget rower aside from the competition in this price bracket is the display. Rather than a cheap looking LCD screen, the JTX Freedom offers something more akin to what you’d find at a gym rowing machine. You can pick from a range of built in programmes as well as monitor speed, calories, distance and time. There’s also a heart rate monitor thanks to an included strap. The design is excellent, in modern razor-sharp LED that’s clear and easy-to-read.

The build quality is easily the best we’ve seen and feels very solid once assembled. Speaking of assembly, you shouldn’t have any problems here. It’s a fairly straight-forward build and the instructions supplied are very detailed. Aim to spend around an hour to an hour and a half putting it together. The Freedom rower is also a folding model should you need the extra space once you’re done.

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£495.00 at JTX Fitness

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