Best UK Stores that have Rowing Machines in Stock

Due to the on-going situation with Coronavirus in the UK, many online retailers are struggling to get stock from China and other sources. Couple this with the huge increase in demand for home gym gear due to gyms closing and people changing their habits to training at home.

Rowing Machines in Stock

It’s pretty tough to find rowing machines that are in stock throughout the UK today. This page will keep you up-to-date with the latest rowers that you can buy today. We check these items and links every day and will update them with new and out-of-stock products.

Last stock check: 13/07/2020 at 9.50am

Some great rowing machines that are in stock today

#1 – FluidRower Neon Plus

“Good quality water rower for under £800”

FluidRower Neon Plus


Water rowing machines are just incredible. That feeling and sound you get from them is something you have to experience for yourself. FluidRower’s Neon Plus offers a super-sturdy rowing water rower that’s suitable for new users or anyone looking for a challenge. It’s sturdy, has a fantastic console (with all kinds of things to help you hit your training goals) and is one of the cheaper water rowing machines.

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at Fitness Superstore

#2 – Gymhear Blade 2.0 Rower

“Good alternative to the Concept 2 rower”

Blade 2 Rower


If you’re tire of waiting for the Concept 2 to come back in stock, the Blade 2 might have what it takes to tempt you away. Offering a similar experience to the Concept, this rower is a commercial quality rowing machine that’s packed with the same premium features as it’s better-known rival.
It actually does a lot of things better than the Concept, including being heavier and less prone to move around… and a number of other innovations. This is a really good air rower.

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at Best Gym Equipment

#3 – XS Sports R310 Home Rowing Machine

“This dirt-cheap rower packs a punch”

XS Sports R310 Home Rowing Machine
XS Sport’s budget-priced XS Pro can normally be picked up for under £250 and is one of the more popular rowing machines in the budget price range in 2020. Although it’s been in and out of stock, it’s currently available on Amazon UK and is well worth a look.
The magnetic resistance is fully adjustable and provides a good challenge. It folds down to a reasonable size and the machine is extremely sturdy. Grab this one if you’re looking for a bargain.

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at Amazon UK

#4 – Octane Ro

“This futuristic commercial quality rower is next level stuff”

Octane Ro


OctaneFitness’s Octane Ro machine is one of the best air rower’s we’ve seen. It actually combines air and magnetic resistance for a smoother stroke than you get with air. This is a premium machine and everything about feels high quality and luxurious. It’s not a budget price but if you’re looking for a serious rower, this one beats pretty much everything out there.

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at Amazon UK

#1 –

This retailer have some really good quality air, water and hydraulic rowers. Prices start at £599 but you can often find some excellent deals on ex-display products and there’s been some good sales running during the current situation. Although their stores have closed, they do have a good selection of rowing machines available online.

Fitness Superstore Rowers page

Click here to see their rowing machines that are in stock

#2 –

Like a lot of retailers, Best Gym Equipment’s stock has been hammered with online orders. They currently have a small selection of rowing machines available but do have a mix of air rowers (like the awesome GymGear Blade 2) and the wooden WaterRower in stock. Prices start at around £599 on in stock rowers.

Best Gym Equipment - Rowing Machines

Click here to see their rowing machines that are in stock

#3 –

If your budget is less than £500, there’s a good selection of in stock rowers on this page at The big machines, like the Concept 2 and WaterRowers are normally still sold out, but there’s a good selection of rowers under £300 up for grabs. We’ve seen more stock coming into Amazon retailers this month, which is a sign things are improving with supply chains.

Click here to see which rowing machines in stock at Amazon UK


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