5 Reasons Training in your Own Gym beats going to a gym

Most of us will have tried going to a gym before we decided to set up our own home gym. I have trained for about 20 years and most of that time was spent in other people’s gyms.

#1 Saving money

OK so a gym membership doesn’t cost the earth these days but it’s worth thinking about how much you can save by setting up your own gym, especially if you’re a bit tight, like me. you might onlyy be saving £100 – £200 a year, but it’s still a good chunk of money. Money that could be spent building up your own gym.

#2 No one asking “have you got many left on there?”

Could be just me, but I don’t really like it when someone comes up to me at the gym and asks how many sets I’ve got left. Isn’t there something else they could be training. Setting up your own home gym equipment leaves you in an oasis of peace in which to torture yourself. Lets face it, training is hard enough without unwanted intervention. On a more serious note, a lot of people might not want to train where there’s lots of other people. If you’re not used to gyms, they can be intimidating places (some more than others). Loud music, over-sized bodies, some often ‘fresh’ language. It’s not for everyone.

#3 Train without distraction

Maybe I’m getting grumpy as I get older but I don’t like a lot of noise when I’m training. And I’ve been to gyms that had music so loud it’s really distracting. Or there’ll be a class going on where the instructor’s counting down their next set. Again, very distracting. I really like how in your own gym you can have complete quiet to concentrate on your workout. Or put a pod cast on, or blast your own tunes without headphones on. Or even put a film on to help stave bordom if you’re shedding some calories on an exercise machine.

#4 You might just train more

One of the best things that I’ve found helped with my training was split training. You don’t have to do massive workouts every time. Ten minutes here and there can make a massive difference. And if you’ve got a gym at home, it’s easy to get in a quick workout here and there that you wouldn’t have had time for if you had to get changed and hit the gym.

#5 Save your time

If I want to go to my local gym, I have to make myself look presentable, get the car out and drive there, park up and then walk to the gym. OK it’s not the end of the world. Maybe we’re talking 20 minutes. And the same in reverse on the way out. But if you’ve got a family and a business and other stuff in your life to take care of, you might not have that time to spare. Having your own home gym is great. You can train in your pants, in old wrinkled gym gear and no-one cares. There’s zero travel time and once you’re done that’s it. Put those wasted minutes to good use.

There’s lots of awesome reasons to build your own little gym up at home vs. going out to a ‘proper’ gym. Good luck and happy training!

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